Spring is here, summer is coming.

Editing pictures makes me so happy. I don`t know why, I don`t think I`m really good at it or anything but it`s just PLAIN GOOD FUN. Especially when Pandora cranks out some good Leeland in the background.

Well, I`m on day 5 of parenting alone. I am so puking sick of not having my husband around, I decided tomorrow we are packing up and going to go get him. We are. I should be packing now, but you know how it`s all last minute stuff? I mean, I can`t load the cooler now, and the stroller is still wet from me spraying it off, plus, the suitcases are just ANNOYING to pack.

Let me say once we hit the road, I`ll be happy. I`d rather drive than pack ANY DAY.

Here is just s sprinkling of our family life here in the old, old house.

Girls had a tea party. Nothing like pink sparkling lemonade, farmer`s cheese and Wheat Thins…

Cups up! To a great little sister– (even when she bites my ear and I have to go cry to mom about it.)


Porch pretties.

Can they? It really is a good question to ask one`s self.

Elle escaping her hard life. (Her mom doesn`t let her cut up good cheese to make fake cookies and puzzle pieces for fun. She says, “We don`t play with our food, Elle. We eat it.”)

That`s what happened while I was away from the computer just now.

Lolla dreams of pulling out more of my rooted perennials.

Look Laila, a flower. Mom, grew a REAL LIVE FLOWER.

(That`s how I felt anyway.)

Any people living under this rock?

I used to obsess about the peeling paint and oldness of our home, and how long it has taken for it all to be done and sleek. Like an old house ever could be “sleek”, but.

I told G, this year I am just going to embrace it! And I have.

Drop a cookie in the mudroom? Watch the ants come running. You might actually think there are clods of dirt there 5 minutes later. Nope. It`s just a million hungry ants. We do cold meals for the needy thrice a day over here.

Are you bored while you wait for daddy to park the car/ If you`re 3, pick the top layer of the back door off while you wait. Then use the splinters for all kinds fun things. A real fun thing is to leave them for someone to step on. Ta-da! A splinter.

Want to rock the day away on the porch, you can stare at the peeling columns that were painted by someone very angry/ 3 years old/ in a big hurry. Oh, well, I like to think of it as someone that painted that first layer showing through, as a woman in a flour sack dress and oh! there comes her husband bumping down the brick road on a prancing, black horse stallion.

They loved this old house. Someone did. It was once beautiful.


Lolla`s pointing finger likes the lemonade.

Great party, Eh?

Let`s just say all my extra $ right now goes to perennials. My ones came up from last year. I was encouraged! I didn`t kill them after all!

Little plot of veggies.

Slow days are relaxing out here.

Coffee and inspiration.

Whoops, just remembered I said I was going to answer all those questions in my next post. Oopsy. I forgot. *Next* time…

Here`s a great meal.

Buy a decent frank, grill the bun, add green onions and whatever else you want.

A Kauffman favorite.

Elle and her bug catcher.

Laila took it to church last Sunday. I noticed she had it all the way to church and wondered what her plan was for it. Oh, yup, she wants to take it along in? When I told her no outside the church door, she was um, looking meltdownish, so I said okay. (Galen wasn`t there to fight the battle with me.) Laila clutched it all morning long, even took it to Sunday school. She held it so proudly, on her arm, like a purse.


My eldest needs me… she is not happy with my activity of choice. I`m out!

One more…

Quite possibly, my favorite of any picture I have ever taken.

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  1. Andrea Esh says:

    I sure hope your taveling goes swell. We are so excited to see the kaufmans again.

  2. Sarah says:

    even when she bites your ear and you have to go crying to mom about it! Yup … know all about it! We hear it once a day at least … but its the fingers instead of the ear, sometimes its the inner thigh.
    Lolla’s Skirt is adorable and if you ever get tired of her wearing it… feel free to pass it down to Emersyn! =)

  3. Kendra says:

    Love the pink and white accents on your porch. Looks so fresh and inviting.

  4. Janessa Lantz says:

    Jenny, I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile now, I know I’m not really your target audience, but I love your pictures and your refreshing writing voice. You’re one of my blogger favs 🙂 Thank you for sharing your wit, humor and inspiration.

  5. geneva says:

    What a fun post! i love love your porch ~~ so pretty!
    and i liked the part about ’embracing’ the things that you’d like to have changed. I have some of those too.

  6. clarita says:

    Oh, so much beauty!! The darling little girls, their gorgeous outfits (do you know that skirt of Laila’s I have on file on my computer because I thought it was sooo pretty but I couldn’t buy it then??), the flowers, the humor and wit, the pretty porch… Just so happy-feeling!

    And just call the old and crackle and peeling “patina” and you’ll be in style. 🙂 At least, that’s what I try to tell myself with my front porch! Maybe I’m living in an imaginary world. 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend! ONE of these times our trips to Penn. will be on the very same weekend, and we can sneak in a couple minutes of meeting each other. 😉

  7. Jan says:

    Made me laugh with the feeding of the hungry 🙂 and i found myself straining to see what fer perennials you have tucked into your nice black soil (sigh), and I could eat a dog like that right now. btw – i’m in love with coreopsis and perennial salvia- it doesn’t die and doesn’t invade!

  8. Lynnelle says:

    Was unpacking some of my china and my silver tea set yesterday after having it in storage for 5 years. Thought maybe the tea set ought to land on the “yard sale” pile. But then I thought about my little girls and thought how I should do more tea parties for them. Inspired by your front porch tea for your girls. I’ll have to do one of them soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Rachel says:

    i just came by to say: you are missed!!
    and, that this post contains so many beautiful tidbits…so very lovely to stop by your site any day, Jenny!

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