Funny Elle.

Yesterday we went to a church friend`s house for lunch. Before we ate, the children were playing 2 floors up, in a playroom. Elle came over to me, and pulled me with her hand. She looked up at me and said pleadingly,

“Mom, can you please take me up to the children? And when we get there, can you please say, (changes her voice here to sound motherly) ‘Can you children please play with my Sweet-heart?’ “.

This morning when she woke up. Both her and I have eyes that are so puffy in the morning, our eyes look like slits with over-eye bags. She will thank me one day for that fabulous trait I passed on to her. If I remember right, the Mary Kay lady politely called it “hooded” eyes. I`m fine with that.

^ I like to think this is because she is mischievous, not simply a brat.

^ WHAT? A pretty smile for the camera?

^ Oh, and even a chin rest pose. Very 1980, Olen mills.

Then she said,

“I want to do a ballerina”.

I can`t figure out what she is. She equally like ballerinas and dinosaurs. Right now she is pretending she is in a play, like most days. You never know where her story line is going. That could be from me. A grandma may be yelling at a blue bear and then softly the unicorn replies. She uses and changesย  her voice act out all the characters.ย  I am very proud of her indeed.

She is probably happiest in the kitchen working, with, or without me. Every day she says,

“Mom can we make CUPCAKES! Can we make a CAKE? Let`s make it pink. Pink is my MOST favorite color. For my party? Let`s make a party!”

Than she gets so mad that I won`t have a birthday party for her. Like as if it`s up to me.

She is also still obsessed with “married”. She thinks it means kissing and being fancy.

This morning I was on the Picnik front page, and she saw one of their Valentine`s ads–ย  a very young female, bottle-blonde, and Justin Beiber`s exact twin, hugging head to head. She (sighed heavily) and said,

“Oh, MOM! Married…

Well. Not… exactly… Hey, if you think kissing means you`re married well, I`m sure not going to enlighten you on that one, honey.

Okay, I think I`m going to go kiss her now, either that or eat her for lunch. โ™ฅ

I LOVE my funny Elle belly.

…Oh, hi. Laila. You were standing there the whole time? You saw everything I wrote about precious Elle? I see you are not… happy…

Oh this is awkward.


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  1. Aug says:

    That story about how she asked you to tell the other children to play with your sweetheart…that is too funny and too cute!

    Nikki is at that same stage as Elle and I see they have some of the same interests. Such a fun age. So much drama and so much attitude as well, sad to say!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh Jenny!! Your stories make me miss your girls. They are so funny smart and sweet!!

  3. Joy says:

    Above was me

  4. christy says:

    Oh, dear, the last two paragraphs are funniest of all.

  5. Becky says:

    ca-UTE about the first story! your stories about elle are so typical of our piepie. and the tongue-sticking out….that, too. what IS that?? how are naps for elle?? it is very hard for me to get pie to take them even when she is majorly tired. ??

    • Jenny says:

      becky, elle actually never naps anymore. she just plain wasn`t tired. when it starts getting dark in the eve– she always comes to me and says, “can you make me cozy? can you make a milky? lets go to BED!”
      i love that. haha

  6. Thelma says:

    your girls are just too cute. I love the funny stories about them!

  7. Emily says:

    I love the bit about her equally loving dinosaurs and ballerinas. My favorite little girls to hang out with are the ones who are girlie and tomboyish, climbing trees and having tea parties and generally just being creative.

  8. Just TOO cute! Love that first quote from Elle. ๐Ÿ™‚ Crack me up!!
    The imagination of kids just blows me away. I think Zoe and Elle would have a lot of fun playing together. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes I wonder if Zoe knows the difference between the real world and her imaginative world. Seriously, it’s almost frightening to some people. But she’s happy and entertains herself well and, hey, who am I to say she can’t play all sorts of imaginative things with imaginative people?

    The married thing that Elle has going on is the funniest ever. I’ve never heard of a little girl like that! She must have very good role models to make marriage look sooooo appealing. :))

  9. Cheryl says:

    I just got my laugh for the day! Elle is too funny. I love her imagination.

  10. Drusilla says:

    Thats soo funny!! sweet lil Elle:) miss you~

  11. Cindy says:

    funny elle indeed. love her.

    and i’m thinking FuNnY JeNnY too.

    she can one day thank you for that fabulous trait…


  12. Heidi says:

    Macey has an complete fasination with getting married and always asks Don and I “who am I going to marry?” and LOVES looking at our wedding pictures. It’s been probly 6 months since she latched on to the idea and it’s still going strong! She often asks “Daddy can I marry you?” It’s so sweet melts my heart every time!!!!

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