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Shelly Nissley of The Gratitude Journal

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Bad News

Does the very thought of bad news make your heart skip a beat?

I can’t say how many times my dear man has asked me,

“Are you ready for some bad news?” or some such question, and my heart has nearly flown out of my chest! The news he proceeds to give is usually something trivial for that day or week~certainly not a life or death matter. But it’s like I know something bad really could happen at any time, and my heart is just waiting to fly into a panic.

Sometimes it`s change.

Being the victim of an accident.

Loss of money or posession.

What people think of me.

Threats to our nation: from without and mostly within.

Even in the early part of this month, knowing that threats were made to the safety of our country, I found myself  “tiptoing” around on the morning of the 11th, dreading the possibility of bad news.

But probably the thing I fear the most is: Losing the ones closest to me. That used to be my parents and siblings. Now it’s my husband and children. They are the ones I worry about. I find myself faced with the possibility of accidents and death around every corner.

“Did you hear what happened to that little boy?”


“Did you read about that terrible accident involving that mother and her child?” etc. can strike fear in my heart as my imagination runs wild with “what if” that were me or us.

So last week when I heard this Scripture quoted, it pierced me to the heart.

“I will not be afraid of evil tidings: my heart
is fixed, trusting in the Lord. My heart is
established, I will not be afraid . . .” Psalm 112:7-8

[personal pronouns used]

I have feared bad news, or evil tidings as this KJV puts it. But my life is in His hands! So not only is it foolish to fear, but wrong.

So, with a renewed, set-on-the-right-course heart, I prayed,

“Lord I will not be afraid of evil tidings: my heart is fixed, trusting in you! My heart is established, I will not be afraid.”

That was my declaration to the Lord that morning, but I continue to think about the matter. Of how one should “fix” a heart. Of how one ought to establish the heart.

Isn’t it through knowing the scriptures that I can fix and establish? I cannot tell how they comfort me more than anything else in the whole world! Knowing the character of God and His faithfulness of the past, that comforts me in knowing that He will be faithful to me in the future no matter what happens in the future?

May I encourage you today, along with me, to press into knowing Jesus and His Word? Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to have hearts as feminine as ours {I assume it’s mostly girls hangin’ out here}, with all of our passion and emotion, love, and crazy ups and downs, to be steady and secure in the knowledge of our Father’s goodness? Therefore eliminating fearing bad news or anything else for that matter!

And singing! Don’t forget to sing and give thanks! {I guess whistling or humming when I had to go out in the dark when I was young really was a good way to ward off fear! :)}

“My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I
will sing and give praise!” Psalm 57:7

While looking up a few cross references to the original verse I shared on fear, I found this one quite fascinating.

“Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer:

preserve my life from fear of the enemy”

Psalm 64:1

Not only does the psalmist continue his prayer by asking for protection from his enemy, but he first asks that his life be preserved from FEAR of the enemy. And isn’t it so true– fear often cripples us more than the real happenings of life do? Something to think about!

This is by no means an exhaustive study on fear or the ways to overcome. Only a few words and thoughts from my journal and heart to you.

May the Lord bless each of you and preserve your life from fear. My prayer is that we will know the peace of God as we fix our eyes on Him and establish our hearts securely in His Word.



Thank you, Shelly!

Feel free to comment here, or send Shelly a note at The Gratitude Journal. 🙂

And please do not miss this beautiful FALL post from her…

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  1. Di says:

    I can indeed relate to that fear. Then it did become reality for me 4 1/2 years ago. And as you mentioned, His goodness follows throughout the experience, in the middle of the pain. God is there and gives strength, comfort, and you get to know and trust Him in a bigger way.

    My heart still beats fast… body, spirit and mind will resist pain and change -every-single-time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  2. clarita says:

    Oh, I was so excited when I saw it was a guest post from Shelly!!

    Yes, I can relate to the fear thing sometimes too. The question, “Can I talk to you?” nearly gives me a heart attack, based on bad news I got from that questions years ago… But the challenge was powerful to be a trusting woman, a restful woman, who believes on the goodness of God and in the Sovereignty of His will… Thank you for this!

    And thanks for “hosting”, Jenny!

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