Dresser Progress.

I know. A few days before Christmas and no Christmas post? I wish I had something to offer like this lovely one, but I do not.

Pressing on.

I thought I`d show a few pictures of the dresser I am STILL in the process of re-doing… It still needs a lot of work but has come a LONG way…

Below are my 3 “before” pictures– also known as the “hall of shame”. Could these things BE any more hideous?

Specimen #1.

The gilded frame– before.

(This photo is actually lifted from the web but was soooooo similar to the one I used for the chalkboard, below).


Hideous dresser.

How did I acquire this dresser? Well. One day I pulled up to the thrift store to drop off my load, saw a nice man leaving this dresser, ran over to him and offered him a sum of dollars, he happily accepted, drove to my house and delivered. Happy ending?

“People” in my life, *cough, Galen* thought it was a terrible waste of time and money.

Not sure how he feels about it now.

Specimen #3.

Half painted shelf in the girls room. It looked hideous and was a catch all for trinkets, games, and anything I wanted unreachable for the girls.


Still not finished, but looking WAY better!

I still need glass knobs for the top drawers. I had some pewter ones that I had around. Free. Well, they did not look nice at all. There is a time for free, but there is a time for “that makes the whole thing look less than” and then there is a need for a splurge. :]

I went to Target twice to get some and still forgot.

Looking for something like this:

or this from Anthropologie.

The gilded frame– AFTER!

I have Valspar`s [Swiss Coffee] white paint to thank. The color perfect. The paint, very good quality, nice and creamy.

It`s amazing how the gilded textures, turn so pretty, when done in white.

The shelf is painted.

The dresser is only half done.

There are a lot of touch up areas I need to fix. Then knobs on. I also have stack of vintage sheet music I wan to line all the drawers with. Some day. Deep into winter.

The theme of my girl`s room is “mismatched girly”.

Really, not my favorite room of the house. The next thing up is I need to paint this headboard.

Goodbye, dresser…


Switching subjects.

Here is a fun thing to do when having overnight guests. A “pamper you” basket, box, whatever, in their room.

Some cool items to have in it, for the guests to use for their every needs.

Bottled water. For dry throats in the middle of the night.

Kleenexs. For those touching moments between hosts and guests.

Mints. For fresh breath all weekend.

Bath soak. A get-away when you, their hosts, are just “too much”.

Power bars. To power through a long weekend.

Air freshener. For those occasional oops-y moments.

Chocolates. For those special moments after they say ‘good night’ to you.

Candle. See above, air freshener.

These are just a few that came to mind…

A shot of my guest room — before G installed the wooden blinds. A small, humble room, but cozy.


On the home front…

Breakfast. The normal way.

Is this rude at your house?

Because we do it here…




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  1. BEEYOUTIFUL progress! I’m loving that dresser!! Those little carvings that looked awful in brown look just darling in white! Isn’t it just crazy what paint can do?! And the frame, and shelf… Just cuteness, really! Your girls’ room is so sweet! Love the theme in there – “mismatched girly”. The chalkboard wall, the doilies on the border… Love the uniqueness!! I’m dying to do a chalkboard wall, but almost every wall in my house is the old rough plaster, and I’m not sure it would work. I’ll just admire yours from afar! 🙂

    I’m trying really hard to read that quote on the chalkboard wall, but to no avail…

    Your guestroom supplies are so thoughtful. Your comments after each one crack me up. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. diane says:

    you make it hard for a girl to not want to come visit. (esp deep in the winter months) please plan a time for us to come out.

  3. Rachal says:

    Is that the verse “Be ye kind one to another”….? I need that on the wall of my children’s room!

  4. Julie Beachy says:

    Jenny, I have glass knobs if you want to make me an offer. I have 10 of them that are actually old, not reproductions. They are the kind that the silver screw goes through the hole on the middle and the nut screws on inside the drawer. They are approx. 1 in around, maybe a little bigger.

  5. Linda Hershey says:

    hey….what was wrong with that gold frame? It would match my gold candle sticks from my bridal table!!!!
    sorry, i forgot how you feel about too many exclamation marks.sorry.
    love the progress on all your projects. love knowing if ever i would overnight it there i am in for both mints and chocolate.
    love how your kids enjoy their breakfast.
    you have a way of always making me feel like i can go make something beautiful

  6. Cindy says:

    i’ve never had an oops-y moment. but how nice to know that if or when i do at your house? ya got that covered for me.

    love that little guest pampering box. i’m thinking that one for myself would be great about now. minus everything but the chocolate. 🙂

    i always enjoy myself here! you just do that for me.

    Merry CHRISTmas!

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