Sewing before and after.

Last summer there was this garage sale I hit that was too cool, and I bought way too much. In a good way.

I found this dress that screamed gorgeous– and even though it was a size 0-3 month, I bought it, thinking “one day” I`d something with it.

When I was checking out, one of the garage sale hosts told me she reads my blog. I was flattered and well, mainly, again flattered. I like to blog and it`s nice to know every now and then, that there are readers.

So anyway, Stacey Raber this re-do is for you! 🙂 Thanks for the loot.


Since Laila is 2 years old, I thought the tiny dress might make a nice skirt. It did. All I did was remove the top from the skirt. Add casing. Add elastic. Very simple. Julana and Dawn, you guys COULD do this! (I picked them because they both said they couldn`t.)

What FUN.


I bought a dressy T-shirt from H &M, and in honor of the phrase “waste not, want not” I had to save the embroidered part from the little dress`s top and add it to this T.


They are now happily married– the new skirt and shirt ensemble. (They plan to have babies and call them “onesies”.)


L-L-Lucky L-L-Little L-L-Laila…


I smile prissy like THIS, mom.


Now I will gaze moodily at the bedspread.


Toes are great. Little girl fingers are too.


Great thrift store find alert. I hit it good at the Goodwill in my town a few days ago. Her little, tan, Gap, sweater was even prettier after being laundered and garnished with a fleur.


Aw, I love my mommy… I wish I was with her right now… Homesick for her…


Lace trimmed leggings, H & M.


Jump baby, because it looks really precious…


Mommy has no idea I`m actually going potty right now. Ah, feels better…


Hopefully one day in the fuuuture, she potty trains me. Would be so nice.


Blue flower pin from Anthropolgie.^

Who IS that girl lurking in the background?!


Yeah, while I was *trying* to do this *photo shoot* there was this other girl that just hung and hung around!

I think it almost drove her bonkers that I was cutting her off of the pictures.


Ah! There she is again… See, I told you she was a nuisance.


NOW she is blatantly posing.


I think Elle could actually steal the show on this one– if her mother would just comb her hair all neat and tidy.

Always lead by example, I say. (Says her mother with the lovely day-time hair.)

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  1. Lynnelle says:

    Cute skirt redo! And I also have one of those big sisters lurking about when I’m trying to do photo shoots. what is it about them? Your girls are just as cute as ever! Miss you guys.

  2. Stacey says:

    Cute dress and you better not keep posting pix or im gonna wish i would have kept it. How is it that i can never find cute stuff at goodwill? Must be you are beating me to it. 🙂 And yes, im still a stalker and prolly always will be. I feel all cool and such that my name was in your blog. 🙂

  3. Di says:

    oh my goodness, adoreable!!! The sweater, skirt and t-shirt. AND let’s not forget the girl’s, totally cute little faces. You really should have more. 😉

    Good luck with the going potty deal…..ugh, mine refuses.

    Happy snowy day…….

  4. Kristen Lehman says:

    Very cute! Love the idea.

  5. Rosann says:

    love the outfit!!

  6. April Wolfe says:

    That turned out so good! Great idea to save some of the skirt to embellish the top…. great little spring outfit.

  7. Aug says:

    OK, I have to say that turned out SUPER cute.
    As always, love your captions, too!

  8. julana says:

    oh cute laila baila… love the before and after dress/skirt! NEAT-O! you say i could sew that one too… well i might say having a talented/crafty sister almost hinders me “wanting” to sew/creat all that you do… your so giving with your cute stuff and i often get your pass me downs so i’m kinda satisfied with that.:) i like that your so giving. 🙂 and i have style i think, i just don’t have patients to do it myself. what i’m saying is i “appreciate” what you do i just am to lazy to do it myself. 🙂 no what i’m saying?
    oh and i looove lace 3/4 length leggings. Gracie has a couple pairs. lovely. and you said you found nothing cute at h&m… looks like you did.

  9. Kristy says:

    for real… some day i want to follow you around a thrift store. i went to the little one down the road the other day and kept thinking… ok, now what would Jennie or Thelma see that would make a cute skirt etc… all i saw was nasty ole clothes :). you have a gift, my dear. love it (and you!)

  10. amber says:

    you m’dear are talented beyond words.

    make pretty darn cute babies too!

    love ya.

  11. Heather says:

    Very cute! Laila is super cute and that little outfit is just adorable. I think I’m slowly starting to feel some sewing inspiration and would like to make a dress for Hannah and her doll for her birthday. She would be thrilled. Now, where’s the available time? 🙂

  12. That is absolutely darling! I especially love the way you took the little embellished top of the dress and added it to the shirt. That is just precious.

    AND I’m SO inspired because just yesterday I went to Goodwill and bought an armload of stuff from the bargain room to make into skirts and such. Completely inspired by an earlier post of yours. 🙂 All credit will go to you if my projects turn out! 🙂

  13. carm says:

    so so brilliant you are. darling outfits for you darlings! Puts me even more in the mood to sew again!

  14. arielle says:

    wow, those are just adorable! very creative 🙂
    and your little ones are so precious!

    blessings to you!

  15. Laura says:

    Adorable dress turned skirt! I actually did something very similar for some skirts for myself recently. Totally solves the too short problem I have all the time when looking for skirts.

  16. Shannon says:

    Love me a good shirt to skirt revamp! I would just love to get together with you again and sew like we used to back in the good old days. Cute flowers too.

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