Rainbow Cake.

It seems there is just so so much going on around here right now that I could post on… I REALLY shouldn`t be posting either… I guess tonight we`ll call it: my guilty pleasure.

Here is a little something fun and

COLORFUL  that we made over here this week!

I love the blog: A Little Sussy

(Source: Alittlesussy}

And low and behold, one day while perusing… I saw this gorgeous cake on her blog (above). See the whole inspiring post here.

I could so make that, I thought, like all good crafters do.

And by “good” I mean virtuous/thrifty/tightwadish.

Anyway– so I made a rainbow cake for Elle`s birthday, which was this week. It was fun, sort of easy, and took a lo-o-o-ong, long time to make.

Here is mine. 🙂


So I am an adult, but cutting that thing open was just as fun for me, as the kids. It. was. so. cool.

Talk about Baker`s Rush.

Let me just say– how the colors turned out that well. I have no idea. I mixed the colors (food coloring) pretty blindly. Let`s say I feel lucky.

Eating it.

This is back in the kitchen mixing it up. It mainly took me so long because the little round pan was pretty expensive (Joann Fabrics) and so I only had one pan… baking each layer one at a time… Yes, that`s what sucked all the time.

It was a little more time in the kitchen than I like to spend.

Tip: Freezing it, kept it from falling over and worked GREAT for frosting the tall, narrow thing.

What IS it about this editing tint– that makes every picture look like a MEMORY?

I think it`s because alot of my childhood pictures are little square pictures, with rounded corners, and this brownish tint.

Oh, I love it so! Oh, to be a child of the `60s.

(And there it is!!)

This is the camera my mom had in all my childhood memories. Anyone else remember this 1970s era camera? I am so happy to say, I own one just like the one she used to have.

Leaving the rabbit trail now. Back to the party.

Laila pines.

Crown or cake?

Another FUN project for Elle`s birthday– the (age) 4 shirt made of sequins.

Again, easy, but took TIME!

Another day I`ll do a little tutorial on that…

Enjoy your weekend. Mine is a fun one. 🙂

Love! Jenny

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  1. JessicaD says:

    I made myself one just like that for my birthday!! It was very much a rush!!

  2. jennie zimmerman says:

    woe.that.is.SO.NEAT! wow. wow. i’ll have to try that for kenzie – she would LOVE it!

  3. Jo says:

    Cute! and funny to me cause I’ve been planning to make this exact cake for my Ellie’s 4th birthday next month. Glad to see it went good for you.

  4. Aug says:

    That rainbow cake turned out awesome, Jenny! I think yours is even nicer than the other ladies picture (hopefully she’s not reading this!) 😉 I bet Nikki would like that too!

  5. Kendra says:

    that cake is absolutely adorable. i showed it to ashadee and she thought it was so neat. now she is so undecided if wants a froggy or rainbow cake for her 4th birthday. she had a froggy cake planned ever since her 3rd birthday was over:) it looks like a very fun girly party. great job on making special for her.

  6. Lynnelle says:

    That cake is every little girl’s dream come true! I’m going to keep that idea in mind. And since I have TWO round pans, I could maybe cut the time in the kitchen in half 🙂

  7. Shannon says:

    My Mom made one like that for Madison for her birthday! She loved it. 🙂

  8. clarita says:

    Wow, you have patience like I can’t believe! ONE cake pan to bake all those layers? Hats off to you, I mean, seriously! But it is SUCH an adorable cake! What a fun birthday party and treat!

  9. What a cool cake!!
    loved your line “Talk about Bakers Rush” 🙂

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