Some nights, I enjoy the challenge of going through my files and playing with the images that have been labeled “duds” in my mind. The ones I should have deleted, but don`t have the heart to. It takes a hitlerheart to delete pictures of cute kids, especially when they are your own…

Trying to see if I can make them anywhere near fun again, using editing.

My candy store, that Picnik.com…

Here are some, point and laugh if you want. Scoff and sneer. It was a much needed relaxant for me.

Later, tater.










The mustache edits never get old for me.

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  1. Linda Hershey says:

    i would never have the heart to delete these either. and they aren’t even my own offspring. I’m sure you have matching pocket watches to go with the moustaches, right?
    the pic of the two girls sleeping? melt your heart adorable.

  2. Marilyn Miller says:

    Those pics are precious! I had to LOL when I got to the last picture, love the sense of humor! =)

  3. Gloria says:

    You have two fo thee prettiest littlest girls! For real!

  4. Emily says:

    Love love love the pic of your girls sleeping. So cute.

  5. Aug says:

    Fun! You and Galen look quite different with mustaches, I must say!
    Also, love the picture where Laila is putting on Galen’s chin and ear…all at once! Too funny!
    I’ve never tried out Piknik. Maybe I should.

  6. Cindy says:

    hey! where’s the post about wheaties? or was it words? 😉 i was just thinking about it being the breakfast of champions, those that read the box and eat ’em…and those that clean up after ’em. all champions i know have a mean scrape with a putty knife.

    the girls~darling.
    but you all need a serious wax job.

  7. CHar says:

    What a super-duper fun blog! Love, love! And what an adorable family you have! Mmmm, mmmm.

  8. Christy says:

    I’m rather Hitler-ish with my own duds. Except when they make cute detail shots. But your second one up there–surely there’s a crazy caption trying to squeeze it’s way out of you head.

  9. Christy says:

    Hey, I read the words post in my reader…..

    wanted to say that this:

    I HAAATE Wheaties (insert evil thoughts that are not necessarily cussing)… there has to be a way the government could use these in their defense program somewhere. They are so soggy, then, boom!, so stone hard.

    is how your write about mom things that makes them something more than blah, cleaned up the kitchen again, working on potty training, blah, blah. I like it. I could read more of it.

    I have been thinking about blogging about blogging. 🙂 I have read several posts recently here and there that talk a little about how I feel about it–the goods and the bads. There was on on defining your blog and finding its purpose that is really good. I love blogging than I struggle with it so much I want to cut down my site. The last while I’ve been tempted to stop blogging and start a new one annonymously and never tell anyone about it. Are people starting to use the same phrases more or have I just heard them so often now?

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