Day Journal.

I have seen this done various times. Most recently, Arielle and Shelley. Both these ladies have beautiful blogs. You should check them out.

Well, this morning is a blah-ish Monday so I though this quiz might take me to a cheery place. Although in a lot of ways today is not that bad.

//So here goes mine//



Outside my window…

When I look out my back window, I see a white maxi-van. An Amish hauler sits faithfully in the front seat. A typical “out the back window” site for me.

Our eyes meet, as I peer out at him from my gritty window.


You see, the parking lot behind our house belongs to a lawyer`s office. And another thing. The lawyer`s  office sign, sits right beside the fence to our house. Yes, people come to our door all the time, trying to get in.

Once, G and I were just lounging, lazy like {on separate chairs} and a lady walked right into our living room. Just like that. We just looked at her open mouthed. I think she wanted to cry. Similar situations like this, happen to us enough that we always end up, half comforting people, because they feel so unreal bad. Sometimes I hear people working and working, frustrated, to get our door open.

(Dang business with a locked door!)

Once my doorbell rang, and when I answered, there was a young Jack Black standing there.

Jack Black.

(Wouldn`t it be cool if his first and last names were switched? )

He said,

“Jonas Yoder. Jonas Yoder ready to leave yet? I am ready to go whenever he is. Can you tell him?”


(Letting him down slowly) “I… think… you may have the wrong place…” (I said it like whichever of us was right, was still up for grabs.)

(Since when did you ever go to a lawyer`s office where you have to ring the doorbell 3 times, wait, then a lady that looks overworked, finally answers the door, with what looks like a nest on her head, and wearing yoga pants? She is standing amidst a clump of damp cheerios, and you hear crying from a human under 3 in the background. WOULDN`T ALL THAT BE YOUR FIRST CLUE?)


And then so much apologizing from him! Wow, he felt awful and wouldn`t stop apologizing.

Just go, Jack Black, it`s not like you burned down my porch.

Once a lady said, as she observed my porch,

“I THOUGHT this looked too homey to be a lawyer`s office.”

The real question though, is why do Amish go to the lawyer`s office anyway?  Land deeds, starting an S-Corp, new 501(c)3? That`s all we’ve ever come up with.

I am thinking…

…about how to stretch my grocery budget this next month. I went over in March. Not cool. Kind of a fun challenge.

In my oven…

Crumbly baked oatmeal with blueberries baked in. Since we are out of yogurt, I served it to my girls with pancake syrup and milk. It`s soo good. (I was really proud I actually HAD something in my oven so I could answer this!)

I am thankful for…

A husband that is smart about managing money. I don`t always have money to burn, but I LOVE the security that he seems to have it all under control and in it`s place. No unexpected bills we can`t pay etc. Along with this, I`ll say I thank God for my husband, he is a great well-rounded man.

Yes, I love my chubby, rounded man. Ha! If you know my hus, you will know why this is funny.

(Kauffmans do not wear fat. It`s never in season for them. Or, at least not the strain that my hus comes from.)

I am also so thankful for my health. I have legs to get around, energy, I can experience emotions. It is all a gift and I want to praise Him for it!

What I am learning…

That when God wants me to learn something, He brings it up in all kinds of areas of my life. I love seeing the “theme” appear all over. Right now I love learning about how all the Bible connects (OT to NT) and fits like a perfect puzzle. This has been demonstrated to me by hearing Ray Vanderlaan and Beth Moore speak (Beth M. was on video), and our Missio Dei Bible study– among other daily events.

I am creating…

Right now I am turning my back on paint. I REALLY have to be in the mood to paint. Cuz I pretty much actually hate it.

I am really into refurb sewing right now. I have made oodles and oodles of skirts for my girls. From thrift store fabrics, cut down from clothing we have around the house, cut down from dresses that are too small for them. I love the challenge of it. Also a lot of other sewing in general.

I am concerned…

Lately it has really been bothering me that I am so much less outgoing than I used to be. I could write a whole post on this subject. Large crowds, I used to thrive in them. Now, all I want to do is get away from a large crowd as fast as I can without being too obvious. I used to be able to think of a million things to say to anyone. I am a lot quieter now in public.  I miss the old me– in that regard.

I am going…

To to be with Jesus when I die.

Out with girlfriends tonight.

I am hearing…

God wants to be known by me. I am feeling this pull gently, stronger…

I am reading…

At night before we fall asleep– G reads Radical by David Platt to me. Chapter 2 was so moving, I laid there in bed, and literally felt the Presence of God. It`s a must read. Your life will change.

I am also reading a Paul Theroux book. He is really cool, he writes of travel with droll wit, with unexpected observations of the people who travel with him and the things he sees. He writes of danger in a slow, easygoing way. I travel with him to places I will never see otherwise.

I am hoping…

My basement gets cleaned one day. I should be doing THAT right now.

Around the house…

(Elle builds a “tower”, then refuses to look at the camera.)

What do you want to know?

My house is a mess. Oatmeal is drying around onto the table and chairs from breakfast. Our room is dusty. Elle`s room has visible dust bunnies. Floors in every room of the house need attention. Both girls peed the bed last night.

My fault really.

Laila wears size 3 diapers. Well, ONLY the size 2 diapers at CVS last week came with a nice tablet of coupons from P & G inside. I so wanted the coupons– gold mine!–, so I sold her short in diaper coverage and bought a box of 2. They are fine during the day… but at night…

I`m thinking for all the sheets I have had to wash, that maybe I have lost any savings in laundry detergent.

Oh, well.

A few of my favorite things…

~Psalm 139 (The Message)

~Garnett Hill catalog came a few days ago. I`m really loving it for sewing ideas.

~Curling up on the couch after my work is done in the eve, to watch the girls or read a magazine.

~My morning cup of coffee. Fresh and strong, with Hazelnut liquid creamer. Yum.

~Spending time dabbling in my art room when G is home and can keep an eye on the girls down here.

~Laying awake at night. Time to think about God and what He is doing and just the events of the day. I love to think silently.

~Going walking alone. I love the time to reflect.

~Drinking water. It gives me energy.

~The movie Ramona and Beezus.

Related short story: We were at Foot Locker a week ago, and on the TV overhead, there is Selena Gomez doing a concert in all her ways,

I`m still too young to be provocative– so I`ll just be mildly alluring. See. I`ll TURN and look THIS way… And THEN I`ll sing like THIS. My skirt is to my kn—eee–ees. Oh, my hair is BLOWING in the fake w–iiii–nd… I wonder if a Jonas brother is w-a—a-atching. AArgh! I am  just so CUTE. It`s even frustrating to me (Selena).

Elle tugs at me and says thrilled,

“Mom. mom. mom. momomomomom! There is Beezus!


“What are you talking about? Oh… my… word, it is!”

(Selena Gomez plays Beezus Quimby in the movie.)

G was not thrilled in the least (he had no clue who she was), but I was mildly proud of how perceptive she is.

A few plans for the week…

Family lunch date with my hus at school. Girl`s night at Bags and Jitters tonight. Youth Bible study. Donuts with my mom/sisters. SMBI chorus.  If my hus will do it to go with me– we met there, so I think we owe it to them. Wooster shopping to scout out supplies for an event I`m helping with. Boring stuff. We usually hit the library and park in there somewhere.

A picture…

Here Laila said,

“I fly. Birdie. Fly, fly, fly.”

Since she only is a big talker very recently. This was way cool to me.


I`m done. While I was writing, Elle pooped in the little potty and didn`t tell me so I could dump it. …In the meantime SOMEHOW?? one of the girls dropped my phone into it and now it doesn`t work. Gross AND annoying!


Hey, YOU.

Be a doll and pick one of these Day Journal questions to answer for me in the comments? I really need a day brightener. Ha. 🙂 See you in there.

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  1. Kristy says:

    “outside my window”………. i can’t stop looking out my front window. we have 3-5 dogwood trees in the front yard and they are beautiful. there is a lot to be desired about this rental house and somedays the negative is hard to miss. but there is a certain angle in the front yard that is gorgeous, Jesse added a golf flag that he chips balls too and the girls rigged up a tire swing……. they both ADD to my one angle of awesomeness. i keep looking at that “angle” and it helps me forget the other parts that i can’t do anything about anyway!!!

  2. Thelma says:

    a few plans for the week………whaddya know? I’m going out with some girlfriends for coffee tonight too. preatty excited about that.
    i was going to clean tomorrow, but Abbi looks like she has pink eye, so maybe I will use that as an excuse to not put her to the sitter….also am going to entertain my almost due SIL, by going to the mall with her to check out the nursing bras:-) Thursday I am doing some cleaning, friday too, and maaaayyyybee maybe my house too sometime. And then Friday we head to NY for the weekend, cannnot wait!

    I liked this post. not sure why your personal life facsinating, but I do. not in a stalker way or anything:-) But your back door life sounds hilarious to say the least. perhaps you need to just put a sign on your back door.

    • Jenny says:

      enjoy the bra shopping. at least it`s for her, not you. haha
      i`m glad you think my life sounds interesting. it`s really not. i just like to write. but thanks though, you made this old girl`s day! 🙂

  3. Aug says:

    I am reading…Well, actually, I JUST finished “One Thousand Gifts.” Such an awesome book! Would totally recommend. Next up is “Heaven is for real” about that little boy who died for a short time. If that makes sense.

    I absolutely LOVED this post. So fun to hear what is going on in your life and in your head. You should do these kinds of posts way more often. Everybody should, actually! Yours was MEGA interesting.

    The people coming to your back door thing…totally cracked me up. What a strange problem to have. I think the sign idea might be a good one. But then you wouldn’t get to meet “Jack Black” and other random strangers. 😉

    Also, both your book recommendations look REALLY good!

    And…jealous of your girls night out. Steph told me about it yesterday when we talked. Sounds like SUCH a fun group!

    And…(how many more “ands” can I write?) i very much identify with the thing of God bringing the SAME subject to your mind and your life in different ways and avenues when He is trying to teach/show you something!

    • Jenny says:

      it is a golden group. i`m really glad for them. soul sisters. 🙂
      i liked the ands, it meant you were still talking.
      you WOULD like the book. i know it– especially paul theroux.

  4. Gina Schrock Wilcox says:

    *sigh* how do you do “it”!? Blog so eloquently and make me happy band inspired just by reading your words!? I really hope I get to meet you face to face someday!:) Loved this post, always so interesting to catch a glimpse of someone elses life and see how similar it can be to our own! Although I don’t ever have random people trying to enter my home!:) Family members from across the road perhaps! When I look out my window I see mountains, deer, that i wish weren’t there, since they like my young trees far too much for my liking! and yesterday a pheasant! Well, I really need to go finish my cleaning that is LONG overdue, but instead i will most likely finish watching dancing with the stars from lastnight!:) Thanks for your blog, please don’t ever take it away from me!!

  5. Kendra says:

    I caught the sewing lately part, and………..I’d LOVE to see pics. I’m trying to get inspired to sew some spring/easter dresses for my girls and it’s just not coming together. So,…… inspiration, please:)

    • Jenny says:

      kendra, well. the skirts i made are so simple i`m not sure they would be very inspiring. i may one day, though. i`d love to see yours too!

  6. Heidi says:

    I have to agree with “Radical” being a great read! My husband LOVED it and just finished it, now it’s my turn. He was always interrupting whatever i was doing to read excerpts from the book. Another inspiring book is “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. Matt bought both books this winter when we were at a marriage conference, now I’m hooked as well. 🙂

  7. julana says:

    I DIIIIIIIEEEEEED LAUGHING over the people coming to your house thinking it is the office next doorstories. WAY TO FUNNY! why did i never hear those stories. by far the funniest thing you’ve ever wrote! love it love it!

  8. Linda Hershey says:

    pure funnyness about the unexpected ppl coming to your door! and i totally got the part where you let Jack Black down slowly in saying he had the wrong place…”as if whichever one of us was right, was still up for grabs.” love it!
    i am learning about letting go. i am learning about dreaming again. did you know i had forgotten how to dream? and i am learning to study the Bible. yes. at 34.
    out my window is snow, a brand new enclosed trailer to carry all the parts and tools for logging equipment and a bird feeder with a license plate for a roof. creative, i know.

  9. Wanda says:

    yeah, what is it with being less outgoing as you get older? I thought I was the only one like that. Some years back I decided it was because I had so many friends, I must not think I need any more. But that’s so not true…because sometimes I feel lonely.

    I am creating…..

    …bathroom makeover in my head. There’s a great time to think, and create, when you lay in bed at night, and you can’t sleep because someone precious disturbed you. They are all tucked in again, but you can’t drop off. That’s when I create things. Ha,ha!

    Last night I decorated my table for guests with my old toys, dress, books. The guests were my fam. and I felt so ‘creative’. I might have something there I didn’t know about. Who would’ve thought?

  10. geneva says:

    I am concerned….. about my 3 year old who is dealing with asthma and pneunomia all at the same time 🙁

    He is sleeping right at the moment (PTL). Thanks for the fun read – something to take my mind off of his sickness!

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