Inspiring photographs… men and clothes.

My husband says it`s a bitΒ  annoying when I link to other sites and blather on about how much I LOVE everything. (I am flattered that he reads my stuff and offers both praise and insight–*cough!*) πŸ™‚

Point taken.

The reason why I love my blog though is because I can scrap anything I’ve felt on my heart,Β  or just other stuff that was pretty cool to me this week.

Okay first of all, check out this house. I seriously felt myself getting woosy and all mushy inside. I love the textures and all the beauty.

*G, I didn`t say capital “LOVE!” with an exclamation mark about anything yet.

(Photo found here.)

I am delighted by the hodge-podge of items but yet how they are displayed so lovingly. I love the accents of gold/purple.

(I believe this link was from Sanctuary. A very inspiring site)

The understated statements was what drew me to this shot.

(J. Crew)

Isn`t this flower breathtaking? If I made one, and tried to wear it to church, I`m pretty sure G would say,

“Uh, you can`t wear that out, it`s OTT, and it`s as big as your head.”

So Over The Top, yes, but… really, really pretty.

She really needs to close her mouth though or Elle might say,

“She looks like a fish.”

Well, that`s what E told me, when I was flopped, stomach-down, onto the loveseat sick last week with my mouth hanging open, trying to breath. So comforting. Three years olds can be so REAL with you, and all the time too. She actually made me cry last week with her words. But that`s another story– not for another day…

(Origin unknown)

Lovely~β™₯. I love the shade of mossy green, a very peaceful color indeed.

(Photo from J. Crew)

I wish I would have had this vest combo around for my husband to wear on our Christmas pics. My husband isn`t a clotheshorse at all– before he met me, he bought all his clothes at Walmart, Levis,Β  and the Bugle Boy outlet. I actually really love that about him. It`s endearing and I don`t think it`s manly to be too over the top into clothes– but that`s just me. So if you ever see him and think he looks nice, you know who to thank (me). I have talked occasionally with girlfriends about how hard it can be to know what looks good on a man in his lower 30s. You know, you don`t really want the tight T shirts with all the large or loud graphics that the teens wear– but also you don`t want to look like a senior. Okay, I mean like senior citizen, not senior in high school, to be clear. Where do you even shop anymore? It`s hard to know sometimes. I could more easily tell you where we can`t shop. So yes, I clipped this shot from J. Crew because I thought it perfectly captured a nice look for a handsome man in his 30s like my husband. I like it too because we have the shirt, tie, and pants.Β  All we`d need to add is the brown vest. Well, then there would be the bribing and convincing to get him to really wear it…. It`s. A vest. No, your friends won`t give you hash.

Because we are talking about this– I had to think of the Converse flannel shirt I got G for Christmas, and how we both thought it was a score. Comfy, easy on the eyes, not cheesy, age appropriate…

I`d love to hear from you, with tips on dressing men. See, it even sounds funny to say it.

Another Q: would you think it`s cool if your husband/boyfriend/guy friend wore a man purse such as this? It does look quite gentlemanly… dapper…

Call it a satchel and it sounds a whole lot better. Put all your diapers and bottles in this– let him trot around with them for a change– and give your diaper bag a break. Liking it more?

You decide.

(Random photo found here.)

A while back, we joined a bunch of fun friends to see Chris Tomlin. It was an awesome night– worshiping God and laughing a LOT (actually that was more at Louie Giglio, not CT). But on another more shallow subject– Chris was really rockin` the scarf and skinny jeans.

Which leads me to ask: skinny jeans and a scarf on a 38 year old man– yay or nay? Vote please.

I Wikipedia`d him to find his age and did you know his middle name is Dwayne? Free news you probably won`t use.

I just have to ask because I know you all`s demographic varies and I really like to hear varying opinions. Makes life interesting, I guess.

One more thing on my mind.

I love Chucks–of course mine are knock offs–but my girls and I wear them. I also see guys wearing them and I think they are pretty cool. I think I like them because they give off a bit of a European vibe. I remember reading a blog where the girl said when she was in Italy– that`s all she saw people wearing, with jeans, skirts, trench coats…Β  kids, men, woman, all ages.

Okay, so is it really possible? A unisex shoe– that looks flattering on everyone? Is someone looking dumb? Is it me? πŸ™‚ Adding… I know no amount of struggle would ever get my husband into them.

Nevermind the subject, it`s not the point.

Can we just say– too old for the graffiti? (I mean the shirt)

Edited to add: If you like men and clothes, you really need to check out this blog. Very inspiring and fascinating in so many ways. The Sartorialist…


And one more pretty pic….


I came across this and just sighed. Oh to write like this. You could make mail out love notes and make someone`s day without spending a dime. The stamps are even cool. You could literally write someone a letter and say “I hate your stupid guts” and they would still probably cry, because it was so beautiful…

Ok, I need to be in bed. Just sharing the inspiration in my day… Jenny

PS. Wonder why I`m sleeping in the middle of the day? I never post the day I write, weird, I know.

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  1. Jan says:

    Great inspiring pics, perfect for a rainy day. Like the large flower, but, agree to wear something as big as my head wouldn’t cut it. Like the JCrew vest outfit, not every man can pull it off though. Flannel!!! Man+satchel+baby+nuk in hand…if i would pass him it would make me sigh and smile and think how nice. I don’t like skinny jeans on anyone – just way to much information… in the same breath skip the loose and baggy look too. chucks have a pair, love them, on anyone – old young man woman and child.

  2. Kristy says:

    i had to laugh at G’s clothes buying ways. here, too. if J looks nice….. i’ll take the credit :). he may have clothes shopped 2 times in the last 15 years.
    i’d like some shoes like that, but can’t see them on the other half.

  3. Andrea Esh says:

    Oh my. I have a hard time dressing Gene. The last time we went shoes shopping for him he said. “Why don’t I stay in the car with the kids while you go get some nice shoes for me”. Excuse me? Why can’t you care a teeny-tiny bit about what you wear?

    He would happily wear the exact same stuff that he wore in High School. He’s another wall mart shopper. And if the clothes are a little on the teen-bopper side it’s NO WAY. He has worn the same Levi’s for 10 YEARS now, and there is no hope in getting him to change. If I buy some more washed off, he thinks it looks like he’s trying too hard.
    Timberland stuff works for him, Kohls and JCPenneys. Not the trendiest places around, but that’s the stuff he’ll wear.

  4. Tracy says:

    I found this post hilarious as Burnell does not clothes shop much either and would and does wear clothes forever….but I do agree men too obsessed with clothes are not really MEN are they…as for skinny jeans and a skarf on men. I personally hate those skinny jeans and a man would need to be a tad weird to say the least to wear a skarf. Or it
    wouldn’t be the kind of man I would want. ok so those are my opinions for the day.

  5. Kristen Lehman says:

    Well… I loved ur post. Not sure where to start. I agree. Ryan doesn’t shop for his clothes either n usually will wear whatever he’s had since before we met unless I bought him stuff… It gets harder to pick things for him because everything is “teeny bopper” or to over the top dressy for me (although that is nice, just not me) but those flannel type shirts save the day! As far as Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio wearing skinny jeans… I actually love it. Those type of skinny jeans w their shoes shirt.. They can pull it off. Not those teeny bopper skinny jeans-different story! *gag* just don’t think every guy would be able to pull that style off. It’s much easier buying myself clothes! Anyways… My thoughts.

  6. meg martin says:

    My husband: Walmart shopper, Levi jean wearer, that’s pretty much it!

    My best friend married a guy who wears chucks, skull prints, scarves and skinny jeans.. oh and he bleaches his hair too. And he looks dreamy, kid you not. I’m happy for her. πŸ˜‰ With guys, it’s just like women… If it’s a look they like and feel at home in, they can usually rock it.. In my opinion.

    I definitely agree that older men shouldn’t be wearing teeny-bopper styles. Or redneck styles…

    liked you post. I need someone to come decorate my house.

  7. Dorcas says:

    Very interesting post as always. We were in Europe recently and it seemed like all the men wore scarves and every man under 45 wore skinny jeans and somehow made it work.
    My husband, OTOH, wants me to purchase for him black jeans from Walmart and polo shirts from Lands End (pockets!) to teach school in, and white dress shirts and a gray suit from JCP for Sundays. That. is. it. He would look great in a forest green dress shirt and his suit on a Sunday morn, but no, this will not do. Oh, and for warehouse work he wants Lands End t-shirts (pockets!) and worn-out school jeans. So no “tips on dressing men” from me.
    But when we were in Europe he stepped way out of character and wore a very cool European gray wool newsboy cap. Oooooo.

    • Jenny says:

      i take it you aren“t wild for pockets, dorcas. πŸ˜‰

      • Dorcas says:

        Let’s just say that pockets are neither here nor there to me but Paul is so obsessive about them that back in our poor days I would buy cheap polos and actually add pockets–cut a slit in the chest, put in some sort of French facing with fabric snipped off the hem, add a hidden pocket back behind. Crazy.

  8. Ashadee says:

    Love this post! I LOVE that HUGE flower, as big as m head or not. πŸ™‚ Maybe it’s growing up in NYC, with all it’s “wear what you love/ hold nothing back” vibe, but I love seeing how different people express themselves in different ways we dress. Of course there’s “cooky” was too, haha, but I enjoy seeing the world through “Dress”. For me I LOVE all things retro/ gypsy-ish so chucks on EVERYONE is UBER cool! Also m hubs has a “man bag” like that. I got it for him to use as a diaper bag and he LOVES it πŸ™‚
    About dressing my hubs, I think everone knows the days I have influence on his outfit! ha! It’s usually more “retro”. But I do like his sense of style ( most of the time when he doesn’t wear his t-shirts form high school), I like it even more πŸ™‚
    Well I think I’ve wrote a blog about this!
    I should bounce… <3

  9. liz says:

    loved this post about dressing the hubby! there is something to be said about a well dressed man that is just classy—but there is also something to be said about a man that is so well dressed it makes him look a little, um, trying to think how to say this delicatly, well,a little to “happy” if you know what I mean….a man should never look like he tried to hard because its just not manly!–thats just my humble opinion,:) not saying its the “right” one!

  10. Ashadee says:

    PS. I just re-read my post and WHEW, please excuse all the typos… they’re kinda my pet peeve, but my excuse is the 19 month old hanging on my arm… (:
    There….I feel better…

  11. Elmina says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Didn’t even know I was so into fashion. I love “dressing my man” most of the time, even tho. he does have lots of his own opinions. I’ll have to remember the vest and tie combo with jeans. He might like it! I don’t care for the skinny jeans either and all the graffiti is not appropriate for a John. πŸ™‚
    I love everything about the flower except the hugeness. I’d like to make my own fabric flowers. Do you know of any good blogs or videos with good instructions? I haven’t seen any that I really like, but I usually like your style.

  12. Erika says:

    love this post. love how it made me chuckle, and you know i love clothes, so right down my alley. πŸ™‚ i believe i may be one of those “friends” you’ve discussed metro-sexual men with. curt is the same as galen when it comes to clothes, just doesnt care, and i’m glad:) if i would let him he’d possibly still be wearing light jeans with button down shirts properly tucked in well. i agree, its so hard to shop for their age. seriously jon gosselin, you are NOT 15 (and that shirt wouldn’t be cool even if you were). as for my dear dear chris tomlin. wasn’t feeling the scarf and skinny jeans at all, but its ok cause he’s still my very favorite rocker, and so i could overlook the attire. and i liked his shoes that night. i like to shop for curt at express men (not the fitted shirts though), american eagle (if it doesn’t have big numbers or graphics) and i love their mens’ jeans, and target. also like dsw for mens shoes. j crew, bannana republic are awesome but a little out of my price range, so i just get ideas from there. anyhoo…jenny will i ever see you again?

  13. Jenn Smucker says:

    elle makes me chuckle with her comments. 3 year olds are the best….i get alot of dale’s clothes at gap outlet…always the outlet cause its more affordable.=) very simple, plain shirts that dont go in and out very fast. i decided thats best for a 30 year old.=) aaaaannd, i just got tickets the other day for that chris t. concert and louie g. glad to hear its a good one!

  14. Terri says:

    chris tomblin’s looking a little too trying on that pic but i didn’t see it in person. too tan and too much floofiness in his hair. not so much the jeans and scarf as the problem. πŸ™‚ skinny jeans are just still hard on me on most people but it depends who’s wearing them. under a cute skirt? sure. but seeing that much tightness on anyone, no matter how skinny is just not fun. and i just feel bad for the chunky kids in high school right now! how’s that for honest?

  15. lisa says:

    it is clear john is having an identity crisis.

    marc is a very sharp dress-er. not “trendy” but definitely not stuck in a rut. i am very proud of his style and have learned lots from him. i value his opinion alot on whether something i am not sure about wearing myself works or not. oh, and he has a scarf. i LOVE (hi, galen!) it. he only wears it with a coat tho.

    man satchel so not happening here.

  16. Amber S says:

    Scarves do not belong on men. Period.
    Same with purses/satchels/bags, etc.

  17. Shelley says:

    (hahaha, there are some great comments here!)

    Well I must say, I think I got lucky on this one.:) I married a man who actually likes clothes, and is still quite manly and masculine. He has a gray vest that looks smashing on him, and also wore Converse shoes with his brown Calvin Klein suit for our wedding pictures. So I have to admit, I don’t have a lot of difficulty “dressing” him. Sometimes I’m the one that feels a little frumpy!

    Now scarves are something he hasn’t done, but I do like them on men. It has to be the right color and material obviously, gray wool or something like that. But it can really take an outfit up a notch. The same goes for the “man-purse”. Right color, material, etc.

    Skinny jeans on the hubby…love them! But first we must establish that there are different types of skinny jeans. When I say skinny jeans, I am NOT referring to the ones you see kids in around the mall, that look like someone shrunk the thigh on down with a shrinking laser beam, and left the waist normal. NOT attractive. No, the ones I have in mind are more of a skinny boot cut. Still some room in the legs and down by the ankle. I guess I should call them “thin” jeans.:) And he looks great in them!

    As for the tiger shirt…I don’t think anyone is SUPPOSED to be able to pull that off. Except of course to literally pull it off and throw it away. Ick.

    Loved your post! Sorry for the long, rambling comment. πŸ™‚

  18. Rosann says:

    This post is very interesting,my hubby is not into clothes but he does have an opinion when we go shopping [nothing to far out]it seems by the time i have enough clothes for my kids theres nothing left over but someday i would like to go all out and really shop clothes for him…i wouldnt mind my hubby wearing a scarf if he wore it with a coat [he would NOT wear one] and i do not like skinny jeans .i love the flower and the other pics .

  19. Rebekah Miller says:

    Seeing Chris Tomlin in those skinny jeans reminded me of our discussion at Christmas… I am not a fan of that look. Guys in scarves, yes, skinny jeans, no. I had a professor at Wayne who made the whole scarf look seem very hip and in. He would wrap a scarf around his neck (not tied), and look very European as he taught the class.

  20. Oh, this is soooo funny and interesting! My husband was from the “oh-it’s-clearance?-i’ll-buy-it!” mentality. Which, sometimes, I am too. BUT not always. Let’s just say that some, okay, a LOT, of his clothing “mysteriously” disappeared here and there after we got married. Or went into the “work clothes” shelves. He is not a picky dresser by a long shot, and actually likes when I buy clothes for him. Good thing, because he never buys clothes for himself. Okay, maybe once since we’ve been married, and been shopping together, that he picked something out. But yeah, I hear you on that 30-ish age category. Not wanting to look juvenile, OR antique. When I go to Lanc. I shop Banana Republic and Gap outlets for him, as well as Target sometimes. I REALLY like those flannel shirts [or flannelgraph, as we kiddingly call those kinds of fabrics] this winter, although Husband doesn’t own any. Sometimes Old Navy, but that can quickly look too high-school-ish… Scarves on men? Yes, I LOVE it! But please wear the more wintery-looking ones, not where it looks like you may have robbed your wife’s closet. Satchels? Yes, I like very much! And chucks – yes yes! [husband would vote no on the three above sentences] I have some of those for myself, and think they’re so cute with a short full skirt. πŸ™‚ Anyway, really fun post you did on this!

    That huge flower outfit is darling! Yes, rather large flower, but still really cute! I tend to go more with what Ashadee said – if you like it, big deal if someone else doesn’t. πŸ™‚

  21. Shannon says:

    This is such a good topic – We have struggled with this very thing – the what to wear that’s cool, but not teeny boppy. He would wear chucks, but has wide feet and they just look kinda wierd on him. He had some that were sorta the same style, but a little wider that he wore for a while. He also would wear the “thin” jeans (narrow leg), but his body shape is all wrong for that look. He’s not fat just broad and thick all the way through. He’ll wear pretty much whatever I buy him, but if he has a chance he doesn’t mind shopping and he has definate opinions about what he likes. The flannel shirt he got for christmas was a winner. We just really struggle to find new cool stuff. In the summer he wears linen pants which I really like and they’re comfy, so he’s a fan. Most of the stuff we like just doesn’t work with his body type. They’re all too narrowly cut. Anybody have any clothing ideas for men that are big-boned and have a deep chest?

  22. Rachel says:

    first of all. do children live in that house you linked up? because, as much as i think it looks classy and ‘be-still-my-beating-heart’ awesome, there is surely no way children live in that kind of environment. can they? someone tell me that they cannot see how children can live like that either!!!

    scarves on men? um….the only ones i know who wear those like the pic are a little….um…you know.

    man bags? only on the ‘Seinfeld’ show. of course, we are excluding our sexy husbands who parade out of church holding our screaming children while dragging along an oversized diaper bag. that is surely an exception.

    dressing men? i get a kick out of it, but with some things my husband does NOT get the same kick. i try to think about what he would like, would it look stylish, but not over the top, wanna-be-ish, and appropriate for both his occupation and calling (preacher). because, a preacher with skinny jeans would make me HIGHLY suspicious. not to mention the fact that i think they are almost vulgar. ;O)

    and, lastly, i will need to remember that stationary for whenever i need to write ‘i hate your stupid guts’ to someone. you’re right…i think that would pretty much excuse such a tirade.

    love you girl…so good to see you back in blogland!!

  23. Heather says:

    Thanks, Jenny for providing me with good reading material while driving to PA. Loved your post. Reading through the comments was fun too.

    I was blessed with a husband who likes to shop and “dress” himself. Honestly, he has much better fashion sense then me anyway. I stay busy attempting to dress myself and 3 kids.

    Having said that I do have definite opinions on certain stuff. Skinny jeans-NO! Pants that tight just don’t look good on anyone. Scarves-definite yes! But they do have to be right color/style. Bags/satchels-yes if they are along the lines of the one pictured and I sure hope the contents of the bag are along the lines of kids stuff or textbooks. Not something like lotion, fingernail clippers and a change purse…..

  24. Christy says:

    Okay, this is a really cool post, Jenny! I was thinking Audrey should do a men’s version (but that would never happen with so many unwilling models) or a kids’ version of her fashion contests. πŸ™‚

    Steve loves clothes and has a better sense of style than I do. Before we got married he spent a fortune (only slightly exaggerated) on clothes, and he looked good. It took me a couple years till I had the nerve to buy any clothes for him without him first giving approval. Like dress shirts could not have buttons on the collar and they needed to not feel cheap and and the collar had to be a certain shape and there were a few other things. Now, he still is very aware of what’s in or what looks good on him, but he doesn’t spend the money on them.

    This is a very classic conversation at our house–
    Me: Hey, when I was flying home, I noticed that all the cool guys your age were wearing T-shirts, jeans, and these black dress shoes that have the square fronts. (
    Steve: Yeah, that’s been in for awhile
    Me: (sigh at being out-scoped) I think that style would look good on you, and it’s cool ’cause the girl can be dressed up or down and it still looks like they go together.
    Steve: Yeah, but I don’t want to spend the money on it.

    I vote yes on scarves.
    No on skinny jeans
    yes on the satchel
    YES on Converse shoes! I have seen them in weddings, too, and love them!
    yes on vests like in the pics you posted

    Some of these-scarves and satchel and longer winter coats are styles that look classy on some guys, but don’t fit Steve’s style.

    One look I really like on 30’ish guys is a V-neck T-shirt or sweater. You can layer with a button down underneath (collar inside!) and sleeves pushed up–would work with Converse shoes or dressier shoes or then put a reg. T underneath or no layering.

    The guys around here have a very cool, urban look that I’m a fan of. A little bit of graphic T’s can be cool, but not skulls or huge “Abercrombie” stuff.

    • Jenny says:

      i really like those kenneth cole shoes. really like. it`s the square toe i think that makes them.

      • christy says:

        Okay, I just ran across a picture of a guy dressed in a v-neck sweater and button down kind of like I described, but it looked very much old-man-ish. That’s .not. what I meant. πŸ™‚ More like the model on J. Crew’s website. πŸ™‚ Also, today I saw a young 20’ish guy with a jeans and gray (upscale, so thinner) T and a scarf and it looked really, really cool. If I would’ve had my camera I -might- have asked him if I could take is portrait for my people of Atlanta project (started then, you know)

  25. Linda Hershey says:

    i DO love those Jenny posts. esp. when you stick in little tidbits of Galen’s opinions on matters. You just have a way of writing that makes me hear you guys in my head! and i’m always on your side Jenny. that flower is supposed to be big as your head. that’s why you wear your hood up. to make your head BIGGER….i so so love that flower. i can’t make a statement with my clothes to save my life…so why NOT have a flower statement? i think the 30ish, feeling-overlooked crisis calls for statements…
    i love. no, i LOVE Chris Tomlin so i will accept skinny jeans and scarf on him. normally i just can’t accept either altho i have seen a couple guys who pulled off the scarf very nicely and manly.
    weldon wore black pants and a 9 yr. old cream sweater the other day. cream and black are a combo i cant’ stand. on men, that is. so i thru a fit and he changed into nice sexy jeans!!

  26. Linda Hershey says:

    and i’ve been a little worried lately that European flair will lose it’s spot…b/c who looks American anymore? except me?
    i would have to type more to explain myself but i must go….

  27. julana says:

    it takes more time reading all your comments then reading your blog and so i finally gave up but i liked the comments that i did read that people gave you.always interesting. Jason actually does like to shop and likes clothes but not in a weird way and i still “beg, iron and hang on the door nob” a really cool shirt i think he should wear that he would look sooo nice in and he won’t. he’s picky on the fit. it must be comfy or he won’t wear!if he likes something he wears it alllll the time. he dosn’t mix it up to much but he does like when he gets something new. i love converse shoes! did you see mine i wore today? they go with everything! and i would never have thought i’d see John Gosslin on your blog. that made me chuckle.

  28. Rachel says:

    Love this post! Number one: Chucks are awesome, I have a pair of all-stars, kinda like chucks but with a star and chevron on the side and They. Are. The. Bomb. (oops, I don’t think the Bomb is cool anymore πŸ™ … I don’t like the skinny jeans that are skin tight, but my brothers wear more fitted jeans that I like. And now my hubby is all comfy in his loose jeans so good luck getting him back into “fitted” jeans.
    As for my husband and clothes: Every sunday morn he says, “I seriously need more shirts” and he has twice as many shirts as I do Sunday dresses. Maybe even three times. He loves the button down shirts from Old Navy. They are 100% cotton and never look perfectly ironed, but in a good way. Unfortunately most of their button down shirts are western style and my husband isn’t metro enough to pull that off. We buy most of his stuff from Old Navy. Oh and my biggest pet peeve is guys with the shirt tucked in when they are dressed casually. ESPECIALLY if their butt is um, a bit, you know, big. I’ve worked very hard to get my husband to keep his shirt untucked. (he doesn’t have a big butt, btw)
    Scarves are fine on some guys. My brother will wear one and it looks great. And same with satchels.

  29. Lucy Friesen says:

    Such an intriguing post. Such intriguing comments. Definitely feel it makes a big difference where you live and where you come from. My husband is from Texas and therefore will NEVER wear a western style shirt. In Texas, the farmers and the cowboys wear western shirts. My husband was neither. They wore them when they rounded up cattle, or plowed fields. My husband does neither. So unless western shirts become super super urbanized, my husband will not be wearing them.
    Yes, on the scarves. My husband wears them. He also wears gloves and beanies and scarves and hats and coats and layers and layers. He’s from Texas. PA is cold. Scarves are totally him.
    Yes, on the man-purse. Very appropriate. Good way to hide your expensive camara while walking around the city.
    Yes, on the chucks. Don’t own any but think anybody can wear them.
    And I’ll pass on the skinny jeans.
    And my husband does have opinions about his clothe which I love, cause I want to see his personality coming through.

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