Thanksgiving weekend was fun

Just a couple quick, trillion pictures from Thanksgiving, because no one cares about T-giving after Christmas. (It ended up taking me a week to get these all on.)

What a fun, loaded weekend.

Missed you, Rockys, Kellys and Carsons. Here is a little of what you missed.

{Hugs and saying hello.}

{Festive table and my girl.}

{Turns out there are lots of Millers.}

{Bro in laws, husband and bros of mine.}

{Children everywhere, all very cute, of course.}


{Cart fun.}

{My aunt Ada rescues dolls and doll clothes. She volunteers at a thrift store where she turns them “new” again. She brought dolls for the kids. My girls went home with 5 . So sweet.}

{When I was little, (my cousin) Carson and I, had boy and girl dolls that went together– Tammy and Timmy… My aunt found me a doll just like the one I used to have. Special for me…}

{David and Martha in “Miller Memories” time.}


{Don`t miss the PIES.}

{The Flying Overholt Family was there.}

{Cousin Dave and G tear it up on the corn hole .}

{Julie Overholt. Funnest mom there.}

{Sporty boys.}

{Aunt Wilma, my dad.}

{Cousin card games.}

{Old photographs. Very fun.}

{G and Nate share heart to heart.}

{Vinnie: “Psst, Joy, don`t look now but they have cameras all over us.”}

{There was a pilgrim there.}

{Cutey pops.}

“That`s right, Nate, stay in step with me. 1, 2, 3 step. 1,2, 3 step… We`ll get this polka down one day here.”

{Boys intent on Willard`s candid conversations. :)}

{Game night here. An Elle shot.}

{Playing Occupation. Buy 1 Jason, get 1 free.}

{Another Elle shot. I saved it because I love all the fun colors.}

{The Vinsters.}

{Not sure to call this,

Most unique coupling of individuals,


Worst picture of me ever. }

{Names in a hat.}

{Popular hat.}

{Jordan– and a foxy yellow sweater.}

{Occupation whispers.}

{Dad and Galen. More great pairs of whisperers.}

{The Yoders, relaxed.}

{Brunch at Julana`s}

{Julie`s family.}

{Boyhood stories… lots of laughing.}

{Thoughts over coffee.}

{When I said there was LAUGHTER, I wasn`t lying…}

{Happy now? No?}

{Two BILs- one happy, one scared… }


Hope you had a happy T-day too.


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  1. Aug says:

    Enjoyed the pictures.
    The line that cracked me up the most was “buy 1 Jason, get 1 free.” Always love to read your captions.

  2. Kristy says:

    those Overholt’s are totally THEE coolest ever :). always knew Juls was a cool SIL but wow, never saw that action….. actually, ask her sometime about how she flags people down on Edisto Island!!!

  3. Cindy says:

    yep me too. enjoyed this peek into your t day and family.
    you always have great captions that make me smile.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Loved these pic’s, your uncles and aunts were my coolest cousins
    when I was young, and still are 🙂 But I don’t get to see them much.
    So I enjoyed seeing them, in pic’s.
    Ruth Yoder

  5. Your captions always make me smile. HOW do you think of such witty things to say?! 🙂

    And I LOVED your Christmas picture!! I was delighted to get one in the mail. Your design and pictures are just too fun!

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