I lovey you, my Girly-whirls.

“Thumbs up for carrots dipped in ranch dressing!”


We took a little break from things looking like this…

To get cleaned up and take a few pictures.


Yeah, that`s right, put yer foot in it. That`s my girl. Make yer momma proud!


“Mom!, I`m hooome… “


I love you..  and I really love your



Laila: “See mom, my arms levitate!”

The other one: “I`m kinda too busy too busy and whatever you are talking about– it sounds boring.”

I just made that up, they didn`t really say that.

(That was for the more gullible ones of you.)


Yup, rip that screen out. Push it, baby! Both hands, that`s my girl!”


A rare display of sisterly affection……




“So you think we could cross it?”

“Just look at it and pretend we were discussing pavement! I hear mom!”


I love doing little girls hair. Give me 5 girls and you wouldn`t have to pity me once. 🙂


Oh, Elle, don`t you ever grow up! This girl fills my day with gut-busting laughter many times a day.

She is a unique, witty, brainy, observing, doesnt-miss-a thing, almost4 year old!

I can honestly say, in a lot of ways I can relate to her as a friend. (Galen would say she has my odd sense of humor.) (Sorry, Elle.)


Hi Laila Consuella Stinkerpants mommy`s baby baby baby….

When she looks like this: I have to call her pet names in baby talk.


Hello, 2 perfect little angels and your sweet, lovely, perfect attitudes that live at my house! Why is it– they look GOOD when their hair is combed?


More perfect attitudes!

CAN YOU BELIEVE these 2 little angels yelled so loud at Target last night that the whole store knew RIGHT where WE were? (No sneaking feminine products into my cart for me.) And then on the way home there was pinching… as far as they could reach one another across the seats in their car seats at least.



So, Elle, how`s LIFE? Tell me how you`re really feeling…. Keep looking up.

(Three things I hate when people say to me.)


Laila: So what`s with our mom lately…

Elle: Huurumph!


Happy Elle.


Elle: “Huh, that man looks like our daddy-man…”

Laila “Well, is he tall and overly handsome?… Oh, look it`s an ANT.”


Pretty bottles.

I love my girls.

Yes, I just let Laila drink straight creamer in a cup, so I could quick finish this post.

That`s all.

Over and out, roger.

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  1. Aug says:

    You are too funny! Loved the captions and the shots of your girls. I think that is cool that you can relate to Elle as a friend – just on a small scale 😉 – and I also think it is cool that you let Laila drink straight creamer so you could finish the post. That’s my kind of Mom!

  2. Rachel says:

    ah Jenny, they are so very darling!
    and, all your captions are too much fun!
    happy Tuesday friend!

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