The Par-tay.

I`m not going to promise anything too thrilling here today. I have this thing lately where I feel a little lost when it comes to blogging. Why do I do it? I don`t even know. Do I feel the need to post an online diary? Nope. Do I like attention. Not really. Is it to make a connection with other women? Yeah, that`s part of it. Share my life and my faith in Jesus with others? Yes. I really like the art/self expression part of it, so I`d say that`s a big part of it for me. Likely.

Anymore, it seems like EVERYONE blogs– and I mean everyone. So why do you blog? And do you ever feel a little lost and uninspired like I do right now?

Thank you. Thank you for the nodding heads.

(And I see you with your head shaking in pity.)


Elle`s birthday. G and I woke her up. I was going to stick a BUNCH of balloons and streamers all over her room for her to wake up to. But then Scrooge Mom kicked in, and I lost the urge because I thought of how I`d have to get in the car (too hot out) and drive to Walmart… and also all the work it would be to clean it up.

So we gave her kisses instead, and she said she liked that WAY better anyway. Not really, but pretend.

Waking up face. I`m excited mom, but I just can`t see straight yet.

Laila: A sandwich box for a birthday gift… who`s ever have thunk it! Poor Elle, she seems so happy with it.

We had Elle`s grandma and cousins to the park a block from our house for a party. Yay, for leaving the house alone and taking the mess to the park. We just loaded the red wagon up and hauled `er down…

Party table. Easy just a few trinkets from Target and we’ll call it a party. 🙂

I said before I was going to do a tutorial on her birthday shirt that I– cough!– made. Well, all bragging aside, if you ever make one, make sure the sequins are WASHABLE! Apparently these were not. The first time I washed this shirt all the pretty sequins turned to clear plastic, the color washed off. It looked so horrible and was so sad, that I threw the whole thing in the trash before I could have a chance to be too sad about it.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Ready for the little people.

My mom and sisters…

The little party fun-havers.

~Isaac, Gracie, Elle, Jacinta and Laila~

Tire swing. (Favorite caption ever.)

All the kids looks winded. Like they are just whipped. Now we’ll fill them up with cake and punch– oh, boy.

Our 4 year old Elle, who we love and adore. 🙂

Rainbow cake.

The children playing “Ruth and Boaz”– not really– it`s a candy throw.

Umbrella from Gracie. HAPPY ELLE.

Since we are talking about children, I thought I`d throw a few of my recent thrift store finds on too. If you know me, you know I LOVE kid`s clothes. I would love to be a kid`s designer in my next life. Heaven? Unless we just wear robes…

But anyway. A few “hits” lately made me realize again how much fun thrifting can be.

Red Gap top: $1 @  Other Mothers

White skirt: had since forever

Red Gap shoes: $3 Other Mothers

Red flower pin: $3 Joann Fabrics

Yellow shirt: $3 Other Mothers

Grey skirt: $4 Walmart clearance

Gold Gap shoes: $3 Other Mothers

Headband: $1 clearance at the mall

.50 cent clip-on earring makes a great broach. 🙂 I LOVE to make stuff with old baubles.

Guest room is done! Photos one day when I get one of those round Toits.

Haha, corny joke.

Going camping today for the weekend! Enjoy yours, Jenny

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  1. Charity says:

    Sweet party–beautiful cake! BTW, where is Other Mothers now? The last time I went they had closed shop…I guess they’ve just moved and I didn’t get the memo?

  2. Michelle says:

    The rainbow cake is darling!! You have so much patience and tenacity …. I can already see myself giving up at level three. 🙂 And all the pink in the party just looks so pretty and girly and happy. Pink does that.

    You should be a children’s clothes designer!! Or at least, people should hire you to buy clothes for their kids …. custom outfits just for them. I love that yellow shirt! And the first outfit is just adorable!

    Happy Camping!

  3. Rachel says:

    IF???? i have wonderings about why i blog??? is the pope Catholic??? ha. yes indeed…think you may have crawled into my brain and robbed my very thoughts with the first paragraph.
    adorable party and cake…and SUPER cute kids outfits. i love kids clothes and especially girlie ones….if only my daughter would want to break out of the hello kitty t-shirt and old raggy dress box. well, on days other than Sunday when i make her, that is.
    have a great weekend camping!

  4. Joy says:

    Jenny you blog also cause YOUR GOOD AT IT, not everyone who blogs, is. 🙂 i love your post. adorable thrift outfits you got. love you! cant wait for this weekend!

  5. Dorcas says:

    I certainly get the “feeling a little lost when it comes to blogging” experience. Sometimes I feel compelled to type out my life [not so much for the world to see as just to get it into words] and sometimes not. And then there are seasons that are too difficult/private for words.
    Meanwhile, I always enjoy what you post. You have a fresh perspective and a great eye and a sense of humor that always catches me off guard. But don’t ever feel like you HAVE to post because everyone is waiting for a fresh word from you!

  6. Heidi says:

    I like your corny joke.

  7. Aug says:

    Why I blog? I think because I really like the social interaction part of it and I love to write. Good enough? But I def. go through seasons of less or more blogging depending on my moods and how much other stuff I have going on in my life at the time.

    Elle’s party looks like fun! That rainbow cake is super cool.

    And those couple of kids’ outfits you put together…they are SO cute! I should be better with kids clothing, but I’m just not. You have a talent for that!

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