today i just wish i was heeeeeeere…

i want a big, huge break.

(image via daily relish)

(image via Clarita)

today as i was driving to walmart, i just thought,

i wish i wasn`t always so worn out.

sometimes it feels like all galen and i do is work on keeping things functional here at the house and in life. and we never get caught up. some days all days i wish i could sit on the couch, fold my hands and know,

there is nothing else to do.

but that will never happen.


here are some WISE WORDS.


and ALWAYS remember…!



PS: EDIT: Galen says I sound a lot whiny on this post, considering the generally cushy life I have. I was going for “expressive”.

Sorry to be such a whiner… 🙂

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  1. Aug says:

    I know what you mean, girl! I know what you mean!! Here’s to hoping your weekend is a Happy One!

  2. Shelly N says:

    Ha! You probably felt like a whiner when only one person commented on this little post?? But I love it! It’s just that I never noticed it before, and I have your posts pop up in my feed, so I’m not sure why I never saw this before. Just saying maybe others didn’t either. Anyway, I’m *with* you on wanting to sit on the couch with nothing more to do (I still sit on the couch, but only because I can’t stand the thot of “getting started” in some cases, or because I don’t want to do ONE. MORE. THING for the day.).

    Love the wise words, the pics of italy!!!, and the fact that your husband {attempts to} set you straight. 🙂

    Oh and you may wonder why I noticed this post now? Well, I was scroooollling down to the bottom of you page to see who you are “powered” by. Yup. WordPress it is. I’m setting things up . . . but feeling a little sad/nostalgic about leaving my safe little blogger world. Maybe esp. because of the domain name change? I’m not sure what my problem is. Praying I’m doing the right thing! 🙂

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