He Calls.

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This last week I was at my local Family Dollar. I ran in and grabbed 3 items– (diapers, apple juice, Tide detergent) I needed to have on hand before the Big Snow Storm that supposedly was coming.

You how when a big storm is coming there is just excitement in the AIR at any place where the public gathers? As I paid for my goods, the smiley lady in line behind me talked about last year`s big snows, freezing rain etc.

The cashier was a kindly lady with a worn and tired face full of stories. She rang up my items and asked me in a telling way,

“You heading home now before the snow comes?”

I told her I was headed to the playdate yet at Mcdonald`s but I wasn`t worried because I live right here in town.

She sighed and looked very worried. She told me the town where she lived (it was a long drive away) and commented that her shift lasts until 8 that night.

“I`m so worried I won`t get home” She said.

Before it was even out of her mouth I could feel that Still Small Voice saying  the following to me, only it was in thought-lingo not words exactly,

Give her your number. Write it right there on your receipt. Tell her she can stay at your place for the night and you will provide anything else she needs, towing etc”.

I KNEW I was supposed to do it. It was as clear as glass.

I thought in a split second about how my husband will likely have a snow day the next day. I didn`t want anything to “ruin” our perfect upcoming day.  I felt busy– that usual excuse. I wanted to, I really did, but I quieted the Spirit and told myself I was imagining things.

If it was any other day, I told myself, I would.

As I paid and left I turned back and said kindly,

“I hope you get home okay tonight.”

Gross, Kauffman.

Was that the way to be the hands and feet of Jesus? What empty and shallow words I sent over to her, “I hope you get home okay tonight”. When I could have done something literal to help her, or ease her mind at least.

My stupid sentence kept going through my mind the rest of the day. The empty things we Christians say to people that need us.

A few hours later when I was sitting talking to my sisters on the playdate– I told them my story and about my regret. My sister mentioned that I could still go back. I had thought of that but I don`t know, I felt it was more about that moment, not something contrived that I make up for later. It felt like I missed that special moment, you know? (PS. I could be wrong on this.)

Then we talked about the Holy Spirit and how do you know when he calls you?

(**I`d really love your input on this, that`s why I am sitting here typing this on a Saturday morning instead of doing the things I should be doing (work, etc.).

I guess my feelings on God`s Spirit speaking in the everyday moments is that when God asks us to do something for Him, he asks us in the moment and we just KNOW it was Him. I also think that in our minds will consciously tell Him “yes” or “no” to what He asks. It will be very clear.

We know when we tell God no, right? 🙂 I always do.

I also strongly believe that those thoughts of turmoil that follow a certain encounter that make you feel all queasy and defeated like,

“Why didn`t I say this? or this? oh, I should have done this…” When you can`t go back and there is really nothing you can change (example: paying for a stranger`s coffee) I think that is satan trying to take away our peace and make up feel like a failure of a Christian. Satan is crafty, after all….

I believe God speaks to us in a moment and gives us a chance to respond. God doesn`t come to us later and poke and tease us about our missed chances.

I`m just wondering lately if listening to too many of those “after the fact” voices from satan and believing the lies of failure that he tells us Does that make it harder for us to believe the voice of GOD when HE calls? I think in my own life that could be true. Still mulling…

I guess I chose to believe that when God calls us to action, He fills us with joy, excitement and eagerness to serve that other person. We won`t feel stupid, foolish, ignorant in that moment. Satan is the author of those emotions.

God is so powerful! In him, He makes the little gifts we give the world so powerful!

I got a sweet letter from a reader named Maria, a few days ago, she in writing, cited part of a longer quote by Victor Hugo, (not sure who he is, have to Wikipedia him)

“…Spread Light on dark days…”

That is so insanely cool. I want that to be the phrase that when my girls are grown, they always tell their friends, “Mom said that all the time to us.”


They walk out the door to school… “Spread Light on dark days, girls.”

They roll their eyes, “We will, mom.”

Almost makes me cry.

I better start saying it soon. At this point going out the door is more like:

“Walk by yourself! Argh! Leave your coat on. No, you can`t wear those wet gloves. Okay, you can take ONE monkey along. Sigh. Each pick one… Pick the bear, she already has the monkey. Stop it! She picked it first…Ok, walk please… ”

Nothing exotic here so far.


I`d love to hear how you are spreading Light on dark days, the little things.

Also any thoughts on the Holy Spirit`s calling. I am willing to be taught. Or corrected. 🙂

Love, Jenny

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  1. Audrey says:

    I think you are EXACTLY right on with what you wrote about just KNOWING it is the Holy Spirit and there is an opportunity RIGHT now and we know in our hearts if we choose to say “Yes” or “No.”

    Don’t beat yourself up over not obeying. I have done some of both in my life. Of course. But I know there is such a peace that comes from obeying and that if we let the devil talk us out of what we know we are supposed to do, we will feel much more unsettled.

    Now I wonder what would have happened if you had made that offer?

    Great thoughts, Jenny! Would be a great discussion to have in person.

  2. julana says:

    love it all. putting light on dark days almost made me cry too. i wanna be that mom too. but first i have to practice that myself. i usually let those dark days control me and i become dark too. i about never think h0w i could change it! i look at others so many times how they’re making the day dark and they bug me and make me mad for ruining the day and i think so little on how i could help change it! i feel awful. but like you said God dosn’t want us to beat ourselves up forever i’m sure he wants us to learn from our mistakes and do it right/better next time. thanks for starting my sat. off great. i was feeling guilty being on fb but now i’m glad i did.

  3. Trina says:

    Very challeging!!

  4. Kristy says:

    love the thought of shedding light on dark days….. some days it comes easy, most days it doesn’t.

    thanks for the challenge!

  5. Shelly N says:

    Thanks for your honesty. When I disobey the Holy Spirit in those split second moments, I don’t usually want to tell anyone . . . But I *want* my life to be more full of those obedient moments and not full of regret about the disobedient ones!

    I love the light/dark phrase. Sayings, quotes, mantras like that really do stick in your mind, and yes wouldn’t it be awesome to be remembered for LIVING them?! Like you said, today is the day to begin.

    Thanks, Jenny.

  6. Di says:

    The Holy Spirit speaks to us? I absolutely believe that. I also know that the more time I spend with Him, hear from him, the more I speak to him, share with Him, and trust Him….the better I hear His voice.

    This is such a inspiring quote:
    “…Spread Light on dark days…”

    I heard on the radio just this week too.
    “The darker the world, the brighter we can shine”.

    I so desire to spread God’s light on the dark days……softly, quietly, calmly.

  7. Rhonda Y. says:

    God is faithful & He’ll give you more chances. He always does. Just keep your eyes, ears & heart open to it when it comes. You’re so honest & I admire you for that! Recognizing a mistake is a major step in overcoming it! I’ve made the same mistake too – WAY too often! I love that quote “spread light on dark days”! GREAT stuff ya got here!

  8. Michelle says:

    I will never forget the moment I most vividly rejected the call. There was a homeless (?) man in front of me trying to buy a rotisserie chicken at Kroger and his food stamps didn’t cover it b/c it was considered “restaurant food.” I felt God telling me to tell the cashier to just put it on my bill, and I didn’t. I still don’t know why. How could I stand there and watch him mutter about a man not even be able to get food these days and walk out the door into the cold. It makes me sick at myself even to remember. I hope that someday I get the opportunity to try again.

  9. Kay says:

    Jenny, I loved this post. This subject has always been a big question mark in my mind. How do I know if God spoke to me or if I just thought it up myself? The thing that stuck out to me on that is this sentence: “God doesn`t come to us later and poke and tease us about our missed chances.” So true. I said it stuck out to me, well, it more like jumped off the page and grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me.

    About spreading light on dark days, I love that phrase. I don’t know that i’m doing anything right now, but it reminded me of something I used to do, and I want to start doing it again. When I’d go out in public, if I’d think of a compliment, I’d say it. Yeah, to a perfect stranger. Not ALL compliments, of course… I wouldn’t tell other men they’re slam good lookin’ or something like that. 🙂 But if a cashier had a sweater I liked or wore a color she looked good in or was super friendly or whatever… if I genuinely thought it, I’d tell her/him. It was kinda fun and I’m not sure how or why I got away from it. I still remember an Old Navy clerk that I wondered if it was tears in her eyes that I saw. The thing about dark days is that we’re all so good at hiding dark days that you often don’t know if someone is having a dark day or not and you can spread light without even knowing it.

  10. Cindy Mosqueda says:

    I know, just as you knew when I choose to ingore that voice and I also know that the loss is mine because the more I listen the easier it is to hear. And there is no better place to be than exactly where I am supposed to be doing exactly what I can best do at this moment in time – accomplished only by listening to the goodness and love in my soul. Those moments diminish the rest of the floundering and confusion that I feel when I am not so clear about the “best” thing to do.
    It is wonderful that we can choose to do what we know in our hearts is the right course, and we can learn from the times we do not. Every time I choose not to listen stays loud and clear in my thoughts the next time choice presents itself.
    I had a shopping experience where I was horribly rude to someone and immediately after watched another person be just as mean to that very same person. While walking out of the store I walked past this person and felt physically pulled back to apologize for my rudeness. While I am quick to make amends with family and friends I keep strangers at a distance and often decide that their behavior validates my own so I was surprised that I felt so compelled to return to this person and express my sorrow for my behavior. I can only say that experience had an intense impact on my willingness to listen to that little voice as I felt and feel as if that experience changed my view of both my behavior and the needs of people around me in a very positive way. I am humbly grateful.

  11. Arla says:

    And I was SO hoping as I read along that you were going to relent and there would be this wonderful story about being snowed in with someone who turns out to be terribly special or important somehow.
    But I’m not trying to make you feel badly again. You did a great job of letting us feel your chagrin and determination to get it right next time. Thanks for the challenge.

  12. Linda Hershey says:

    interesting. Just today, before i read this, I told W that i’m going to call my dad and ask him what it means to have the Holy Spirit and did he know the minute he was filled with the Spirit??…now reading this has me thinking even deeper!!! wish i could have listened in on your playdate talk and become wiser….
    I love the “Spread Light on Dark days” so much that i am writing it on my chalk board. I wish i had a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that my girls would discuss later on in life as they, too, are moms…but i am just so not there yet.
    well, i think the Holy Spirit guided your hands to write this so take heart, Mrs. Kauffman.

  13. Dawn says:

    great post jenny. i’ve been struggling through some same thoughts/things these past few weeks. we found out that our next door neighbor committed suicide- i can’t even begin to tell you the remorse i feel for not caring more for his soul while he lived. it is like the Holy Spirit took away a veil from over my eyes and made it SO clear that I need to stop “playing church” and being a “nice christian”. i need to start caring about souls!! i don’t think my life will ever be the same!

  14. Gloria says:

    Reading your story, I just knew where you were going with that! And trust me, I could have come up with a milion and one excuses why it woudn’t have worked for me…..and it makes me wonder, how many times I’ve given up a blessing due to my own selfishness!

    we don’t have any extra room….
    and that would mean me feeling like I have to make a hot breakfast the next morning….
    plus, what if she does something to one of the kids…
    and the house is a mess…
    yeah, I’m good at the excuses!

    BUT the Holy Spirit will keep speaking, and slowly, slowly, I’m learning to stop and listen.
    I’m so thankful he’s a God of second chances!

  15. Heidi says:

    Jenny this post is amazing!! After my second baby was born I went through a short time of post pardom depression and most days were fine but there were some days that just seemed to go on forever and didnt have much light in them ( except my children they are my sunshine!) and someone doing or saying something kind, even very small, made the hugest difference in what I was going through. Because in that moment that person is saying “I care about you, you matter” and those were rays of light into my day. God has been teaching me so much about this very topic ever since, because people didnt need to know every detail about what I was going through to reach out in kindness. And its such a good reminder for me that people are what matter and we cross paths with people for a purpose that only the Holy Spirit knows and if in that moment I am to do some small act of kindness to touch the heart of that person I WANT to do it! I am pretty new at it and mess up so much and your sentence about God not beating us up about it later is such truth that I needed! Thank you for sharing and challenging me, thank you for having a heart that cares, and thank you for being so open and honest.

  16. Janelle says:

    Thanks for the post! Got me thinking. I specifically remember a time several years ago when a student on my school bus was going through cancer treatments. His immune system was to low to go to school, but he had ridden on my bus the previous year. Anyway, I felt like I should buy him a game that he could play while in the hospital. So I did and went to deliver it, and was sure I saw somebody in the house, but nobody answered the door. I think that was a Friday or Saturday. Anyway, I tried again on Monday, cause I had just taken his siblings to school, and they were home; so I gave him the gift and told him I’m praying for him, etc. Later I got a note from the boys mother that the gift couldn’t have come at a better time. Just that morning he was questioning wether God cares or something like that and then I showed up with a little something for him, and when I left the mother looked at her son and said told him that God still cares. I am not a person easily moved to tears, but that almost made me cry. If I would have not bothered to get the gift for him, I would have missed out on a huge blessing in my life. I felt so humbled that God would use me to be a light on this boys dark day. I wonder how many other blessings I have missed out on because I was too busy or didn’t feel like it or came up with some other kind of excuse. Definitely something I have been thinking about lately as well. Sorry for the extremely long comment!

  17. Janelle says:

    You probably have no clue who I am, but I went to Bible School with Julana and somehow came across your blog. I enjoy it very much. You definitely make me think sometimes! Thanks alot!

  18. Heather says:

    Well. Well. God is certainly speaking to me today. Joe and I were at FOCUS today and the one moderator had us take a closer look at the song “Carry Your Candle”. This is a song I’ve sung many times and sadly enough never really looked at or figured out what I was singing. The part that really struck me was:

    Carry your candle,
    Run to the darkness,
    Seek out the hopeless, confused and lost.

    That really hit me. God wants us as Christians to take our light to those who have no light while there is still time. I’ve been pondering on this all day and tonight I read your blog and I see:

    Spread Light on Dark Days.

    God is good and there are many times I think we say something “happened” and it really was a God thing.

  19. Heather says:

    One more thing. I too have not followed the Spirits promptings on certain occasions and it’s not a good feeling. God knows a willing heart though and he will give you another opportunity.

    Made me think of an experience I had recently. Normally when I run errands I have 3 kiddos with me. You know how that goes? 🙂 My aunt was up for an afternoon and I thought maybe I could run to the post office while she watched the kids. While I was there I ran into a lady that used to come to the restaurant all the time. After visiting I found out her husband passed away this past year, she’s feeling depressed and this was the first time she’s left the house in a month. And normally I wouldn’t have been able to stand and talk for 30 minutes due to hyper-active kids. So what are the chances of me running into her the 5 minutes at the post office? And what are the chances it happens the one time I don’t have the kids along? It’s God. It’s not by chance.

    Here’s the real question though. God brought her back into my life and I feel like I am supposed to be there for her. How can I reach out to her? How can I make a difference? What should I be doing? She’s in her 70’s. They came to the restaurant for years but I have no idea if she’s a Christian. If you think about it pray for me.

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