Christmas is in there.

This morning Elle walked into the kitchen and saw I have “baking stuff” set out. If there is anything she loves more then helping me bake– I don`t know what it is.

Elle said, “Please mom, let`s make pupcakes (cupcakes) for that lady that is sick. They will make her feel all better. Please, mom. We can take them to the hospital and give them to her”

(We did that one time, and she has never forgotten it. We didn`t go to the hospital, though, no idea where that comes from.)

For real, for her baking is a ministry. Funny, since I haaaate to bake. She was the little kid that said long ago, “Mom, let`s make cookies. They are so yummy and so special”.

Groan. Did I mention I hate to bake?

Anyways, I was soo touched by what she said about making pupcakes for the not named sick lady, I said, “Elle, you`re heart is so kind. Your heart is just all full of kindness, isn`t it? That makes mommy so happy when you say that.”

Then she threw her hand on her heart and said, “Nuh-uh– It has Christmas in it!”

(Meaning her heart, because she asks a million times where Christmas is– and I don`t really know what to say (the North Pole– wrong answer) so I always say “in your heart”. She was so confused the other day, because Jesus lives in there too. It`s getting awfully crowded in her heart… )

Anyways– did you have a good worship Sunday yesterday? I did. I have thoughts of the Persecuted Church, more dedicated mothering, and eternity and the reality of it, all there in my head together this morning. It`s funny though, how in my head and heart it all goes together. I feel God is gently asking me to change my heart and mind set in various areas of life.

Anyways. Getting geared up to hit it— thanksgiving is this week you know. And I`m excited for some very special guests we have coming…

Blessed Monday to ya! Jenny


A few pics to close.

“Before” picture of the hideous dresser I have been working on for the past week and a half– off and on. Still not completed!

“After” pictures later. I can`t wait myself, for the clunker to be done.  She is to be Laila`s dresser.

I do have it finished painted and it is in their room now. But I still need to get and attach glass knobs to it, line the drawers with sheet music and Mod Podge, and touch up a LOT of areas on her body where her paint already got scratched. No time for her now… 🙁

Here she is when she had only her first coat of primer on.

Here is an idea for picky eaters like I have. When I make  a sandwich for Elle, if I cut it out with a gingerbread cookie cutter, she will eat it. Ptl.

See. She`s happy now.

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  1. Aimee says:

    The dresser looks like it will be AMAZING!! Can’t wait to see the results!

  2. Shilah says:

    Hi, Jenny! I just love looking at my old friends blogs, the pics of their adorable kiddos, and what they are up to. I have heard so many raves about your blog and I must say, I agree! Your children are darling! My baby, Chase Daniel is 2 months today and he is so cute and sweet but pretty high maintanence. we are just busy with this business of raising a family, exhausting but so fun, too. I feel like I have quite a few irons in the fire, 2 schoolkids, a toddlers, and baby. I get absolutely nothing done. Some days that feels ok and some it so doesn”t. anyways, I have missed you and this was just suppposed to be hi. As always, I”m longwinded. So here”s wishing you and yours the happiest holidays ever!

  3. Shilah says:

    Hey, forgot to mention that that wasn”t Shilah! That was Kristy.

  4. Esther Glick says:

    i’m turning into a sheetmusicdecopauge NUT! …did you know you can make your own using 1/4 c water to 3/4 c Elmer’s glue? works verry, verry well! my latest is using a french/american dictionary. 🙂

  5. lisa says:

    elle is such a sweet soul. i have never, ever grown tired of pictures or stories of her.
    i live in quiet awe of all your projects. i am so stuck in the blah rut of ugly…and you? you just are always doing something amazing.

  6. julana says:

    love cute little elle’s face on that last picture. darling.

  7. Charity M. says:

    So I just bought a bedroom set for my girls’ new room for $50. It’s a painted dresser set, in good condition, but almond-tan with hideous gold accents. What do I do? Prime it first? Would you use brush on paint or spray paint? You seem to be an expert in this field.

  8. Aug says:

    What? You hate to bake. Now that really surprised me.
    But SO sweet of Elle to want to make cupcakes for someone. And I loved how you responded to her by pointing out the kindness in her heart.
    Awesome mothering moment there, in my opinion.
    I would love to get our little girls together to play again sometime, since last time they were what, 7 months old?

  9. Gloria says:

    Christmas is in my heart too…..
    More this year than it has been in a long time.
    Thanks to healing and restoration in the making!

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