Candycanes and a feeling in the air…

{Pink candy canes are great. Especially if your kitchen is pink.}

well, I am working on editing Christmas family pictures, ordering them, writing out our Christmas letter, attending parties, trying to get this house in gear to have family for Christmas, cleaning up junk and grossness in my basement (trying to make a kid`s area down there!) 🙂 I love it all– but it doesn`t leave a lot of time for blogging.

Pink Cane Love.

And now for some very random shots…

Eating ice cream is so tiring.

What could they be looking at?

Don`t miss the makeshift “princess crown”.

You know the feeling where a vague feeling (and memories) just FLOOD over you, when you see something you haven`t seen in years…

That is the emotional unheaval I went through when we rented

Flicka, Ricka and Dicka bake a cake

from the library. Anyone else remember that old book?

It reads:

“Here`s the box of raisins”, he said.

Sitting on couches, talking, eating lasagna and cheesecake with new friends is an okay day by me! 🙂

Skye, Antoinette, Elle and Laila ready for church…

(We had an awesome time with Orion and Lynelle here a few weeks ago…)

I have spent so much wasted time working on designing C-mas cards. This was one of the many, I had to discard, because the dimensions were all wrong. Bah! I thought I`d show it here to help my time not seem so wasted.

Well, if I don`t see much of you before the Big Day–



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  1. lisa says:

    that pic of laila? oh, oh! i wish i was that cute and ate ice cream from a silver dish.

    • Jenny says:

      it does look more glamorous on the picture– i went and looked. in reality, it` s a.50 bowl from an amish thift store.. 🙂 🙂

  2. Amber S says:

    I agree with Lisa! Too cute! Love the Christmas card! Dimentions, shmentions, I’d have used it. 😀

  3. Shelly says:

    O I remember the Flicka Ricka and Dicka books! There boy ones too, cant remember their names though. Love the Christmas card, sad it didnt work. Would have wanted one.

  4. Aug says:

    FINALLY, a picture from the Ohio ladies FFE get together.

    And I think your Christmas card is adorable. Love how you put the picture of the girls with the chalkboard. So cute!

  5. lisa says:

    i came back just to savor the joy here again, and i saw you added that about flicka ricka and dicka and i could NOT believe it. we had a big, orange hard cover book about them going to market when i was growing up. i have searched for them on amazon and they want $100.00 for the book i found. ouchy.

    • Jenny says:

      the tender thing about those books is that i remember my mom saying, when she read them to me, that they were special to HER when she was little!

  6. Linda Hershey says:

    your mom must have really appreciated books and read to you a lot. my mom never read to me BUT she would take me downstairs and show me an entire bookshelf full of books that i now LOOOONG TO OWN. i wonder if i could sneak into my brother’s house and steal some? 😉
    love that christmas picture. am waiting by the mailbox faithfully…..

  7. julana says:

    love that christmas card!!! what’s wrong with it??!!

    • Jenny says:

      it is too long and thin. when i order it the ends are cut off. i had to resize it so it fit into the sizes photo places make. ;(
      i was sad too

  8. Rachel says:

    oh, i’m so jealous of you girls and that fun day you had together!!! but, happy for you at the same time…what a gorgeous bunch of girls you are!! and, carnal person that i am, i could not help but notice that piano behind you…wow. that thing looks stunning! di’s house, right?
    too bad on the christmas picture…i love it!
    happy saturday to you, sweet girl!!

  9. Rachel Helmuth says:

    rats on the card not working… a brilliant layout for sure.

    and the picture from di’s house? gorgeous ladies and wonderful memories. hope to see you soon. and i was hoping you would bring along some creative thing to do while we’re together. ??????? pretty please???

  10. Di says:

    Oh dear, if my C-mas card looked HALF that good I’d be happy! 🙂

    Good to hear you are busy with Good Fun things. (well, cleaning basement is not fun, but after-effects are)

    What a picture of memories! Though I look like a fat cow, think I’ll skip the pizza tonight!! 🙁

    I want me some ice cream in a sliver dish too! (oppps, not.^^)
    Hope to see you next week! Love

  11. Marylou says:

    That picture is of your sleeping daughter with the bowl of icecream is a classic. Love it!

  12. Sarah says:

    There is so much cheer and joy here on your site! Who wouldn’t be in the holilday spirit after reading all this!
    Where in the heck do you make adorable christmas cards like that? I love it! Stinks it didn’t work … did you say you ahd to order some to find out it wasn’t working?! HUMPH!
    Nothing like being a princess … eating from a silver dish … You are an awesome mom that can appreciate princess like things! =)

  13. Christy says:

    So much prettiness in these pictures!!! The Christmas card is DARLING!!! Maybe you already redid it, but if not–did you know you can resize the canvas if you made it in Photoshop (yeah, even Elements)?

  14. Michelle says:

    Oh that picture of Laila eating ice cream is way, way cute! I just want to kiss her. She looks like an angel.

    And the flicka ricka dicka books? I LOVE them! We didn’t have that one, but we had the ones where they take care of the chickens and the one where they take care of a cat. So much fun.

  15. amber says:

    oh, i wish i had been in that pic towards the end!! 🙂

    the christmas card is super cute~ i love the idea of the chalkboard. so creative. i’m going to hire you next year to do cards for me.. i’ve been sitting here w/ glue stick and construction paper – ??? 😮

    happy christmas sweet friend~ i’ve got a little something to go in the mail for ya. hopefully i’ll get it out this week. 🙂


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