Little Family… & Anthropologie.

I thought I`d share a few photos that I sure think are fun.

What started out as a weekend wide open (“Lets do something cool!” — said on Friday afternoon) turned into meeting 2-hours-away-friends, a Priceline hotel, and a fun-fun lazy day, strolling atΒ  Easton mall and other outdoor (fun to look, but way too upscale for us) stores.

We do NOT do this kind of thing often and so we were pretty proud of how spontaneous we were. (The down-side to doing this is: funny outfits/no razors etc., because of packing toiletries, food, clothes in 15 minutes!)

Oh well, that means sitting at the only nearby gas station late at night while man of the fam– runs in for drinks, chips and corn nuts. πŸ™‚


^ Josh jokingly said on FB we should meet them in Columbus. Be careful what you offer the Kauffmans– they may take you up on it.

You can`t tell me Terri wasn`t happy to be there, sorry I just can`t see it. πŸ™‚

^Silly lolly K family. You have to have messy hair to be in our family.

^Elle dreams of one day manning a race car, “the way J can”.

^ Courtyard Marriot. Gorgeous~ thanks, Priceline~ we love you!

^Kind of oddly fun to shop with 2 little kids and no extra cash to blow. This was a short time where it was just the girls and I. We looked at stuff and talked about it, stopped for a loong time to look at a moving train set that I`m sure no one else noticed…

^ A TANK top for only 29.50?! What a great, great buy. And to think, all this time I was getting mine for the rip-off price of 3.99 at Walmart.

^This was also in J. Crew. And wow, that store is so lovely…

We didn`t buy anything but I was inpsired to buy sequin stones at Joanns and glue them onto my gold Old Navy flippers. I`m thinking these flip flops were are 30-40, dollars that is.

^Sittin` pretty~ my little lady love. : )

^ What a pretty and very real smile, Elle.

^ If we see a Panda Express– we WILL stop.

^^ Elle: “Daddy, coins for the fountain?”

Laila: “Elle, how about a hand-up here? Struggling just a tad.”

Well. Here we are.

At An-thro-pol-o-gie.

I would have to call this store “Most delightful to visit in the whole small world of mine”. See, while other customers come into A to peruse and buy, it`s more like a museum, relaxer or art class for me.

We have mastered the art of free entertainment haven`t we?

^ G said,

“Don`t use this picture because I am frowning”. Took care of that!

^ My loving Lolla-Koala.

^ Elle attempts to take our picture.

^At home. My “new” Anthro inspired kitchen shelf. πŸ™‚


And one more view…

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  1. Rachel says:

    o wow! what a totally fun weekend! love the spontaneous-ness of it all!!
    and Antrho? yep. i’d not be buying a single thing there either. more like taking mental notes.
    happy weekending to you!
    you do know that if and when you come to visit the family, we are not that far from them, right?????=)

    • Jenny says:

      i would def like to hook up with you guys next time we come in– for real. i have thought of it before. we dont have any trips planned though… πŸ™

  2. Christy says:

    Looks like so much fun. Our families really do need to hang out together sometime, because we both enjoy the same kind of laid back, spontaneous, free entertainment. And I know the guys would hit if off between books, music and teaching. πŸ™‚ Oh, and please tell me what you eat at Panda Express. A few years ago I got food poisoning after eating there and was sick on the couch for over a week, so I’ve had a hard time wanting to go back. However…it looks so cool that I want to try it again and have a good experience sometime. Your comments about Anthro being like a museum to you–I really get that. Which also reminds me–there’s a Museum of Design here in town. I so badly want to go (they have free night once a month). Just need someone to go with me. πŸ™‚

  3. Christy says:

    Pardon me for chatting away about myself instead of commenting about your post. :/

  4. Anna Miller says:

    Looks like my kind of weekend… family, friends, shopping, eating, priceline hotels, Easton… more eating

  5. amber says:


    so.. if i up and ask ya on fb to meet me columbus at easton’s will ya take me up on it?? πŸ™‚

    someday we’re SOOO doing it.

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