Gracious Hostess.

Happy Friday!

All the complaining we do on Monday, well… not today! Cuz it`s actually Friday…

I mentioned sewing skirts in the last post or so. Here are 3 pictures of a few completed. Easy. A 6th grader could make them.


The smallest details are the essence of treasured sewing.


Sunday outfit.


Last summer I went to a get away for the weekend with about 24 other bloggers. Now, whenever we get a chance, it`s fun to get a few of us locals together.

Kristy came to visit, and so Carmen blessed us with a spread!

Di, lovely in yellow, and the hostess herself…

I wish my camera was better (or my camera skills, at least) it was all breathtaking!

Seriously, when I look at this picture I get funny feeling in my stomach. I am very visual and this kind of thing really impacts/touches me. The fact that Carmen put so many special touches into everything. I felt hugged for the rest of the week when I thought back to this party. She gave her gift, and it was felt…


“The king`s daughter is all glorious within.”


Good food galore!


Food cards were so cute. Fresh flowers everywhere…


Take notice of the little glass dome. A live flower, a broach, and a speckled egg.



Me, Di, Kristy, Carmen…


My baby enjoys the tasties.


Di. I love her heart and she is so wise. I always learn something from listening to her.

Kristy is so expressive and fun. Doesn`t she have the prettiest brown eyes? Also, the white flower was perfection. she said it was from Maurices.

STAND BACK. I hear a stampede!


Girlies hit it off.


L-Lovely faux fireplace.


“Big Flower. Little flower.”

Kristy said Elle wanted to take her picture with her. I guess Elle knew there was a celebrity in our midst.


Switching subjects…

A few pictures of areas that were junky that I tried to hit last week. I think sometimes because of this blog, people think I work on stuff all the time. I often have people ask,”So what projects are you working on right now?” It`s really sweet that they ask, but I think I give the (wrong) impression I`m always working on stuff sometimes. I actually do very little. Didn`t touch a can of spray paint this whole winter. There are many “junky” areas in my house. I only show the ones I have gotten tackled.

Does that make sense? I hope so. I`m not even half as crafty as you may (or may NOT think-ha!)…

Anyway. We have youth Bible study here most Wed. night and I had this thing covered with mismatched mugs of all colors/sizes for coffee for the kids.

Not many of them actually drink coffee, and it was kind of an eye sore… so I tried to make it a little more matchy and pleasing. here.


Need another place to set things?

Cover a board of bore with sheet music, and set it on your radiator. I love it. Gives me more space elsewhere!


It works good as a coffee bar.


Fun things:

Vintage postcards, old silver and silk ribbon.


Winter is over! Sled going to basement. Ptl!


Have a blessed weekend in Christ:

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  1. julana says:

    ok the skirts that are so “easy” a 6th grader could make them??? hmmm i’m older then that and i could NOT make them i know it. you know maybe if i’d reeeeally try but i don’t, so i will be satifided with a crafty sister that passes her junk to me! and it’s so lovely in my house.:) your funny- you saying your not that crafty. hmm i think you are but nice i guess that your modest.:) also that carmen spread i could have gazed at all day. beyond words really and i have no words really! that would feel like a hug…wasn’t it so fun to put the winter sled away? i did that the other day too and it felt GREAT! bring on the spring!

  2. Aug says:

    Do you think the 6th grader would also need to own a sewing machine?

    LOVED the pictures from the small FFE get-together. I would have loved to be there! Miss you guys.

    The food Carmen made…wowee! It all looked SO pretty and yummy. Especially the fruit!

    Thanks for letting us “see” a little of what went on.

  3. Shannon says:

    Wow!! Beautiful decor… in both places! 🙂 Happy Friday sunshine to you!

  4. carm says:

    i love the picture of di and of kristy! Such a special time!….
    wish i’da grabbed your camera and shot one of you cuz you were s.o. pretty – as always….but, what’s ‘within’ is what i like even better! love you…

  5. sadie says:

    I am so gonna make a little skirt for my little girly! What a lovely food spread, looks soso yummy! I love the picture of Kristy and yes she is so much fun!

  6. Shelly N says:

    It’s just me leaving my name to let you know I still read and enjoy! I’ll be asking you how to do the skirts when my 1.5 and 3 months old girls are a little older!

  7. Okay, so I’m not a 6th grader, and I sew a lot. But not clothes. Nope, I embellish clothes, not make them. Sooooo, any tips?? 🙂 Did you sew zippers [I shudder at zippers] or just elastic or drawstring? Because those skirts are truly darling as can be!! I mean, I think *I* would wear one to church if I could! 🙂

    And I have the same flower as Kristy from Maurices! Except I bought mine so I could learn how to make one too. 🙂

    Carmen’s house just “speaks” so much…. It’s the decor, the atmosphere, but even just what *isn’t* said or done ~ Jesus in that home and in their hearts is SO evident… Thanks for that peak into her home!

    And for the peak into yours! That coffee bar is ingenious. Your ideas often have me with my mouth almost hanging open, and if it’s not literally then it is in my head. 🙂 Sheet music on a board? Pictures scattered among the mugs? Just absolutely charming! Thanks for the bright spot in my day today!

  8. Anonymous says:

    what a FUN morning!!! it still just makes me feel fuzzy inside. the beauty, the words, the everything! Ya’ll made me feel so humbled that you got together and so forth (cause I asked!)
    I still chuckle at Elle. I tried to talk to her a couple times and she just looked at me. then she would sorta sit beside me on the couch. when I asked her for a picture beside my girls, she sorta shook her head and stood beside me! Think we just might strike up a friendship here if we had a little more time. 🙂
    The flower…. credit goes to Di for spiffing me up. She so sweetly sent it to me after I wore hers and loved it!

  9. Rachel says:

    LOOK at you girls! so much fun-ness, so much beauty, so much i love…so fun to see these pictures; i was hoping someone would post pics from your time together! thanks for sharing….it all looks perfect.

  10. Rachel H. says:

    i’m still just utterly sad i could not make it…. and my mouth just dropped when i saw the spread on the table. HOW does dear Carmen do it? Just beautiful in every way. Thanks for posting pictures… loved the ones from your corner of the world too. So inspiring.

  11. Christy says:

    Oh, the brunch was so pretty and looked delicious!!! It would have been so much fun to be there, too. I like your coffee bar a lot–The picture, mug combination is unexpected and so cute. The one top picture–the one of Elle–is fine art. Looks like it belongs in someone’s collection.

  12. Di says:

    This was one of my favorite mornings, cold and dreary outside, warm and cheery inside. The food was amazing and Carmen is totally gifted in welcome and serving, my goodness, love that women!

    The bright colors I adore together. 🙂
    I had such a wonderful “talk as fast as you can” time with you all, was such a joy that Kristy came!!
    There is so much I KNOW I can learn from you all and so I always walk away blessed.
    The pictures turned out so pretty! You DO have good camera skills girl!

    Little girl skirts, totally adorable. I enjoyed seeing the little touches you added recently, beauty, you always find it and expose it. I like that.
    Have a lovely day Jenny!

  13. amber says:

    beautiful ~ the food. the women. the surroundings~ all of it!

  14. gbear says:

    Wow! what a gorgeous spread! i’d love to know what all was served….. What are the chocolate thingys 🙂 on the pedestal?
    and also the platter beside the French Toast?
    On another note, after looking at your pictures, i’m inspired to perk up my house alittle! I love the idea of the music, and also the jar of silver. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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