Three fav web pics from this week.

I want a red flower just like this one.

I would like the navy stripe-y shirt too. Oh, and the coat, obviously. The boots! Green and rainy. Oh, and aw shucks, I`ll take her figure too. The whole thing– it`s so cute, I want to say “cute” for like, an hour.

MmmmHmm, say all Charlotte Bronte fans.

Styling and photography, delish.

I could stare at this room for an hour. It evokes an emotion, but I don`t know what one it is. Did you know that is the key to stunning decor is that it evokes an emotion?

All MY home decor evokes to the casual observer is: Oh that poor girl never gets caught up, does she.


Just 3 photos that took my breath away this week…

Oh what am I doing on here? I have a lot of Christmas company coming tonight. Should be cozy and so special, this little house is going to be full to the BRIM.

Leaving now…………………….

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Cindy says:

    we can say cute for like an hour—together!
    see? we just need the right boots/flower/umbrella to sing in the rain! 😉

    i didn’t know that i have stunning decor. but. mine evokes emotion all right, so yes! i guess i do! snort.

  2. lisa says:

    wee bit confused? which picture does the modesty comment belong to?
    (pictures of) your home decor evokes emotion in me…one of coziness and love and wanting to know God better.

  3. LOVE that line about modesty not having to be dowdy. That’s something I’m so passionate about right now – beautiful modesty. One of my favorite quotes on that is this one from Christa Taylor, a Christian fashion designer: “Modesty is the ancient secret of allure.” There being a mystique as well as a captiviting beauty about how we dress. Just love it!

    Hope your Christmas was lovely!

  4. Aug says:

    But then…some would definitely argue that jeans of any sort are most certainly not modest. I’m just sayin’. With just a touch of bitterness.

    Also, in the post you did before about your guest room, etc…I found myself still picturing you in your old house. Where Kristy and I slept in one of the guest rooms. I really really liked that house. About time I visit you in your new one, I guess, so I can picture you there!

    Got a kick out of the “could say cute for an hour” thing. Sometimes I feel like that too!

    • Jenny says:

      aha! thought i might get a little flack for that “cheans” comment– but… didn“t expect it from you. 🙂 ha
      you really shouldn`t read into that a whole lot either way. sometimes i say things and they don`t have tons of deep meaning. just saying.

  5. Linda Hershey says:

    what emotion do you feel most when you look at that picture? i know exactly what you mean tho about a breathtaking decor pic bringing out an emotion. which is why i loooove coastal living styles. i feel so calm and CLEAN when i look at whites and blues and bead board and canvas water paints. i feel like i could never yell at the kids again.

  6. Thelma says:

    For some reason my blog feed quit working right, so i didn’t know you’ve posted lately. Coming on here was like Christmas with several un-read posts:-)
    I love the pictures you shared. I like when ppl (you) do a post like this. it’s fun to see where your inspiration comes from.

    Happy New year.

  7. Christy says:

    The last picture makes me feel restful. That’s what I’d like to feel throughout my house.

    When I read this post, I got this huge longing to come hang out with you. I wish….

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