White Dresser B & A.


My $10 dresser I bought from a man about to unload it at Save n Serve.

(Was that bad?)


I have never had a redo take so long to completion. I redid her so many times. Tromped to hardware so many times.

The 70s drawers pulls. Lets just say that prying off those nasty rascals made me feel very carpenter-esk. Which felt quite nice. I do love my tools. Also putting on knobs is super fun, gratifying, easy.

Tip: To save money. In an old bin I had 4 knobs the same, and 1 odd one. I just bought 3 new knobs matching the odd one (see above). Resulting in 4 same– and 4 same. I kinda like the look it created.

She`s not perfect, but I love her just the way she is!

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  1. Shelly says:

    I love what you did with the dresser! Someday if I live in something besides my teeny-tiny house, I’ll be able to buy the cheap old furniture I see here and there and have fun re-doing! 🙂 I *love* the looks of the rainbow cake in the previous post too. If I could get over my “do you know how TERRIBLE those dyes are for your system” syndrome for a couple of hours, I might have to make one for one of my children’s birthdays coming up in the next month or two. 😉

  2. Kendra says:

    very nice. i have a stash of “re-do” furniture including a dresser and bed (both free:) )for my girls. i think i’ll need some expert advice from you when i finally decide to start.

  3. clarita says:

    Beautiful, beautiful! What a rescue for that old treasure. The last picture looks like something from a magazine. Just lovely!

  4. Rachel says:

    it’s REALLY pretty Jenny! such a great job you did on this beauty…and, i LOVE the mirror resting on the top of the dresser. very loverly!!

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