Not sure why– but I am not too able to do 2 things at once. So as long as I am stuck over at falling in love with Pinterest– my blog here might just get pretty jealous.

You can view my boards here.

And thanks to those of you that kept messaging me asking me WHY I`m not pinning yet– you know who you are (Shelly Y, Christy, Audrey, Shannon, Thelma, etc). Thanks, you know me better than I know myself.

Honestly, I hope to be back soon.

Enjoy your fall! I am loving it…………


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  1. April says:

    Okay Jenny, I just spent the last 15 minutes going through you pins, and all I have to say to you is… you are fabulous. Yup.

  2. cindy says:

    glad to see you pinning! 🙂

  3. rachel says:

    oh my.
    i would never get a thing done.
    it’s so alluring tho….maybe because when i visualize something it ‘works’ for me?

  4. clarita says:

    Oh my word. I could spend hours and hours just gazing all at your lovely pinned pictures. But why would I ever want a board of my own, when all I would do is copy every picture you have? 🙂

  5. shelly says:

    Yup, staying away from pinterest at the moment. Love looking at other people’s boards a little (I mean a LOT, but have only done it a little). Down right scary how addicting it could be!!

    In reply to your comment . . . I’d love to see fall pictures you send whenever you get around to it! And good, I’m *glad* I made your night. Enjoy! 🙂

  6. amber says:

    so THAT’S where you are!! 😉

    now. to go check out your boards and get lost in the abyss of pinterest once again!!

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