Rainy day news.

This has been just a completely fun day. It`s raining. Rain relaxes me in a way I can`t describe. Oh, shoot I can`t plant my garden today (secretly glad).

Today is our 8th anniversary. I love my husband. Sometimes we drive eachother crazy, but in the end we always realize I was right.

Tehehe. Old joke.

I thought it was funny, today on Facebook I wrote that my husband is theΒ  “coolest man I know” and later he wrote I was the “most beautiful”.

Later, a friend innocently wrote “You 2 are made for eachother!”

I assumed what she meant was, “Happy that you 2 are drinking the same Kool-aid and living in that SAME dreamland!”

I`m sorry, sometimes things inside my head make me laugh.

Moving on. To me, this is the most romantic song in the world, or this one. They go out today… to “us”. Free feel to slow dance in your livingroom, on me.

My girls are sweet today. But, check back another day, it might be: “I`M RUNNING DOWN THE STREET. DON`T COME AFTER ME.” A friend said that once to me, and it made me laugh then, and evermore after.

I met some of my favorite friends in the whole world for donuts this morning. There were cute kids there, and short, but sweet conversation.

Then my girls and I, ended meeting the high school students/my husband at Jitters for lunch.

Tonight, husband and I only, are hitting the town with a great Groupon date/deal we scored earlier. Yes, we will be ordering like rich people.

(And not the dollar menu people we are. )

(And not the grilled cheese and tomato soup at home– people we are.)

I want to do some selfish me shopping– I have great coupons. Groceries are needed, a cute blouse desired. We`ll see where Benjamin Franklin ends up.

Is it sad, I had to go to my purse and look to be sure that Ben is indeed on the $1 and nope, he`s on the $100.

I figured that out from Google, not from the $100 in my purse, by the way.

So… I guess this day could be called: The one where we ate out way too much. Except actually, at the first 2 places I didn`t eat. Yes, doing the less thing, I guess because, my daughter has called me “squeezy” way too many times. And as she pointed out today, “Aunt Joy is skinny. Skinny is so nice!”

Anyway. Not sure why I said all that– above– I think because I had a lot of caffeine. I am always more talkative with caffeine.

I have a real problem lately where I am just STUMPED with what to blog about. I don`t have enough time to be inspired, and end up writing about a tree in the backyard. I`m feeling vanilla.

I thought maybe for my next post I will answer any questions anyone may have. Where I got the idea, that I will have answers for questions, I don`t know. But if there is something you always wanted to ask me, leave the question in the comments and I`ll answer then, next post.

All questions will (try) to be answered unless you ask, for instance: Which house on what street do you live? (it bothers me when people ask me that for some reason) Are your kids brats? WHY do you waste so much time blogging? Such similar questions will go in file 13.

That paragraph ending calls for a winking smiley to show I am jovial and kidding. It`s so hard to write for sport sometimes. I hate that emoticons have to be used to compensate for lack of vocal intonation. Ex. sarcasm. They should make an emoticon that means “insert sarcasm”. It could be a tiny caricature of Ricky Gervais.

If I don`t get any questions, I`ll just make some up.

Oh this is fun: here is a picture of Lynelle, with the scarf she won here. Really fun for me to see where Yellow ended up. I thought it was really cute how fun her outfit and shoes where. Happy home for my scarf! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Lynelle…


Oh and before I go, here is an Elle-ism from yesterday morning:

(Overheard as I walk by the bathroom)

“Bye, bye pee! Have a good morning!”


You do too. Jenny

PS. This was written a few days ago, just got around to posting it tonight. In case you wondered if I thought my annv was AGAIN today.

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  1. Michelle says:

    “I’m feeling vanilla” is just the greatest one-liner I have heard in ages and ages!! My brain is too dead to come up with questions. I think it’s too constipated with answers to a three year old and seven year old. But if I think of a good one, I will be back. I love being allowed to ask questions. πŸ™‚

  2. julana says:

    I have a question: Who’s your favorite sister? Why do you love her so much? It seems you love your sisters from how you post at times, why? How has Julana inspired you in this blog? Is it hard living so far away from you 2 lovely sisters way in winesburg?

    • kristy says:

      Love reading your “lines” this morning. πŸ™‚ feeling vanilla…. i get it, i am feeling to much that way to even think of a question. *sigh
      hugs today….

  3. Marilyn says:

    I so know what you mean about people asking exactly where you live. I hate it when people ask me that, esp. if I don’t know them that well. I have visions of them breaking into my house in the middle of the night to torture me while I am completely defenseless. On a lighter note, my question is easy compared to your sisters. πŸ™‚ What is Jitters? A coffee shop? A restaurant? A quaint little “only in Ohio” place? I’ve seen other people talk about it and honestly the first time I saw someone say it, they said something about they have Jitters and I thought they were nervous. LOL.

  4. Marylou says:

    Okay, so if you won’t tell us where you live (?!?), will you tell us where the best junk shops are in your area. πŸ™‚ I occasionally end up in that neck of the woods and I desire to be enlightened.

    Love your use of sarcasm, btw. πŸ™‚

  5. Thelma says:

    you posting is a like a fun thing that happens unexpectedly. Such a treat. And wow, i can’t think of anything that I want to know about you….um. What do you eat for breakfast? What is normal in a day in the life? uh. do you want more girls, or a boy next? When will you have another kid? Kidding. You don’t have to answer that.
    what is your favorite outfit to wear? Do you prefer to be indoors or out?
    I think that is all.

  6. Lynnelle says:

    πŸ™‚ Thank YOU!

  7. geneva says:

    here’s an off-the-wall question…. πŸ™‚ but I think of it when i read your posts. Are you the same Jenny that posted on Xanga once about some tennis shoes that you really wanted?
    and…. where do you get your best inspiration in decorating your house? from a certain magazine? friends houses?

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