Mothers Day~2011

Here`s what I wrote on Facebook about the day…

Mother`s day ’11. I am never happier then when these 2 flowers are in my arms. I am unworthy to be their mother, but so grateful that I am! I told Galen last night, I feel like I could lay in bed for hours, sometimes, and still not comprehend my love for my girls. HOW MUCH GOD MUST LOVE US.

So how was your mother`s day?

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  1. cindy says:

    your two flowers are darling. with or without smiles in your pictures! and right now *needing another cuppa coffee* that laying in bed for hours part sounds like a nice way to enjoy my children. 😀

    my mother’s day was…nice.

  2. amber says:

    BEAUTIFUL flowers~ just like their mama.

    my mother’s day was good.. emailed shayne the “wish” we submitted on lin’s site cause he asked me too, and he tried really hard to make all those things come true. very sweet. and i think that was really cool lin had us do that – kinda think things through beforehand that way, ya know. usually i’m not sure we “make” a plan – though we do have one hanging out there in the back of our minds. 😉 anyway. it was good and relaxing and fun…

    back to american idol now. the commercial’s over. hee hee. 🙂

    love ya girl

  3. clarita says:

    I absolutely love these pictures of you and your girls. There is such a happiness about them, and a love that radiates out into my living room! Beautiful mother, beautiful daughters… 🙂

    My mother’s day was not about me, but about giving to the mother’s in my husband’s family. Hence, a busy day Saturday, a veeeeery busy Sunday, and I was exhausted on Monday. But it was a good day. Not necessarily an every-year tradition, but one that was a good kind of tired for one year. 🙂

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