Country Living Fair [2011]

My 2 sisters and I had an awesome day out at the Country Living Fair last month.

Watch slideshow here.

And we made it a tradition (2nd year in a ROW now) to hit Tim Hortons on the way there. I love that place. Not fancy– yet, special somehow…

Sisters in line. We really laughed (when we saw this picture on the camera) over Joy`s snotty look she has going on here.

(English accent) “I simply MUST have a crumpet! None of these crusty bagels for me.”

See, yummy in our tummies.

I hate both those words. Yummy. Tummy. Crummy.

Bright sunshiny day

fun conversation

a full day of expectation ahead

a Goodwill across the road

it was a lovely morning!

After Tim`s (what an old friend!), we hit the Goodwill,

“We have all day, right?”, we kept saying.

It was one of those Goodwills, that when you walk in, it could be gross or nice– it`s hard to tell sometimes.

It turned out to kinda gross(ish) and things were really high priced ($40 for this rotted chair that looks full of vermin and is missing the bottom half? Who is pricing this stuff?)

But my sisters found some really cool jewelry, like this watch Joy is modeling. The prices were a bit high, (vintage necklaces $6+) but we decided probably still a 1/4 of what we`d pay for the same thing at the fair. So. Deal ON.

We drove past this pretty building twice, talked about parking to take a group picture there. Kept on driving.

Full of excitement. We are here!

We took these “equally excited chicks” group picture, and then they, in turn, took ours.

They fair is full of a lot of hyper, crafty looking women. They even wear crafty things. You know how all bloggers look? Yup, you see lots of those women at this fair. You see a few men. We always picked out the men, and laughed at them. Well, not AT them, but laughed at how they looked. We never saw one that looked happy. Always lagging behind, carrying the shopping bags, looking resentful.

C`mon ladies, take a friend! I am sympathetic to these guys, because if I had to spend all day at Gander Mountain or Cabelas in the hot sun. Kill me now. Blech. The only thing worse, for me, would be a fair about farm equipment… or farm animals… or tools… or anything manly really.

This looks like a old photo my mom would old box at home– from a time her and dad stopped at a fair on the way to FL in the early 70s or something.

We had a big discussion about this:

Would this purse look different to you if I said it was from: Walmart? or Anthropologie? or Target? or a thrift store? or Dollar General?

See what I mean? It changed looks. It`s actually from none of the above. And. I really like it.

Happy sister. 🙂

They had this same display last year.


I even took a picture of the sky– which I have never done before.

You see all kinds.

I actually got really sick of the fair, because the fair was exactly the same as the year before (see it once, you`ve seen it all)– except for the prices they went up!

But yeah, all kinds of people come here. People watching is so fun.

This dapper dad and his darling little boy.

This guy kept running up and down this boulder. I didn`t know why, but thought I`d “camera” him anway.

(He was probably one of the “going crazy” husbands, sick of this place.)

This couple– walked as one person, even up steps.

Don`t worry, I shot this from the hip.


Fair smiles.

“So, are you like really into making crafts and stuff too?”

“Ki Nassuer is SO much cooler than Martha Stewart!”

Other people`s family photos for $2 each.

Kinda cool. I looked through these for a long time. I thought it`d be cool to find a picture of someone, that looks like someone I know now. Or, like my own doppelganger from 50 years ago. I never did.

Don`t miss the pun! Don`t miss the pun!

Also tradition– Chipotle after. I`d like to crawl into this burrito and kick and scream. That`s how good it was.

Then we hit the mall. It was kind of a breath of fresh air, after the utter craftiness of the fair. J. Crew has the coolest style. Fun to window shop in there.

home again. i missed my people!

what a fun day.


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  1. Shannon says:

    Totally LOL at the fans and the burrito! 🙂 Love all your captions. ~We were there too but didn’t have all day so it felt a bit rushed. I enjoyed the antique section way more then the crafty stuff. Next time I think we’ll hit up our antique stores again instead of this. They don’t charge just to walk in the door. 😀

  2. lisa says:

    i did not miss the pun. or the fans right above her head.

    sounds like a dreamy, delicious day!

  3. rachel says:

    happy sigh.
    i so wanted to go this year, because we had such a good time last year. but, sometimes i think things like this are best once? i was somehow relieved to hear you say that it didn’t change from one year to the next…and, i totally agree with you that the prices are crazy! it looks like you had the best of times tho…
    happy monday to you!

  4. Thelma says:

    i think my favorite part of this post was the healthy dose of Jenny humor/sarcasm inserted:-) always makes me smile. The day out w/ the sisters looks great too….

  5. amber says:

    i first saw about this fair in a country living magazine and told myself i was going to plan a trip home and GO! but, it didn’t work out…

    so thanks for letting me experience it vicariously through you!! 🙂 looks like such an awesome time, and of course, your commentary always cracks me up.

    hugs, girl.

  6. Anna Miller says:

    sigh… looks like such a fun day with sisters, there’s just nothing like it. and i just love your sense of humor.:)

  7. linda hershey says:

    WHY was that guy running up and down the rock? i just keep wondering….
    the people watching part was the best. along with JENNY humor.
    and that purse/hand bag….you know, Weldon tells me all the time,”Linda, if THAT would haVE come from Walmart, you KNOW you wouldn’t think it cool.” i’m a little worried that maybe he’s right. loved the post. as usual.

  8. Marcia says:

    “I`d like to crawl into this burrito and kick and scream. That`s how good it was.” Love It! That pretty much describes their burritos perfectly.I think i could eat there everyday and not get tired of it…Looks like a fun sister day!

  9. julana says:

    yah i was so excited when i saw you blogged about this day! it was great! … not even the “fair” part as much as the fun chatting, and giggling together…. Great day it was!

  10. Kay ann says:

    I can’t stop laughing about the couple who were walking as one person. Even up steps. Seriously. I can’t stop. You’re one funny gal.

  11. clarita says:

    oh goodness, this was fun. 🙂 your pictures, your fair time, your lovely sisters and you, and your humor. oh my, you’re just so great. 🙂

  12. cindy says:

    what they said ^^^ about you. 🙂

    and this just cracks me up about the men there, “We never saw one that looked happy.” now who in the world would WANT their husband there?! seriously. i’m into doing girl things…with girlfriends!

    have a great weekend!

  13. shelly says:

    Before I read all of the other comments and get sidetracked . . . I’m gonna say my little piece. *LOVE* Tim Hortons . . . reminds me of (Canada) home and many good times there with favorite people in this world . . . including Phil who came a courtin’ and we’d sit there and taaaaaalllk and smile at each other. 🙂 Your fair sounds fun, and I love your discussion about feelings for “the bag” changing upon knowing where it’s from. That is DUMB, really. But true. We should LIKE or not like something for what it IS not because of where it comes from, yes? How fickle we can be. Oh, and I wanna buy those old photographs. They make me happy just looking at them.

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