Christmas pictures of differing events.

I know, Christmas is like, SO 2010, right?

Christmas this year was really, really extra special, I enjoyed it immensely. I prayed that I would see Christ`s day in a new way this year, and I felt like that really happened for me. Praise God. Wish I had more time to write about stuff…

This month is looking to start out with a BANG. We love what we have on our plate, but it keeps us m-o-o-o-oving.

Okay, I`m going to stop now, what I have written so far sounds like a Christmas newsletter.

Speaking of which– I don`t have the art of writing those. I spent a whole evening one night writing out our family newsletter to mass print and send out with our pictures. It was so corny and full of clichesΒ  I couldn`t sleep at night– I hated it so bad. So I never printed it out and ended up sending pictures out riding alone in cards.

I love getting them though– let that be understood.

(Thank you, Erika for wearing Christmas themed PJs for my picture.)

Christmas party with my Once a Month Club. The food was FAR OUT (because everyone brought something.)

We had:

An Appetizer

White Chicken Chili

French bread and Olive oil

a delish salad

wine Sparkling juice

I love parties, but I hate making food. This was perfect. πŸ™‚

If you don`t have a girl`s club, get one. It is a great support group and such a fun, loving environment. We were a close group of friends that never got together much… and now, we actually have a schedule (thanks, Stephanie!) where each of us have 1 month where we plan the activity. Our choice.

It has been a huge blessing in my life.

Hi, you lika the food and party, eh?

Freezer paper mural. A great winter activity. My girls were a bit young for this, a mural of scribbles isn`t actually a mural at all. :]

Appetizer night at my “folks”. Oh my stars, GOOD FOOD! Again, one of those “everyone brings stuff” nights that I love.

The Vinsters play with The Twins.

Begging, pleading, blondies, “ONE MORE!!”

Isaac digs for gold. ^

Our little family`s Christmas.^

Spot the Fake Smiler. ^

Excited about a toy still a bit over her head. Thanks, mom. ^

Elle`s body language on this picture. ^

Lolla`s tongue on this picture. ^


Is he mowing the yard? No, wait.Β  ^

G got them both bikes… ^

The Kauffman`s came to Ohio this year. We had a lot of fun hosting a bit and then hitting Katy`s guest house for most of our time together.

Anyone else remember KATY`S GUESTHOUSE? (That was for the ffe-ers)

Brennen: “Laila, I`m on Facebook. I am.”

Lamar: “Whoah! What!”

Laila: “Where IS my mom? Have you seen her?”

Galen was home on winter break– we enjoyed lots of small delights at home and a few special things out too.

We like-y our hot drinks and little snackies. ^

What we did with our leftover ham bone.

Asiago cheese, Mozz cheese, rosemary, sour cream, ham chunks, ham grease, fresh mushrooms, onions, carrots, potatoes…. Honestly, this soup is the most delicious thing I make.

I saw this is Country Living and thought it was a cute, wintery thing to do with a dressmaker`s form. It was cute, but I didn`t leave it…

We like snack night.

A tasty before we deliver it to daddy…

“Laila, my finger tastes AWESOME for some reason… ”

Got to go! We are hitting school hot lunch with the “schoolchildren”,Β  as Elle calls them, now. Excited!

Review: Do I like to make food?


Later, Jenny

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  1. Aug says:

    But I did notice, there was a LOT of emphasis on food in this post. And not just any food. GOOD FOOD!

    Which I also appreciate greatly, I might add.

    And your little girl’s night out (or in) sounds wonderful!

    Loved the pictures!

  2. Shannon says:

    Love your idea for a once a month club with the girls. Sounds like a great thing to start!

  3. Oh, what fun pictures! I’m with you on loving to have parties but not really enjoying making the food for it. Your party sounds like a banging deal! And looks gorgeous!

    And I laughed out loud, because we bought one of our girls that VERY same princess doll for Christmas. πŸ™‚

    • Jenny says:

      did you get the one from the link that had on her site? we got the doll shipped to our house from walmart for $6. i do love a good deal. πŸ™‚

  4. Amber S says:

    I will gladly make the food if you host it! I’m not a talented decorator/party planner, but I love to make food. πŸ™‚

  5. Cindy says:

    i am so fine with last year’s pictures! πŸ™‚ and they made me all smiley and happy and… {wait. is that? Lamar? it is! Lamar!}
    and nostalgic too. not for Lamar. πŸ˜€ but for the good ole’ days of Bible quizzing. which is when i crossed paths with Lamar, one of those cool Faith Highschoolers.

  6. Jenn Smucker says:

    i think you shoulda still sent your christmas letter out. makes me sad that you didnt. by the way, thanks for the baby clothes! we love getting packages in the mail and isaiah is very excited about wearing his new cozy slippers!

  7. Beth Miller says:

    Katy is my husbands aunt! Just saw that and I got excited a little! πŸ™‚ We love it at her guesthouse!

    I hope we’re talking about the same Katy’s Guesthouse….haha….that would be awkward.

    Love your blog!

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