A 5 minute post…

blogging has been a bit low on my list of priorities the last while…

just thought i`d drop in a say hi, and i miss it here. 🙂

one of (many) things on my mind lately is a seminar that 8 of us are doing the decor for. yes, i`m sure you think all i eat, sleep and breath is decor. blah, blah, blah– it`s so really not. but at this present time, it is. make sense?

the most fun part has been brainstorming, working with and LEARNING from so many other talented ladies.

above, we are working on a few things together one night. rosann was here too, but i didn`t get her on a picture. it was a fun night of children everywhere, but a feeling of getting  a lot done. fun chatting night too.

our goal was to use things we already had/re-purpose/found/natural items.

what a fun challenge. almost made it more fun for me, in a way. can`t wait to see what all the other ladies bring when we set up today…

for instance, a fish bowl i found under a lot of junk in my pantry. my dishwasher was very busy yesterday cleaning up things i forgot i ever owned!

my inspiration/supply basket. i really like it. can you believe the basket was from walmart for $12?! pottery barn knockoff!!

it`s actually really big–that one can is a paper covered oatmeal can, if that gives you any idea of the size. i went back to get another one… they were all gone! frowny FACE.

a birdhouse i made over.

here is my elle, coloring.

her little toes peeking out were so cute i had to snap a picture of them first.

can i brag on her? no. well, you can`t stop me.

she doesn`t like coloring books, but she LOVES colors. she draws her own pictures and they are A-mazing! she draws weird things though: an idol and a giant were her latest. let`s say she hears too many bible stories, ok?

the look on her face when she brings me a new creation and i rant and rave- priceless. i am NOT a draw-er, so i am really proud of this new gene that has sprung up from us.

got to hit the road. this was a 5 min post after all.

enjoy your weekend, friend!


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  1. Rachel says:

    Jenny!! i’ve missed you so!! been checking the blog to see if you’ve posted (i could sub, i know…just forget) and then tada!! she finally posts!
    and, to top it all off…i see Carmen! and, i see Sue!! and lovely, inspiring pictures, and tales of times of decorating with other lady friends? be still my beating heart.
    i am going to be anxiously waiting to see pics from the finished product(s). and, i hope that even in your busyness of decorating and giving and blessing in this important way, that Your! heart can be renewed and filled with good things at the seminar!

  2. amber says:

    well this was a sweet 5 minute read! always love seeing what you’re brainstorming over there~ a fish bowl? who knew!

    love the toes sticking out. happy weekend there.

  3. Beth says:

    I was @ Millersburg Walmart this morning & they still had 2 of the $12 baskets on the clearance rack. Thought I’d let u know in case you still want one.

  4. clarita says:

    I get the “you must think all I do is decor stuff, but it’s really not.” Yeah, I understand. There are some days when I spend all day on projects, and then it’ll go for weeks without anything… But how FUN to be able to work together with other ladies and do the decorating for the Ladies Event!! That takes off the pressure of having to do it all yourself, but you’re still involved enough that it’s tons of fun. I love the spring theme I see in your picture – the birds, the moss… I do hope you take pictures! And that you’re not too exhausted after it’s all over with! ♥

  5. cindy says:

    i know carmen 🙂 and sue! and i know that there is waaaay more to you than decorating. have fun though! you ARE good at it!

    love the piggy toes.

  6. Amber says:

    those puffy balls of pink gorgeousness..are real flowers or what are they?

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