Full heart, sleeping kids…

[posting laaate at night, hence the title.]


tonight is the end of a weekend that was full to the brim. two good couple-friends of ours, had a heart and passion to start a 2-day missions conference at a local church. so… that`s where we spent this last weekend. **special thanks to mom and joy, for watching girl1 and girl2. i got to SIT… and LISTEN….

it was rare indeed. and precious.

the missions conference was meaningful, convicting, encouraging (those words don`t sound right, but…) on so many levels. i could likely write a few days worth of posting, on the conf, and my thoughts, and what different of the speakers said, etc…

i hope He changes my life and they way i live, for good. i think it has/will continue to do so.

at the conference, i also got to spend time with some precious friends from “way back” for me. that was cool. i think there are some pictures on my camera– may share later. not sure how i did it, but i have gems for friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

since i don`t have my thoughts sorted well yet… i`ll add some pictures that were sitting in a file on my `puter.


^ i was going for a minimalist look here. kind of like the danish people like to do. maybe it was a bit too sparse, i wondered one day.

^ after:

so i added some different textures and some warmer elements. i like it kinda. but now i think it might be too cluttered.

goal for this week: fatten up my firstborn.

this is what i added to the top of the bookshelf.

any thoughts? i could use guidance. for now, it`s like how it looks above.

snapped this picture of laila as i took the others. she only picked up the nuky habit about 2 weeks ago. right when she started saying things like,

“i don`t want to!”


“what happened?” (with her palms in the air)

so yes, starts speaking in sentences, and falls in love with a binky, at about the same time– yeah, that`s great progression for her.

funny thing is, when she is chewing on it ferociously, she can`t talk, and especially not in sentences. what a paradox for her!

a couple “reading materials” in my beside my recliner “me” basket.

the book, stellar. francine rivers rocks my world.

the boden catalog: where i get 99.9% of my sewing ideas. g, my husband, was cleaning up the other night, and in his hand, he had 2 of the NEW boden catalogs in his hand to PITCH!

he tried to tell me he was pretty sure i don`t really want them.

i said,

“you can`t throw those away, i don`t even pitch the old ones!” with great panic in my voice. yes, i have a large-o stack of them in the art room, or the “messy room” as elle calls it.

as in,

“can we make a present in the messy room, mom. can we? i want to cut with a pink scissors!”

boden illustration:

cute outfit ALERT.

martha looks on enticingly,

“lay that catalog down, and come see how to make paper flowers– that look like real peonies, in my book.”

my favorite page from the martha stewert encyclopedia ofย  crafts how-to book.

it`s pretty cool, i mean basically the art on the wall is dried weeds.

thought i`d show you where i sit…

and what do we have here? someone has a creative blog addiction? …not an addiction? just a rare delight?

whatever, we know better.

[sweet as candy blog is the link that`s open up there. loveliness, yes.]

just a silly picture of my girls during the day. they imagine the oddest things. i love it.

i got the prettiest card ever a few weeks ago. it goes in my kitchen great– so there it is atop `o my pantry. nothing like words of life to brighten your next week. send someone a word of life today! that`s my best monday brightener, honestly.

the sweater i embellished with petals.

my cutie-pop sister, joy. i have 3 sisters total, they are all cute.


got to git! love, jenny

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  1. Shelly N says:

    I’ve been an MK most of my life . . . but went to a week-long mission’s conference for the first time last year at our church. And loved it!!

    I like your random photos . . . esp. the one with girl2 in a shirt and not much on the lower half of her body . . . makes me feel better for all the times one of mine goes around only partly dressed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cindy says:

    Hey jenny, haven’t been on your blog for awhile. it was fun to see pics of your little girls. wow, getting so big!! the MC sounded sooo good! I can just hearing you talking, while I’m reading your blog – love it! miss you guys!!!

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