Zoo Weekend {Part2}

This post is for my sister who said,

“You never post the pictures you are always taking.”

[Not a literal quote.]

When my husband first met me, he said one of the reasons he liked me was because little things make me happy. Well, I think I got that trait from my funny family. We have the most fun sitting anywhere: here at Chick-fil-a, hanging out and talking. It`s one of my favorite things about my family as well.

Jason, his boss calls him “Dimples”. ha

Vinnie: So one, two, three, dollars more for the chickenburger….

(alternate quote for Vinnie: This $5 manicure is for the birds!)

Dad: “Julia, add a lemonade to that order.”

Julana: “Wanna bet?”

Joy: (laughs nervously) “What are you even talking about?”

Since school was about to start and we never got our family of 4`s little vaca in– we decided to sleep near Easton and have a lazy family day shopping the next day– just us.

A guy had a stand there where kids between certain ages could sail real sailboats in the fountain, donations only. Unfortunately for us, Elle was too young and G was too old. Sniff for us.

I dont feel classy or well-read often, but when I saw the name of a new favorite author of mine (Paul Theroux) on the top left of the Barnes and Noble– I FELT classy. (And had to get a picture to prove it. There. I AM classy.)

I had to wonder: Does he (Theroux) know his name is there– on that bookstore in Easton, OH? And if he did, would it thrill him? Or would it just be old hat for him to have his name up there with Whitman and Poe?

“Yeah, I read those guys when I was 6. They`re kinda boring…”

And it was then…

…that I REALLY noticed the off-spelling. Ok, yeah………..

I think they meant this guy.

(Yeah, that makes more sense.)


Hi, the sun is bright and my hopes of a frameable shot of my girls and I is fast fading.

At least I have convinced the 4 year old that her mom is the greatest mom who ever lived. Thanks Elle, you can gaze at me like that any day.

Oddly sweet.

“Okay Galen, you can give me the camera now. I’m just going to have to delete these all.”

Elle wanted to take this picture of the sailboats. She took this one.  I thought it turned out so artsy. G thought it was just more that it was tilted sideways.

Lego store.

Easton shopping area is pretty high end. I mostly window shopped. So PRETTY to gaze upon though.

Flowers and Shops.

You know when someone talks about this one thing all the time, and then to other people when they refer to them, they are known for that one thing? It`s called in extreme cases a fanatic.


“that crazy cat lady”

“He`s nuts for Star Wars”

“Bieber Fever”


“Oh, it`s just the high heeled shoe lady.”

Anyway, well I hope I am not “that lady” when I bring up this store AGAIN.

I will just say it was eye-boggling,  and so, so beautiful– and that`s all I will say.

I held my own hands down, to keep from taking too many pictures. My right hand got away from me, and quickly shot this picture, above. It`s not that great of a picture in the end. It only left me asking,

“Lady. Why those pants? Today?”

Pretty and unusual color combo.

Galen took Elle to do something special together (they watched Pooh) and I got this girl. She is wearing Elle`s new dress I bought at the store before, and my pin because her hair was a mess and she was all sticky.

I love her to bits but she got really excited in Anthro, and wanted run around and touch everything hog-wild. I so wanted to be alone, and was not exactly thrilled with her that day.

Yes, pictures can be so deceiving.




That`s all I have.

Happy FRIDAY (all caps because we all know everyone likes FRIDAY!!) to ya. Over and out.


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  1. julana says:

    well the pictuers of laila at the end are ADORABLE . and i seriously can smile and be fun and nice un like those 2 pictures above look like! i look grouchy… and i really did have a awesome weekend! man, that weekend was perfect.

  2. rachel says:

    your captions.
    they are just the BEST!
    looks like a very fun, fun time with those you love!

  3. Joy says:

    Aw Jenny, I dont know why i didnt see this post sooner!! Its so fun and i love the things you said. zoo weekend was perfect< funny memories. Was i or Julana the one who said you never post the pictures you take? thanks for doing that! love

  4. linda hershey says:

    i think being known as the cool, quirky, best-humor-ever blogger that is CU-RAAAZY about Anthro is, indeed, a good thing. i, on the other hand, am being known around town for selling green beans. the bean lady. and also, the lady who’s house never gets finished.
    Laila seriously has “the look”. i can’t explain what i mean. but it’s a VERY good compliment. i read about families like hers in my Coastal Living. she is beautiful. i would feel so proud if my Eden bonded with her!!

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