The Fall Episode.

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year.

Fall is perfect for… (the following)

…Displaying mums that your girls sat on a million times in the cart at Walmart– and then, died a week later on the porch, because you never bothered to water them. Reason: not fun to water battered, ugly mums.

…Creating warmth inside in  little ways. Silver thrift store bowl, coffee bean filler, and my sweet pumpkin candles from Shelly. The last of the greenery I could find outside, in a ancient lidless salt shaker.

…For cuddling puppies that are not yours– but you sure wish they were. That`s Elle, she is a dog LOVER!

…For waking up just to pour a cup of coffee with the ever so famous PUMPKIN CREAMER. Well, famous to a few of us who love it– Dawn, G and I.

…Having friends over for a warm breakfast. Both as in, the house is warm and the breakfast is warmer. (I was going to mention how good conversation warms the soul but thought it might be too cheesy.)

…Taking time to wile the day away reading mommy`s BELOVED collection of vintage books. The graphics in these make me sing and dance inside, as I`m reading them. Color tones = awesome.

Grandfather and I.

I LOVE this book! If it was possible for me to be a grandpa, I`d want to be one just like the grandpa in this book.

It says:

But grandfather and I never hurry.

We walk along, and walk along.

And stop…

And look, as long as we like.

Does anyone else ever try to think of who people look like, every time you see someone? In a book, or in real? Can be from any era, any time zone.

With these 3 kids above it was super random.

From left to right. First boy: My cousin Paul when he was little (lives in Alberta, is older than me), Clarita Yoder`s littlest girl, and Marlys Pletcher`s oldest girl.

I am super weird, it`s ok.

Love the picture in the middle with the little girl (red knee socks, red jumper) gazing adoringly at her cool high schooling brother in the lettered sweater. And how all their feet turn outwards.

Number 5… oh, wait, S.. what a red heart throb that year. He drove Betty Jean crazy all year long. She was a cheerleader of course, and she worked at the drugstore/malt shop after school. Her mother was Helen Patricia Strong head of the famed Finger Sandwich Luncheons.

Ok, I need to stop.

And if you must know– I have a sickness. I love old children`s books. I have a hU-ge suitcase of them in the attic, I have never even opened since Elle was born– Happy Hollisters, Dear Katie John– you name it.

… Cuddling extra long on cold mornings with my girlies. I usually gnaw on them for about a 1/2 hour when they get up, if we have nowhere we have to be. We are a very kissy family– all 4 of us. Secret`s out.

…October, which hosts ♥ Sweetest Day– a very nice day. This is what I got ↑.

Galen brought the girls each their own Reeses cup. They sat on the couch and devoured them with shaking fingers. They probably were all stressed because they couldn`t believe they were really allowed to eat a WHOLE CANDY BAR EACH. Without getting barked at.

I gave G a box of Starbucks ice cream (around a quarter a bite, that stuff!), root beer in a cool bottle, and a large chili from Wendy`s with raw onions on it. He was painting the porch when I gave it to him and he was thrilled really! Trust me when you love someone… you know what they will love. ♥

Cuddling this girl? More fun than a mom should be allowed to have. Crazy times!

…Shopping alone. The other week, my sister Julana, OFFERED to watch my girls so I could shop for a whole day. I won`t say anymore because I would write a book. It was glorious.


Fall is good for….

… The fall edition of Country Living. The awesome thing is there are 3– August, September, October. All the leafy, plaid throw blanket, pumpkin-y goodness in one place.

Same shot. New head tilts.

Fall is great for…

…Petting animals, before the beautiful place closes.

…Riding ponies, bravely.

…Riding a pony that hacked, heaved, and coughed the whole ride. She bravely clung there– I was proud of her.

Yup, she is reading a text from another baby. What, your 2 year olds don`t have CELL PHONES? Get with it.

…Staring at the smallest pony we had ever seen.

…Picking a pumpkin with little buddies.

…Hayrides, jolting, rollicking hayrides– out into the pumpkin patch.

… For little kids getting to pick their own specially selected pumpkin, while a stout, happy, Amish boy comes along with a cruel-looking snips, to cut it down for the kids. Get your fingers back, kids. Moms are scared.


I thought it was really “full of meaning” to take my Sweetest Day bouquet apart, to make 2 little smaller bouquets for the girls to hold on our family pictures this year. There has to be some deeper symbolism in it all.

Here is Laila`s.

Here is Elle with the same one. They fought Bitterly for this one (versus the orange bouquet)  all through the “photo shoot”. (It`s pink.)

More pinky.

Our house.

Poor Elle, got stuck with the ugly orange one.

One more family picture shot. Husband and wife.

(This is one of my favorite buildings in town– our post office. It`s so COOL, both inside and out.)

The only fall decor I did. Pumpkins from Walmart. $3 for three.

Fall is perfect for a slower time of year– which includes more jaunts to the local thrift store. A really good one, I might add (Save and Serve). Tiny silver trophy– $2.

…Fall parties thrown my our church.

Real amish man, making REAL stew. It was sooo good.

Fun coffee bar.

Some of the youth made twisty and helium balloons for the kids, and had other activities for them.

Ladies chat it up.

Tracy and Dawn look very enlightened.

I love this picture with Elle ever-hovering by her beloved baby Gabrielle. (Thanks Rachelle, for all your patience in this. ) 🙂

I have wanted a reading nook by the window for awhile now. I got this chair a few weeks ago for $5– trust me, I had to put work into it…

The girls love to sit here in the mornings and look out at the fog, or the people walking down the street. I can`t wait until the morning they can watch the FIRST SNOW.

Ok, that was my WAY TOO LONG (G will comment) post– about the joys of fall.

So do tell. What is your favorite season of the year– and 3 words on why you like it? That was confusing. Example:

“Summer. Flip flops, my convertible, and Ray Bans”

Not true for me, but it might be for you!


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  1. Beth says:

    What a fun post!!! Yes, I do the thing of looking at pics or IRL & trying to figure out who the person looks like. Speaking of that…doesn’t Laila look like Audrey’s Nicole? There was one pic where I thought they looked identical. Love your reading corner chair!

  2. i love when you blog and I love it even better when they’re long. lol! So tell G that. 🙂

  3. Jo says:

    Jenny, did you reupholster that chair? It is so nice.

    Summer. Sunshine, Strawberries, and Fun times with friends.

  4. JessicaD says:

    FALL! Red crunchy leaves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Crisp Clean Air that gives way to Winter snow (if you are lucky).

  5. esther troyer says:

    Dear Katie John?? How can I almost forget old childhood favorites? I would love to read them again. (Except wait, it almost seems like I read a bit of her a few years ago.) That might be the kid in me, but that is okay!!

    • Jenny says:

      honestly, those katie john books made me feel a certain way when i read them back then, that to this day i cannot understand… when i see one of those old books, even now– i get all fuzzy…

    • genbear says:

      I know! i’ve forgotten all about Dear Katie John, it makes me want to go see if i can dig up one of my childhood books 🙂

  6. Shannon says:

    I need to be the kind of mom that grandpa is. (eek) Doesn’t happen often!

    Favorite season, summer. warm sunshine, flip flops, family times! Fall would be a close favorite if I knew winter wasn’t next. 🙂

  7. rosann says:

    early summer ,flowers,pretty skirts and baseball games[my sons little league games]… our first happy hollister book and read it to chloe and she loved it.

  8. Thelma says:

    sooo much here. I kinda love long posts from you, i won’t lie. but then again, there is too much to comment on, i prly won’t remember everything i wanted to say.
    I love the word pictures of you cuddling w/ your girls and gobbling on them in the mornings: #1 fav. thing about being a mom for me, for sure–sleepy, cuddly warm little bodies to snuggle and kiss.
    so. i really really love your green chair. swooon. i’d like to know the work that you put into it. every bit.
    and i love your family pictures. amen.

    favorite season: spring:end of winter, summer:so many reasons, fall: crispy, cozy. yummy foods, colorful.

    • Jenny says:

      thelma, about the chair. it`s not a sexy story.
      sexy would go like this:
      “yeah the upholstery was tattered, so i found an online tutorial to do it myself– and then ordered some amy butler fabric from etsy… the whole project went so good! i now know a whole new skill. i then ordered throw pillows from anthropologie and they were 75% off! everyone that comes over says i could sell the chair for a bundle. it is going to be featured on Better After!”


      my story is more like this:
      i drove up to my fav thrift store to drop off MY junk. saw this chair from a distance. asked myself a 100 times– is it nice or gross? i was going towards gross when the manager of the place came out (that never happens) and we got talking about the chair. she was SUPER eager for me to take it. “it`s sits low, sit on it. it sits weird”, she said. she also pointed out that the one armrest was hanging over, loose. five bucks? well, i can put it on my junk pile on trash day if it doesn`t work out for $5!
      soo… i took her home. saw she was covered with cat hair. left her outside, scrubbed and scrubbed, even got the water hose out. after a day to dry, i took her inside and vacuumed he down. i actually found an old spoon inside her, when i reached into her bowels. AHHHH! nasty. when i tried to fix her arm, i got it rock solid but the screw jammed and so now if you look close there is a screw still sticking out about 2 in on her one side. dorky!
      we love her, but we know she is a simple pleasure– for sure. 🙂

  9. Jolene says:

    I love your posts! I went past your house this morning it always looks so lovely. Summer- warm sunshine, beautiful flowers, baseball.

  10. drusilla says:

    I have been thinking about you!! so time to catch up:) I love Fall/Winter, that feeling of crazy snowstorms (in Ga we had summer THUNDERSTORMS) Not so in Oh, so I settle for the fierceness of a snowstorm:) Candles,more TIME to just BE with the people I love, any hot drink, thick fuzzy socks..Lots more but I already went over 3 🙂 love ya~

  11. Amber says:

    Spring: Flowers poking up through the ground, flip flops, winter is over/warm sunshine! 🙂 Fun post!

  12. Aimee says:

    Fun fall-ish post! Your pictures are so pretty!

    And my fav season would have to be summer: barefeet, open windows, warm sunshine

  13. Bevy says:

    I was wondering when you were going to post again…it’s been too long, Hence the long post? Really. I don’t mind.

    I had to chuckle about the vintage books… amen!! … I’ve got them, too. Too many? nah. never. And it’s not just in books that people remind me of people…it’s all the time in real-life or in the movies. My poor hubby isn’t so sure or fond of me when I’m constantly playing the Mennonite game as well.

    Fall has got to be my most favorite of seasons. Change. Warmth. Comfort – food. The smells it brings. Colors. A settledness. Wait….. It CAN’T be described in just three words… it just can’t. Sorry. 🙂

  14. ruth says:

    i always look forward to your blog posts,was scrolling down my FB when i saw that you had posted,couldn’t wait till the kids went to bed & i could sit w/out interuptions & see what you had to say 🙂

    FALL:fresh,crisp air.long evenings to spend time w/my fam.colors/scents of fall, cinn.pumpkin…

  15. Maria Schrock says:

    Haha Jenny, I think I might be even more wierd than you!! Certain people not only remind me of other people, but sometimes I think they look like a certain animal……could be any animal, sometimes a mouse lol. Also I catch myself looking at people….any stranger on the street and choosing one word that describes them, not having to do with their looks, but rather character. Always something comes immediately to mind….guess maybe it’s my gift of discernment that I have been told I have. 🙂 Now, do you feel less wierd?

  16. Maria Schrock says:

    Oh….and my favorite season is AUTUMN!!! I LOVE the smoke of leaves being burned, and crisp, fresh air and pumpkin desserts!

  17. Lucy Friesen says:

    Autumn: the life that comes with cooler temps, pumpkin anything, cozy feeling of candles.
    oh, and I love the way you write, so long is good for me. 🙂

  18. rachel says:

    yay for long posts from you!! so loved this posting because for me?
    it’s fall.
    all fall. everything about it.

  19. Terri says:

    so funny. we just had such funny conversations in asia finding people (asian people on the street) who look like people we know. it all started with stopping for homemade breads on the street and realizing that the little man frying the breads looked and acted SO MUCH like allen roth. we called him that all week. we even have pictures to prove it. anyways, i do love that game. and seasons? i’m gonna have to say spring…the smell of the air, new warmth, living outside more again. o and baby plants! funny, i used to love winter and summer best but the longer i live, the more grateful i am to live in a place where we change seasons 4 times a year. i’d have a hard time living anywhere that’s just hot or cold all year…

  20. genbear says:

    love the post! Fall – beautiful leaves, cool weather and hoodies, bonfires and hotdogs with the kids, deer hunting and camo, pumpkins and pecans and sweet potato souffle….. love love fall!

  21. Charity says:

    I am a fellow mum-killer! Seriously, mine are never nicer than two weeks, tops! I always experience a little wave of bitterness when I see someone else’s gorgeous mums in oh, like, November! Your little girls are too cute, and I find myself nodding to myself all the time because they remind me of my own! Especially fighting over the treasured pink bouquet! Sometimes my youngest would be perfectly fine with something, but the oldest softly whispers something about why her object is much superior, and any trace of contentment flies out the window!

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