The anatomy of a photo shoot.

^We are ready to hit the town, and I thought, they look so darling, so I went for my camera.

They aren`t in their pajamas… their hair is rat free… they don`t have crusties around their mouths and noses right now… no sagging diaper…they look so happy and loved…

So I run for Camera.

Above photo turned into:

Me: “Okay, stand closer to each other. CLOSER! Can you put your arms around eachother? Can you put your arms around eachother? CAN YOU PLEASE PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND EACHOTHER?”

They ignore.

^Here Elle tries but says,

“Laila does not WANT TO!”

Not sure when she started caring about what Laila wants so badly.

Laila is ready to pout.

^Here I had resorted to:

” I will give you candy.”


^Elle saw this picture and said,

“We look so sad, mom.”

So much for capturing the love on a picture.

^Okay, so now Laila has the Tic-Tacs. I`m holding my breath. All I want is a casual candid shot of them ready to go to the store. A picture that perfectly captures the radiance of the 5 minutes, right before heading out the door to Walmart…

…It`s the same old photo I`ll one day pull out of an also-old chest, when Laila has her serious, VERY SERIOUS, first boyfriend over. Oh, and she is 25.

I say to the boyfriend, (who is on fire for Jesus, and only holds her hand when G and I are around) casually:

“Oh yes, and here are the girls on a snowy day back in `11… Yeah, yeah, they just kinda always got along real good… I never really had to work with them to behave or anything much. Laila– did she ever pout? Well, does she look pouty on this particular picture? No way! So I think that answers your question. Steven. Can I call you that?”

^Oh no! Here is Elle nailing Laila in the back for not giving her the Tic-Tacs! Elle is wearing her Intense Mouth. Laila is wincing.

Well, well, we`ll just stick this one under the sofa cushion here…

^ A forced hug and a sorry. …No, it was probably fairly sincere. I put the camera back where it belongs. Fail!

Good bye impressive pictures.

On a side note: I always wonder what`s going to happen when my girls are old enough to be unhappy when I write about them.

I`ll just get a puppy and write about her.

“Yesterday Trixie was a naughty puppy!” Want to hear more?


^ Mom, do you think we have time for a few more pictures of me doing cool stuff?

Ok, Elle, I think we can fit that in…

^ Pink Converse.

^Elle, smiling about her bright future.

^Dinner with Gracie!

^As you know, I have a “thing” for vintage graphics on things. Like this. I found this game at the THRIFT STORE, where else. It`s such a cute game to play, and the game itself… So cute.

^My game playing model.

^Laila: “Mom, another Elle-esque post? Really, face-time city. We need to talk…”

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  1. Sooo funny!! Yeah, I can totally relate to that! My kids are definitely not the posy-posy kids. Nope. Rather like I run after them most time hoping to at least get a nice side-profile shot. 🙂

    Your paragraph about the boyfriend [when she’s 25] just killed me. Love that!

    Pink converse? Absolutely too cute. And I like that little hair clippy thingy. 🙂 And that vintage game? Jeeeeeealous.

    I must say, I’ll bet you brighten everyone’s day at Walmart when you go. Who would not like to see such beautiful girls AND their beautiful mother? That’d cheer any grump out shopping, I think. 😉

  2. Aug says:

    I loved the boyfriend scene. From years down the road.
    Oh…and children can just be the MOST stubborn of all people. Wonder where they get that??

    About blogging about them when they are older. All you have to do is stay up later than they do…and do your blogging then. And then never tell them about your blog. I think as a Mother, who has gone through all of their issues…we have the right to write about them! 😉

  3. Sarah says:

    I love when you post … really really love it! I wish you were closer to me, so my son could fall in love with such a beautiful little girl and have such an awesome funny mother in law! GAHHHHHHH Imagine us as mother in laws! I love your style … heck I think I love you … but not in the married way! =P

  4. amber says:

    this made me laugh! been there way too many times~

    and find out if said boyfriend has a brother…
    you know, for kate when she’s 25 too. 😉

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