Christmas Outakes.

{Family photos 2010}

{Photographer: my brother Jordan}

He did a super job. I had him hold my camera and snap away. No fancy or trendy photographers for us this year… Sad, I wish we did. Just trying to save a little cash-o.We are trying to be kind to our house on the outside (paint) this year, and can you believe it, in return she eats all our extra cash. 🙂

Anyways, here`s a few… of the worst or the best.

Do we look like we have never yet hugged and a bit stiff? I cut the girls off of it, that`s why it looks a bit lukewarm. When you`re old like me and my hus, you got to save a good shot where you can find one. Cropping, saves the day.

I love my hus a lot. On a separate note: He refuses to take kissing pictures though, and that annoys me some. Although, I can see a bit of the wisdom in it. (If I think all day)


I can`t be modest. I love this picture a lot.

My girls look happy to have me as their mother, and I look happy to be their mother. That makes a great picture in my book. I think they are happy with me, mostly, it changes like the wind though. All day with Elle– I get rated as to whether I made her happy or not.

“Mom, I like you. Does that make you so happy?”


“Mom, I don`t like you.”

Are two sentences I hear all, day, long.

Thank GOODNESS, G hasn`t picked up on that rating system yet. Now that would make me all loopy. Elle, not so much.

Thanks for nothin`, Elle.


Oh wait, does your hus have a (stomach) overhang like that in real life?

Sigh. No, he does not. Thanks, Bunchy Sweater, for ruining another great picture for us.

Now I realize that is sounded like I was sad that my hus doesn`t have an overhanging stomach like that. Ha, that`s funny.

My brother and hus thought this (creative, thank you very much) doily string was the grossest thing ever.

G said, it looks like I love the Victorian era, (I don`t and he knows it . That`s an era I find quite tacky) and I`m trying to “craft up” a simple family photo.

My brother, Jordan, said it looks like a bunch of Mennonite ladies hung their doilies (coverings) out to dry.

I still like it. Oh well, I wouldn`t want a deer head in the back of my family photo either. Maybe it is a bit “not manly”.

Delighted to shoot my vintage purse.

Oh, no, it looks like the girls might be on the border of not liking this/me/the camera/the whole world.

It`s over for Laila. She`s gone “unreasonable”.

Look at my cute hus– love the blue eyes.

These 2 are HUGE fans of each other. This picture captures them well. (Happy flutter)


I really need to go. I am on here to avoid other things I should be doing. Scrubbing out my caked on microwave, unloading dishwasher (etc.) Fun stuff.

I just want to add that Laila is here on my lap and I just looked down and saw she has a huge thing of snot, going dooooown… as I got up to get a Puff (that`s the kind we have right now), she deftly swiped it all onto my blouse in a half second.

And blouse may a bit fancy, for the faded T I have on.


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  1. Shelly N. says:

    You are so real-life it cracks me up. My life is like that too, but I have a harder time communicating that on my blog in a fun-to-read way. It just kind of sounds like whining or BORING when I do it. Anyway, if the outtakes look so good, can’t wait to see the one you CHOSE for the honored Christmas photo. 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    String of paper doilies way cute.

  3. Rachal says:

    I love your pictures and the backdrop you chose. I must say though that I agree with your brother about the doilies. 🙂 But that’s because I hate Victorian style so much I want nothing to do with anything relating to it. 🙂 Wish I could see you more than every couple years. 🙂 I don’t really “know” you, but you inspire me and I keep thinking back to that practice where John and Galen were singing at a wedding and I met you for the first time. 🙂 I was so intimidated by your sophistication, I felt like an idiot….

  4. Rachal says:

    Oh…and I wanted to say I am sad for you that your husband won’t take kissing pictures! Couldn’t you bribe him somehow???? 🙂
    Kissing pictures are so much fun. I think I enjoy looking at the pictures more than moment, in which it’s taken! (Shhh…don’t tell my husband I said that!)

  5. Cindy says:

    scrub the microwave. you scrub your microwave?
    you mean? gasp. i am supposed to clean that thing too?
    shhhh. our secret. i don’t want my family to know.

    i love your Christmas outakes. you are just so clever with color. i would never think “yellow flower” and yet…you do it and i’m wondering how to make one too. in yellow.

    the picture of you with your girls just captures that dreamy mother-daughter bond…love it.

  6. drusilla says:

    Haha, I love the way you describe pictures:) and Titus would definently agree with G about the kissing pictures, it is just NOT his style, oh well hopefully we can figure out some other cool poses, we need a nice big picture for our bedroom…The one of elle is perfectly adorable with the purse!:)

  7. Tracy says:

    Jenny a note on cleaning your caked on stuff in the micorwave. Put a wet rag in the micorwave and run it for a minute and all the stuff should wipe off easily. Give it a try it is much easier than scrubbing.

  8. Janeen says:

    cute fam pics! It’s so hard to be successful with lil faces! Good job! Loved the paper doiles! 🙂

  9. Jenn Smucker says:

    blouse? blouse? when did you ressurect that word? it reminds of midwestern days when the standards said that we ladies refrain from wearing a skirt and blouse. that word just cracks me up. oh, i like the yellow flower.

  10. lisa says:

    YUMMY yellow flower.

  11. Kay says:

    You know what, Jenny, someone else could’ve taken those same pictures and blogged and not made it as colorful (not talking about the pop of yellow with the flower, which I love) and as funny as you did. And yeah, about kissing pictures, my husband definitely agrees with your husband on that. 🙂 LOL about that last part. Ha, I’ll bet any mom could identify. Also, Jenny, I’m just gonna say this (because I thought it roughly 20 times while looking at these pics and in other pics and in real life), you. are. beautiful. I love your looks.

  12. clarita says:

    You are just too funny. It’s late at night and I should be in bed, but husband is gone on an overnight camping trip with the youth guys from church, and I hopped over to your blog. Glad I did. You made me laugh outloud with you captions and descriptions. You really make me want to meet you in real life. 🙂

    And these are such ccuuuuuuuuute family pictures! Love the vintagey look you’ve got going on there, with the yellow pop of color. CUTE. Would that be me, I’d have them plastered all over my house, just from a good photo shoot with all members of the family included. That’s what happened from a little inpromptu shoot we had this summer, and would you walk into my house you’d think we never took any other family pictures but these. It’s just rare for us to get a good shot of all of us looking comfortable and happy and fun. And I think you got that captured quite well. And yep, can identify with the “couple shot” deal – you take what you can get. Pretty soon Zoe’ can be trained to snap a clean, unshaky picture, and then we’re be back into our dating glory – snapping pictures all the time. 🙂 Until then, we crop as well!

    Oh, and I hope to get one of those lovely pictures to hang up in my house. :))

  13. Erika says:

    great pics and even greater captions! maybe we can work out a “trap” for galen. i’ll bring my camera along sometime and when he goes in for a peck i’ll catch it. but then as kate would say “maybe you should keep that picture in your bedroom,not in the living room”:)

  14. Linda Hershey says:

    i don’t want to make you panic and beg for space but really? you are the coolest. and i mean that in every way.
    and since i buttered you up I will confess–i don’t likey the doileys either!..but then what do i know?

  15. Rachel Helmuth says:

    I love these pictures…. and your thoughts to go with them. I think all these pictures are just stunning of you.

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