Let`s color the day away.

{Pictures of nothing really important… }

Getting tired of the sorry, beat up Tupperware holding the crayons…

Actually I saw this on a blog somewhere and thought it would work great for this silver tray that I like, but never use.

Paired with 3 vintage coloring books I found at a yard sale years ago= a perfect marriage.

I like-y the graphics and colors a lot.

How do I describe the way these make me feel? Darling in every way!

Here is a sample page. Btw, they don`t color in the ACTUAL BOOKS, oh no, I copy out pages on the scanner for them…

E is very detail oriented. She does not miss a beat ever. Of course I don`t mean in the coloring dept. she is still an outside the liner. Hey, can`t box her in!

Why? Because I may.

The red stool my brothers made for me, the mag– a birthday treat from me to me, and a Kleenex box in a surprisingly adorable box. (Not your gramma`s Kleenex box anymore.)

All the glory of this magazines in pail idea– go to her. I love the idea so much– thanks, Clarita…

Papers, wreath, mirror.

Clinger! She is crying because I`m not holding her. She loves her mommy– what can I say. As we speak, she is right here, like a burr to my side. 🙂

My girls are so lucky– they have a very adoring daddy.

And oh, the TOES on this picture. Okay so maybe they are only cute to me.

Well, my girl`s room is calling to me. The dust bunnies have been playing for weeks now and I`m sick of them taunting me.  You know it`s bad, when you open the door and they go skittering across the room and under the bed. My girls get clean bedding every week, but the mopping of the floor and organizing of toys– too rarely. So red faced I leave you.

Happy Weekend! Mine has been grand so far. I really miss my hus though… Jenny

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  1. carolyn k says:

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with the vintage coloring books; they bring back so many childhood memories when my friends and I played with paper dolls. Even the pictures on the front cover bring back memories of carefree days when my biggest concern was how to get out of washing dishes. You’re a very creative mom, Jenny; I love watching how you DO things with them and are making lasting memories 🙂

  2. Linda Hershey says:

    it could be the live band at my house singing…or it could be the old coloring books and just the idea of simply coloring. But i feel all nostalgic reading this post and the last one.
    those toes on your last one sticking out from under the blanket? not just you. i am in love with little toes. i can literally make the tears roll down my cheeks when i stare at pics of my kids little piggys. that’s a secret i don’t tell many ppl….don’t want to be too goopy. but seeing how fast your kids are growing…makes me panic about my own growing brood. I’m scared.

  3. Okay, so this is just waaayyyy too many cute things!

    The vintage coloring books… just precious! Love the silver tray for the crayons. That definitely takes it a step beyond Tupperware. No, wait. At least TEN steps above Tupperware. 🙂 I’m not a hater, but let’s just say that all my Tupperware stays behind closed doors. Pretty is not always practical, but it’s worth the impracticality for me. :))

    And *I* am in love with the music sheet you put on the pail… You’re so creative with all the labels you put on everything. That’s something I’ve always admired but haven’t ever done yet. I’m just loving music sheets right now. My entire family/music room/office is full of it. Probably too much. A post on that in the works, but I think I have too much music everywhere and I’m a little sheepish. 🙂

    Hope your week is happy! ♥

  4. Cindy says:

    the toes aren’t just you. baby and little piggy toes are almost me enough to make me, you know, want another baby. almost 😉

    the coloring books and crayons? yeah. perfect marriage indeed. if they fight at all, i’m sure that it will dr. phil-dr dobson- family-life-today {snort} healthy.

    our dust bunnies multiply like rabbits too. hmmm. maybe we have the same breed?

  5. Sarah says:

    at 30 …. (wow that sounds like an oldie) I still LOVE to color! Somedays we get out “mom’s” special crayons and we color. I haven’t done it in a long time because … I have facebook to piddle around on. But now, I want to color today! I keep crayons in old pencil boxes because Emersyn cant get into them …. But your idea is So much cuter!

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