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These guest posts are just so much fun. 🙂

And here is Rachel!

Check out her blog, it is lovely, creative, and peaceful…


you know how sometimes you are around someone and they just exude confidence and poise?
how they are so obviously aware of their purpose and abilities?
and, you think to yourself, ‘i wonder how they do it, how they got to be so good at these things?’
and, sometimes, you can be around someone who is just too sure of themselves, and you feel sick…
like, ‘someone needs to bring them down a couple of notches’.

if we’re honest with ourselves, we probably all know someone or several people that fall in both camps.
and, if we are really, really honest with ourselves, we are all really good at something.
we are all really, really able to do things that make us come alive, that make us feel purposeful…
if we let Him shine out thru us, if we are willing to do those things that we excel in no matter who thinks what of us for doing them.

lest you think that i am full of knowledge and speak as the voice of authority on this matter, please know that i am far!!! from any arrival point.
in fact, in the very recent past i have lamented to my husband how i feel like i can’t do the things that are me because of how it feels i’m sometimes perceived in my doing them.
bless his dear heart, he listens to my sorry state and while i’m sure pieces of it do not make sense to his male brain, he does encourage and support me in the ways that he knows to.
that state of being thankfully does not last forever, but believe me when i say that when i’m in that sorry state, it is far from pretty.
and, it’s a state of being that only spirals downward if left to my/itself.

thanks be to God for the Voice of Truth that speaks amidst the lies that plague my mind and heart.
His Voice of Truth that if i will choose to listen, it will make me know that any and all things that i am blessed with come from Him.
it will make me know that any and all talents i have should be used for His glory and then, come what may, if i’m doing it with that in mind, my heart can be pure.

one of the things that makes me come alive like few things do is hosting and entertaining in my home.
when i am planning for company, when i am anticipating friends being here, i am driven, i am determined, i am cognizant of my purpose.
it gives me energy in fact to prepare and plan and host people in my home.

just recently we hosted friends for Sunday dinner, and while it was a relatively simple thing, i said to myself after the fact that i have to do this…it’s so deeply a part of who i am that when i do not host, i feel a part of me is stagnant, dead.

i am a detail person, and so the little things about hosting people in my home are where i breathe deepest.
from the presentation of the food, to the seating of the guests, to the centerpiece on the table, to the favors for each dear person present….these things matter very much to me.

i plan, and dream, and plan some more when i have a special event before me.
whether it’s a birthday party, or a holiday, or just an occasion to celebrate the season, i enjoy these times to the max.
have you been to an event and there were little things that made you think that ‘she was really thinking of her guests!’?
doesn’t that just make you feel loved?

as a hostess, my doing this for the people whom i love makes me feel happy, fulfilled, at my best.
and, really?
it makes me feel like i am doing what He has given me the ability, the grace to do.
it makes me feel His blessings and His purpose for my little life.

i have done very few only for ladies events in my home because i have young children and because i feel it’s important to include them as much as possible since they are the majority of my life at this point. however, the few times that i have done something for just ladies, it is absolutely delightful.
i think as ladies, there is something so invigorating, so inspiring, so ‘part-of-who-we-are’ to be together and have special occasions to celebrate.
of course i’m sure that somethings about a ladies party do not mean as much to some as other.
but, i do think that all of us ladies like to know and feel that we are important and individually appreciated.

like i said, the majority of our entertaining and hosting is done as a family.
one thing that has been so very rewarding for me in these endeavors is how excited my children get as we prepare. it is truly awesome to see their enthusiasm and as they get older, i anticipate more and more help with these things since it means a lot to them as well.


whether you are good at entertaining in your home or not is totally beside the point of this post.
you ARE good at something, and you DO have something, or some things that make you come alive.
someone, somewhere is being blessed by you and the ways in which God has endowed you with His Grace.
use those graces to be alive for Him.
use those graces to glorify His name.
use those graces to bless God, and in turn?
He will make you the blessing.


Thank you, Rachel!

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  1. April says:

    Oh I love Rachel! She is a breath of fresh air and I am captivated by her stunning photography. You described her perfectly!

    Beautiful post Rachel! You are so clearly honoring God with the gifts He has given you. I love all the little details, they are the thing that most says “I love you. You are important to me.”

  2. cindy says:

    i know this rachel. i love her too! and i like running into my friends around here. 🙂 sweet post and photos. i feel like they are celebrating significance, the emphasis on what HE gives to each of us…and not how we tend to measure it.

    and this. so true, “…i do think that all of us ladies like to know and feel that we are important and individually appreciated.”

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