Zoo Weekend.

Because it`s a holiday… and I dont feel like hitting the laundry from our weekend away with old friends (fun times, especially “just the girls” sitting around talking, part of the time)….

…I will procrastinate and hang up a few pictures from my side of the family`s little vacation.

My Miller family usually goes camping, but no one was into the hard work of tent camping this year. Blech.

So, we decided to get Priceline hotels– live it up and do a few special things: like go to the Columbus zoo, eat out at good places, and play at the hotel pool. We ended up at a veeery nice hotel for $50 a night. We pretended (pretended, being the key word) we are swanky, and had such a blast.

Here are 4 of the grandkids the one night before we went “out” (to Chipotle across the street).

Elle, Gracie, Isaac and Laila.

Petite Gracie and her very tall cousin Elle.

So, Jason… You been farming long?



Okay, I thought maybe.

My brother Jordan looking lonely.

My mom and dad. 🙂

Little kiddies always get lots of love/attention with these boys. Jason, that`s some sweet Uncle Pride there.

Well, unless they`ve had too much of them then… not so much.

Small sidekick.

The Vinsters


The Brothers

likey the burritoes.

It wasn`t until we got this film developed– that we noticed mom and dad`s guardian angels like Chipotle too.

Not to be sacrilegious but I couldn`t resist.

At the zoo. Not many pictures of animals– mostly people.

Thanks for the shoulders, man.

And the arm was great as well…

Elle talked for DAYS about seeing the PINK FLAMINGOS. So we stopped here for awhile and she got her fill.

Cute headbands.

God really must have a sense of humor.

HOW this can be “rest”– I don`t get it. It`s cool if you want to pull up a reed-thin leg to sleep, but twist your neck around and burrow it in your back? Now that`s creative.

My 3 people.

We watched a show put on by animals, all from a homeless animals shelter. It was cool to watch, but the story line was a bit rough. We heard a lot of,

“We need to get the animals ready for the promo shoot! MURPH, MURPH, (run over here) MUFFLE, MURPH, promo shoot, MURPH (run over there), MUFFLE, promo shoot”.

(In case you didnt get that, the sound system was really bad.)

anyway, we gathered the show about them getting ready for a promo shoot somewhere.

Brought coolers for lunch. Nothing as fun as a great lunch in the outdoors and something to drink on a blazing hot day.

Laila is out. Did I mention it was a hot day? I also wore flip flops and walked on blisters the last hour and a half.

Here is my Elle, waiting to get her ticket for the carousel. Can I just say, I know her hands and fingers? Here, she is saying with them,

I am so excited, and I am a little nervous too, but just very very excited.

My heart swells with LOVE over this picture. I love my people.

Restored vintage carousel, very cool details.


Jason, it`s not a senior picture shoot.

Joy, I can still see you.

Jordan looks to Vinnie for wisdom and advice.

Wet boys just got off a water ride.

Put those fetching smiles A-way!

My 3 sisters: Jacinta, Joy and Julana <3

the K fam. 🙂

And now, I`d like to play a little game called:


SOMEONE is very far from home.


I have a lot more pictures, so maybe one day maybe I`ll do a Zoo Weekend part2.

**Thanks for all you all had to say on the last post. I read and re-read each comment. Thanks for the honesty. It was really encouraging for me to hear your input.


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  1. Andrea Esh says:

    Laughed the whole way through. I especially appreciated Wendel and the guardian angels.

  2. coleensr says:

    After seeing the picture of your mom and dad, I just realized that I saw your mom this weekend. She checked out behind me in a store, and we chatted a bit. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Jolene says:

    This brought back memories…we also were at the Columbus Zoo and Jungle Jack’s landing one hot day this summer. Loved the “Where’s Wendall?” game:)

  4. Rachel says:

    yeah, i don’t feel like doing the laundry, or the canning right now, so i’m sneaking a bit of time here…;O)
    love this post Jenny! and, especially the Wendell game…too funny you are!

  5. Kendra says:

    Looks like fun, fun family times.

  6. lisa says:

    do you just laugh out loud at yourself all the time? if i was you, i totally would.

  7. I always adore your blog. You have a very good looking family….no wonder you’re such a beauty. 🙂

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