Tales From Home.

||Miscellaneous pictures and thoughts from our home today. A lot of nothing and something.||

The other day I was reading in the playroom, and I looked over to see Elle doing something odd with her dolls. They were hugging and dancing with this man…

I said a bit nervously (because, you never know…),
“So what`s going on there?”

She said, her face just glowing with aย  smile,

“The children are being with Jesus.”

(Don`t you just love how Strawberry Shortcake is praising the Lord? And how Jesus has his hand lovingly around PollyPocket?)

I just LOVE to hear and see my girls becoming acquainted with Jesus. And the conversations about Him are often funny.

Yesterday, we were driving to the Dr to check out Laila`s mosquito bites that just aren`t healing– we were just turning into the driveway to the office– and I said to Elle,

“If you talk to God, pray for Laila`s ouchies, will ya?”

Elle said matter a factly,

“Mom, the DOCTOR will take care of it.”

“Well, you can still tell Him about it anyway”,

I said.

Then she said,

“Mom. I think, let`s just let the DOCTOR take care of it.”

She also thinks it`s really funny to sing the Little Brown Bed lullaby like this:

When night time comes

and my prayers are said

I go to sleep in my little brown bed


Then she lays over on her bed and just dies giggling, because she knows I don`t like it when she sings it that way.

My first thought is how horrified that she would sing about God that way. Then I wonder… God understands kids and their minds– does it just make Him smile just a little bit too?

My favorite quote of all time:

Be pretty if you can,

be witty if you must,

but be gracious if it KILLS you.

~Elsie De Wolf

Yes, I wish my handwriting was cooler.

Have a dark corner that drives you nuts like this one did me? I found adding the green-ness of a live plant is a very lively thing for an ugly area.

The plant was Walmart clearance (1.79), the flower pot was 1.99 at IKEA and the label you could cut and glue onto it, from about anywhere.

If the girls get up before I am ready for them, I started giving them a warm “milky”, a pile of books, and a soft blanket to babysit them for a half hour or so. They practically think it`s Christmas– if you make a big deal about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The other morning I had this link playing, it must have put Elle in a worshipful mood because I looked over– and she was just sitting there, closing her eyes, and emotionally reading her Bible.

(And by the way, play that link, and leave it running— it`s THE BEST!)

Not that she can read or anything.

Our family is loving:

Make a chicken/rice/black beans/cummin type meal in the oven, then top with all the fresh garden goodness that your garden is putting out right then. Also add CILANTRO and sour cream. Low fat kind, if you must. It is so FRESH and delish.

Do you ever notice how much of your life, you LIVE at your kitchen table?

Art work.

PLAIN PAPER only, neither of my girls will use a coloring book even though we have lots.

Does your little girl ever wear a shirt, you ask? It becoming a bit ofย  a theme isn`t it? the other day I got a text from one of my best friends and I can`t remember it word for word, but part of it went something like this:

“…Hey, I miss you. I drove past your house earlier today and saw Laila looking out the window with no shirt on.”

I laughed and laughed– next it`ll be the talk of the town.

G took me along to a Craigslist seller that he bought some school stuff from.

I ended up buying this awesome leather and aluminum chair for $5. I almost got whiplash from grabbing it so fast.

Thar she sits.

Working on stuff with her.

I also snagged this for $5. Nope, it`s too old to have a CD player in it– just radio and cassette tapes for this old girl. You know what? That`s why I like it so much. I have picked up some of the praise tapes (.25) that I listened to when I was little. I LOVE to give my girls stuff to love, that I loved when I was little. If feels really quality somehow.

Splurged a little more on this industrial lamp from that same seller. I bought this lamp to re-sell but– aw– I love her, and am planning to keepsie her at this point in my life.

Pretty face she has.

Ever have a down day, where you have no energy, but long for connection?

I picked out some pretty stamps at the post office (big to me), and splurged on some special note cards, and then created a spot to get in touch with a few precious friends by mail– that GOD laid on my heart that day.

Make address labels from cut-outs from your favorite catalog (plus glue)… rip out and include a magazine page that made you think of your letter`s recipient… write silly notes on the front… go wild. It`s fun to be creative.

It has proved to be very renewing for me.

Corn day. A good day, but one I do not care to do over.

Labor day weekend at a friends house.


I need to go. Always remember:


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  1. drusilla says:

    You always do my heart good, You are so real, and just make me happy!:) Love you

  2. Linda says:

    aww I love this post! that lamp – – good thing you don’t live close I would consider coming and snatching it! love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aaah! I laughed so hard about all the cute comments your elle says.
    Oh and I totally want to steal your “whip lash” comment. Bahaha!

  4. diane says:

    again. thank you. it brings tears to my eyes just now to know that God layed me on your heart ( that didn’t come out right) … and it made me feel just a little more connected to see the scraps lying on the table ready to put your heart into those cards.. this one life was encouraged beyond measure. this weekend j c and i are going to the beach. wish you and d could be there too – like old times. i’m still hoping to see you this fall. please please please. ok. hugs.

  5. Shannon says:

    Love this post. The link has played all afternoon! Thanks!

  6. Jill Ison says:

    you know… you have a beautiful blog. there’s something honest here I just adore. I will be back for sure!

  7. Christy says:

    Hey, Jenny, this post almost felt like a chat with you which made my day a little happier. =) –Elle’s play with her dolls is sooo sweet. There nothing as precious as when your children start comprehending the greatness/goodness/power of God! –The Mexican dish is our kind of favorite meal. Yum! –Know what you mean about feeling extra happy when your children like books or music you liked as a child. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you have any of Pat Boone’s Bible story tapes when you were little? My grandma gave them to us for birthdays. Mom just loaned some to us, and I wish so much I could still buy them. The stories are accurate, told in a captivating way, and the music and singing is so nice, especially compared to most children’s music. –I love the idea of making notes and writing to friends when you’re craving connection. Happens to me a lot, and I will try that. It seems a little more real than shooting off an email or message. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love tearing out magazine pictures that remind me of someone and sending it to them.

    • jenny says:

      never had pat boones, i bet id like them! we had some by uncle dan and aunt sue that were drama stories– not the bible story ones– those were pretty cool– and of course jungle jam and oddessey were huge.

  8. lisa says:

    I love the quote, and thanks for the card. It made my day! So fun to get such a cute card with such a nice message in the mail. It was fun having you all around!

  9. Kendra says:

    something about this post makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. it actually makes me excited for cozy winter days. maybe it’s your girls creative indoor play and your note writing…..love that idea of connecting. may i ask what your fav. magazines are? oh, and your craigslist finds – awesome.

    • jenny says:

      you have no idea how i come “alive” during fall and yes, even winter. glad to have someone get that. ๐Ÿ™‚
      magazine favs are: country living, real simple, and better homes and gardens.

      in my humble opinion, the 3 best magazines ever printed– are now out of business. they were: country home, cookie, and domino. SAD

      fav (free!!) catalog/online inspirations are: west elm, anthropologie, pottery barn, j crew, down east basics, gap. i am a HUGE west elm fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. amber says:

    aw. elle re-enacting jesus with the children is too precious~ your girls are both so darling! like little storybook characters. ~love your favorite quote. i think it might need to become my favorite one too. how true! ~i was inspired by your suggestion of green & writing notes. i need to encourage others that way more… everyone loves snail mail, right! ~ you found some great stuff on cl. when you get tired of looking at that lamps pretty face – – i’ll take it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~always enjoy your posts, jenny. xo

  11. rachel says:

    love this post Jenny! the note card thing especially. truly one of my weaknesses is card buying…but i adore the written word, and so sending cards is a Huge source of connection for me.
    happy tuesday to you friend!

  12. Sherilyn Miller says:

    I just died laughing over your “a bit nervously” asking Elle about what she is doing w/her dolls. It totally made my day!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. cindy says:

    this is what i like about you. something FuNnY. then warm and smiley. a cool deal. something cozy. then oh! witty! and you mean your kids have a plain paper thing too? we go through stacks and stacks of plain.white.paper. and my kids seemed to delight in horrifying my mother heart by saying songs and verses so very wrong. i’m just kinda liking your girls extra much with that one. and YOU.

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