I love winter– it`s my favorite season. I`m not sure that I have ever met anyone else who`s favorite season is winter. It is odd I know. I think it`s because my 3 favorite words to feel are: safe, cozy, and relaxed. And winter is a time for me, that I get to feel all these words a lot. I also am a homebunny– I love staying at home.

A friend was at my house the other week and commented on my unique cleaning habits, I said that I am a lazy person that enjoys sitting, but I am also spazzy about cleanliness. Saying all that to say– I love winter but it drives me a bit nuts…

I looked forward to this season all crazy-summer because I was going to spend time with my girls (finally) and work on so many projects. Well, now I am facing it all the more. Choices of how to spend my time. Plus, as it ends up, I am home half the time, but gone most nights. Which ends up not being super low key after all…

Did you ever notice the more you get done– the more you think you can do?ย  And for someone like me, that is aware that Iย  struggle with finding self worth in what I tackle in a day– doing nothing, and just “being”, can be hard to do.

Isn`t being just the most restful place to be? Being okay with just being with the people in my life I`m called to love, while (for instance) the junk drawer continues to rot in it`s dysfunction weeks on end, or the pack of Pooh stickers Elle stuck on the playroom windows a few months ago, that are still right where she left them.

Those are both true stories– not scenarios.

I`m not sure what I have “said all this to say”, but I think I`m just really thinking on how to best live life and how to balance: time to just be me, being efficient, practical, Godly, living functionally, using my gift and playing around with projects for fun, living at rest in my soul– and keeping my God and other humans at the top of it all. Just how to practically live LIFE.

I`d love input. ๐Ÿ™‚

~Well, I am back. It has taken be 4 days now to write the gobbelity-gook that I did.

I can *proudly* say I have (idealistic) lists in my head 3 miles long of things I would want to tackle around the house, creative wise, but I have only done 3 small things so far this winter– with no plans at present to tackle more. YES! I am growing… I think I can be okay with crayon on every surface in our house right now. I think I can, I think I can…

Anyways, here are the 3 tiny projects– and then a bunch of hodgepodge pictures of life over here.

Pretty cardigan for Elle. Total cost including cardigan, 45ยข.

WhAt? Yes, that is right– Got the 1950s cardigan at a rummage sale where all finds were 25ยข. The bag of wedding flower petals were from Dollar Tree (1.00), and I used 1/10 of the bag so that`s where the 45ยข total came from (adding ten cents to be safe).

I didn`t know if the petals would look fake or classy– what a fun project, took 5 minutes and I think it`s looks classy.

PJs pants are my favorite doodle projects. GREAT for sewing beginners. I just lay a pair of their “storebought” jammies over the fabric– and make up my own pattern. I also use vintage embellishments which make this pair of `jammas around 1.25??

Elle`s pair. I think these look prettier in real.

Oh, well…

โ™ฅ~~ G was gone one night and I (night wide open) felt compelled to snap some of the everyday moments that make life so tender and special and fun. ~~โ™ฅโ™ฅ

‘Lolla’ is waiting for someone to wiper her mouth so she can be free.

Yesterday morning Laila woke me up, which she does a lot, she is an “early bird gets the worm kind of girl” — I woke up to her kissing and patting my face saying, “I luh you”

“I luh you”

“I luh you” (x5)

Get the idea- over and over. See she doesn`t talk with more than one word mostly, so that was really tender.

Elle, why so serious?

Prissy smile. ๐Ÿ™‚


Grainy pictures (I took these photos by candlelight) from a church lady`s night that Sue and I worked on. What a special night. The theme was Surrender.


“Dress Yourself Day”

This was a Monday night. The day itself had gone horribly– house a mess, girls a mess, likely I was a mess. Can`t remember clearly.

By that night things had turned peaceful. House was clean, and so were the girls. I had to snap the rare and golden moment.

โ†‘ What I often find, when I open my fridge. โ†‘

Elle says,

“They are riding in their bus”.

I have to say,

it makes my day…

(Can you tell it`s high time to get groceries?)

Still “I dressed myself day”.


Now go take a nap or something. You can blame me.


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  1. meg martin says:

    What can I say, you really inspired me. I have a hard time just “being” because I feel like I should be doing so that I am worth something. I’m glad you like winter so much. I used to like it, even look forward to it, but the last one and this one have felt really depressing. I probably just need to change my perspective and look at it like you do: a time to slow down, do things i love, spend time just being. I’m also a homebody so I have been really enjoying the slower pace for sure… There’s no place like home.

  2. Terri says:

    whew. i am a winter lover too! i think winter lovers are not common in my life so i am glad to hear you are too! i just love to hibernate a few months.
    and the being idea–i was just praying yesterday that God would help me to act in faith–i BELIEVE that God thinks i’m valuable even though i feel some days like every project does not get finished (and by project i even mean putting laundry away, etc.) my goal is to live like a valuable, accomplished person even if what i and my children and my house look like on the outside are looking pretty crazy and like a failure to me. this is not natural for me!
    would love to sit and talk with you again!

    • Jenny says:

      wondering– is this the “downside” to the awesome work ethic we have been taught? just thinking aloud.
      love what you had to say, terri. miss you too.

  3. Sarah says:

    ever since I was a kid I loved winter … Now that I am a lot more mature (I am still a kid) I still love winter and for the same reason as you. Its a time to slow down and just revel in the season! Granted, when march rolls around and its brown and ugly and windy … I just wish summer would hurry up and get here~
    Just being … so restful, I need to find that place more often!

  4. Naomi says:

    You have described an area in my life that I have been struggling with these Ho-Hum cold days,living my life to the fullest while trying to be satisfied,practical and using my gifts. Living at rest in my Soul….is what I have been searching for in these winter months.Very well said!

  5. oh, i loooooved this…. the loving winter [which i don’t quite so much since i moved south and there is nothing really pretty about it here, annnnnnd winter is the busiest time of year here, for some reason…]… the being vs. doing. i need help there right now! i so know what you’re saying in the “the more you do the more you think you can do” phrase. why is that?? i really do want to learn to be more okay with just being. sitting. reading. not even getting *anything* done in my day, really. i gain so much satisfaction from crossing things off my list, and i do not like a messy house *at all*, but i really want to learn to lay those things down… you really really challenge me in that!!

    i think the petals on the sweater are just darling!! what a brilliant idea! and the jammies… i actually bought fabric to make jammies, but didn’t have a pattern, and had no idea how to make it without a pattern. you must be an amazing seamstress to just “cut by the shape of the old jammies.” :)))

    you leave me with very good thoughts to ponder…

  6. julana says:

    i had to smile alot in this post. the fridge is to darling. also i am so like you (as you know) in loving to stay home and have a cozy time with my family etc. you know… well sometimes i think everyone must be like that. the other day i was talking to a girl who said she goes crazy on winter evenings and they just sit there and watch the clock tick my and just get all depressed and bord. i was so weirded out someone could not enjoy a winter cozy evening at home. anyway … love the pj’s. make some for my girls and i’ll pay you whatever you ask! we have “pj/no bath day” every monday. reminded me of your “dress yourself day” ๐Ÿ™‚ Gracie loves it and begges for that every day .. “can we skip a bath and stay in our pj’s PLEEEEASE?!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Aug says:

    I have also struggled a lot with just “being.” A Lot!! I have grown in this some, but it is still a struggle for me.

    And no, I cannot relate to loving winter. Although there are certain things that I do like about it. Like clean white snow.

  8. Liz says:

    LOL at the animals in the fridge. For all of the goofy things my kids have done they some how have never managed to do that.

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