Puttering Week.

What is puttering? I like to think of it as joyfully playing house. You know, taking time to plop down with the girls for no real reason during the day. Going from room to room, to act out on all those ideas that have been festering in your head the whole long week before.

This week felt so slow compared to some of the other ones I have been having. Good times were had by all.

Here are a few pictures of nothing much (as you will see by the next 2 pictures) that I snapped this week.

You never know what you will find at Walmart!

No, this picture is not to show you how cluttered my fridge is. I found these faux push-pin MAGNETS at Walmart.

They really kinda made my day when I found them– plus I needed them badly. Plus, plus.

Here is one of the inspirations I worked on one night when G had a meeting. Painting this superugly door of ours.

I LOVE Sherwin Williams mis-tints. Fifty dollar paint cans for ONE DOLLAR? (ONE DOLLAR!! you can`t even buy a pack of gum anymore for $1) Yes, please!

I love to mix the colors myself– then end up with high-end, quality paint for cheap. Let`s just say I have a nice little stash-io in the one room in my basement.

Fresh flowers.

It is SO amazing how cleaning up an area, and picking a few little flowers and putting them here and there, is just utterly transforming to an area. I am a fan.

I mean, what is more unglamorous than a plain old black eyed susan? Yet they still “speak”.

Postcards are fun for anywhere everywhere as well.

Here is another BEFORE.^

The fireplace was looking pretty bad. It was painted when we moved in with a very low grade paint (learned my lesson there.)

Just started painting.^

Again, I mixed a little paint together to get the texture color I wanted.


The wall and the mirror also got re-painted– various shades of white on white. Very fun to watch it come together. Looks so much cleaner and prettier now.

Here is Laila at Anthro last weekend.


Every part of that store is breath-tak-ing!

I wish I would have a friend there to absorb it with. Instead, I had my trusty, and very whiny, (but oh, so darling) Laila with me… The color schemes were so incredible. For anyone who likes decor/colors/design, Antho is the “Mecca”.

I saw light goldenyellow floors, aged and scratched to perfection. Lots of colorful, yet muted tones. Pale gold, the muted green my grandma had in her kitchen when I was little, rust, turquoise, lemon, navy. Botanical to the max. Herbs in colorful clay pots. Heavy industrial influence. Cameras, vintage fans, magnifying glasses, old books, big old lights like my grandpa Wenger had in his office– 30+ years ago. Heavy, aged, silver lettering. Ruffles and cardigans and blouses in cool colors like pink and pale gold.


I want to live there.

But. BACK to reality.

Another thing that happened this week was this print arrived in the mail for me. I was lucky enough to WIN it from Arielle`s (A Beautiful Journey) giveaway. I like it so much, and it fits in my playroom perfectly. Feeling quite blessed, yes.

It even had a little message with it. It`s like a I also got a free autograph. 🙂

Had some close friends over for a nice supper last night.

Did anyone else ever notice it`s so HARD to have people over and be a good host when you have little kids? I love having people over but honestly, I hardly do anymore. Last night was fun again…

I dropped this lovely little salt shaker a few days ago, and the antique lid just busted right off of it. I think it makes a sweet little bud vase now.


I came upon this story earlier this week. I thought of her for days. Prayed for the author of this blog many times. Her blog even inspired a long conversation at a coffee shop one night this week. I SO admire the way she SPEAKS OUT for the needs of what the world sees as “the least of these”. Moving story after story on her blog. Through ADOPTING, GIVING, and PRAYING we can all help heal these little kids.


(Don`t you love how her hair looks beautiful and fluffy, but mine is all sweaty looking? NOT COOL.)

ANOTHER huge highlight of my week was meeting Miss Clarita. She was traveling through the area with her little family and wondered if I`d meet her for a short meet and greet. (No, she didn`t really call it that.) I was very happy to! I will admit there was an awe factor there for me, I admire her blog immensely and find her soo inspiring. It ended up my girls and I got to meet her whole family. And her and I, sat in a gazebo and talk for what seemed like 5 min. while our girlies played together. I think we both wished for a LOT more time, but I counted it a real treat to get to meet her. She proved to be a genuine kindred spirit and I felt I could be 100% myself with her. (A must in my book.)

Here is Laila, Elle, Zoe and Olivia.

Three of them could be triplets. (If the one was big for her age.)

Galen saw this picture and said,

“It looks like 3 Lailas.”

The 2 oldest were a bit shy, but the 2 littlest were little hams (monkeys).

It was so cute, about 10 minutes after we met up, we were walking across a parking lot, and I looked over and saw Laila playfully pinch Olivia`s elbow and say,

“I like you.”

There is Miss Zoe in her famous dress. 🙂

I want to cozy up my livingroom without spending many $. I was hugely inspired at Anthro, and here are my items so far that inspire the “look” I want.

I found the prints at a thrift store for 50 cents for the both of them. (!) I want to paint 2 frames pale yellow to frame them in.

The white flower is inspiration of a pillow I want to make replicating it. Probably a linen fabric with a larger version of that white flower sewed onto the top.

The yellow drawer pulls are for…. something.

The 2 jars and the grey thread represent colors and textures I want to incorporate.

I would really like to buy an old pale yellow couch or love seat– so if you see one?

I told myself I can`t even think of joining Pinterest (however one does that) until I “tend” to my blog. Well, now I posted. It looks so fun. Only time can tell.

Anyway! That`s what I had on my mind this week…..

What`s on YOUR mind? Any topic at all.


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  1. Beth says:

    What’s on my mind? I think you are creative & I wish you would come put your lovely ideas to use in my house. I always admire people who effortlessly pull something so unique together & do it without lots of money involved. Oh & I also want to meet Clarita some day!

    P.S. Your hair looks just fine in that pic, so don’t be so tough on yourself! You are quite pretty, in fact! I know you didn’t ask for that, but there it is anyway. 🙂

  2. Deborah says:

    I love everything about the word puttering and love your blog. Just joined pinterest but it seems a bit overwhelming to me and Im trying to get familiar with it. Your creativity is inspiring and the repurposed drink table is on my list to do. Blessings.

  3. Thelma says:

    So much here to comment on. You know, when you divide a post up into little subjects like that, it’s like tripling the comments, cuz you’re talking about 5 subjects instead of one, and people should technically want to reply to each section. Did that even make sense? not sure.
    FIRST can i just say THANKYOU for the little goodie gift yesterday. Soso sweet of you, totally made my day. funny cuz i was jsut thinking i need to buy another nail clipper since mine went MIA, and there one was, randomly included in the gift:-)
    -you met Clarita?? lucky person:-) both you…and her:-)

    There. so there are all my comments:-) have a great week. I love weeks like the one you mentioned. I had one too. made a list, and got so many random things checked off, makes the feel-good-with-oneself go off the charts.
    -great idea about the mis-tints. have to see if our SW store sells ’em for a buck.
    -gotta love the face lift a paint job gives anything. your fireplace looks great.
    -I want to go to anthropologie. i think there is one…..somewhere..in our state. I have never been and you make it sound sooo cool.
    -and PINTEREST! Yes. You did the post, now come join!!! if you need an invite I will gladly send you one. My inspiration for creativity in general has jumped leaps and bounds since i’ve joined. I was in such a funk, and it was just what i needed to get me rejuiced. PLUS it’s a great place to keep everything online stored. It is fun. very fun.

  4. Thelma says:

    ack. so why did my comment get all wonky like that. totally out of order from what i typed it as. hope it makes sense.

  5. Shelly N says:

    Oh, you won the print from beautifuljourney?? I entered for that but then never went back to see who won. Congrats {as I gulp down my envy}!!

    I like your rambling little posts that cover any topic under the sun! And you and Clarita met, huh. Guess I don’t have to remind you about our failures in that department just a month ago? Grrr. Happy for you both tho. Won’t heaven be wonderful as we will all be able to be friends without time constraints, distance, and non of the comparisons {greasy/fluffy hair?!} and stuff? Just enjoying the beauty of Jesus in each of us in all of its individuality.

    K. Gotta run. Was gonna say more, but need to clean and pack. Have a great week!

  6. Rachel says:

    i saw you won that contest and was tickled for you! how very cool!
    puttering at home weeks are the BEST in my opinion.
    all this paint talk has given me even more of the urge to go root around in my basement and see what i have…i also have got to get my upstairs hallway project completed…a few things like that on my mind.
    and, how fun to meet blogger friends!
    and, lastly? the nicest note came in my mailbox last week…it totally made the day for me!!!
    thanks much dear friend!!
    love your way!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I always get a happy jolt when I see you’ve posted. So cool that you won the giveaway, and I’m happy for you and Clarita that it worked for you to meet up! She told me that y’all were hoping to, but not sure it schedules would work. Wish I could’ve been sitting there, too. I’m sure those were good conversations. 🙂

  8. clarita says:

    I was dreamily reading your post, looking at all the wonderful pictures, and feeling so inspired… and was so surprised to see myself on your blog! 🙂 And goodness, I thought you looked just adorable that day! Curly hair might help sometimes, but mine was greasy and sweaty too. As was my back, if you remember when we hugged goodbye. It was just wonderful meeting you in real life, and I’ll write a note to you personally so it’s more private. But if I ever thought you were cool in blogland, meeting you in person exceeded any expectations. Even if my kiddo peed herself and yours had to go potty twice. 🙂 Truly truly, meeting you was so wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it happen – especially in the middle of the afternoon like that! And I’m really glad our little girls got to meet each other too. That makes me really happy.

    All your beautiful pictures are so inspiring… Today is my unpacking/washing 15 loads of laundry day, and I just wish I could work on some kind of project instead after seeing your pictures. Not sure exactly what, but I’m sure I could get all kinds of ideas from browsing your blog. 🙂

    And pinterest… I’ve still been holding out too. I think if it had been around when we were re-doing our house it would have been awesome. As is it, I’m just afraid I can’t trust myself and the time factor. :{

    Happy Tuesday to you!

  9. amber says:

    so much inspiration, always! and i needed a shot in the arm – – have lots of ideas running through my head, but it’s the literal running part that keeps me from dong them. just so busy, and when we’re home i find i want to just SIT, instead of DO. 🙂 need to get a fire under it again.

    the door looks awesome. and the mantle. amazing what a little paint can do.

    so cool you got to meet clarita! she’s someone on my wish list to meet also. 🙂 seems such a sweetheart~

    happy thursday friend.

  10. angela says:

    Hi… first time on your blog.. my SIL referred me to it! I love it … and wouldn’t you know.. I’ve been trying and trying.. and trying to find a cute fireplace pic of white brick with dark trim! We have a finished basement with dark trim that needs a fireplace. And that is my vision but havent’ been able to have a visual…. love yours! Now I wanna ask a favor =) Any chance you’d send me a pic with more in it… so I could see more of your trim with it? That would be super! Thanks again and I’ll look forward to following your blog!

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