Baby Buggy.

Hi, ya`ll.

I should win a prize for most creative blog titling. Baby Buggy.

Lest you think I fell off the face of the earth- I am here to say hello. I got a couple messages here and there asking if I am still in the business of blogging. I guess I am. Well actually, since I don`t get paid to do it,  I guess “business” might be a stretch but… yeah, I want to do it more- soon.

I have had a lot going on. If I had more time, I might delve into some of it some day- but I think it would all sound very whiny (when in reality I am feeling very happy and thankful the last few months!) and have you shaking your head and saying,

“LADY, everyone is BUSY, don`t pull that tired, old card.”

moving on.

This is what I picked up along the road today- on the way home from “Donut Tuesday” for FREEEEEEE.

That looks overly exuberant.

For free.

There- Calmer. Better.

A little 50s era (guessing) dolly buggy. It was laying on somebody`s trash pile,  in the Walnut Creek area. When I saw her through the wind and rain-  and I turn-ded thee car around and scoop-ded her up.

(A funny side note- my fav part of vintage stuff is the font/labeling and I was so happy with the red stickers on the sides of the buggy. Very “adding a lot” I thought. I later looked closer to see, they are Hiland Hawks stickers. FAIL. I hate to say fail, but it fits here.)

The girls are thrilled with it.

Laila is a wonderful housewife. She bakes berry cobbler, watches Leave it to Beaver, folds her husband`s dungarees- all the while managing twins in a little baby buggy.

My littler daughter is a stinker- she knew I wanted her in the picture and so she is standing back as far as she can so it is hard to get her in the picture.  And yes, she is doing it on purpose.

And yes, that is so her.

They share so nice.

Oh wait.

Oh, Elle no! Please don`t let your mother down- not in front of all these people. In case you can`t tell, Elle is hoisting it up, so Laila can`t play with it. A lot of good it will do you like that, my dear.

You can`t see her, but Laila is in the front just yelling her head off.

Here we are at grandm/pa Kauffmans for Thanksgiving. Katy and Laila.

I guess that is Laila`s real smile.

I can tell, she is going to be so ladylike and delicate when she grows up.

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  1. cindy says:

    overly exuberant when it’s FREEEE?
    i think not. lol. i love free. not that cool opportunistic buggy rescues happen to me. or like the free furniture that our friend rachel always seems to be tripping into. *no fair* 😉 but i get all excited about my deals on half price day at the Thrift store…so…FREE? i know i couldn’t contain myself! and you. managed so much calmness so quickly. 🙂

    i have to admit something…i feel quite gleeful about other moms having stinkery kids. ha. too. that laila of yours standing waaaay back…ohmy. love her.

  2. linda hershey says:

    i was totally saying FREEEEE right along with you—if in fact, you were saying it in Adam Sandler’s “Bedtime Stories” voice.
    i am smitten by that Laila. and how she manages the “baby buggy” so well.

  3. rachel says:

    omw! Jenny! it is perfect! how awesome to find such a wonderful treasure on a rainy day! love me some ‘nother person’s trash piles…we’ve pulled many a good thing out of the reject piles in our area…this find you scored is just the limit tho! it looks to be in really good shape! just so happy for you!
    great!!! to see you on here again too!

  4. Bevy says:

    I do declare. I believe we had to have been seperated at birth.

    Love it!

    What a fab. find. I love how you turn-ded thee car around and scoop-ded her up.

    Good eye, good eye.

  5. Luci Martin says:

    Yay. There is a new post on here. Shelley Smucker was lovely, but I missed you.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to live in Ohio. In Alberta we just don’t find vintage baby buggies on trash piles.

  6. genbear says:

    You’re back!! Yea!!
    oh my, what a darling little baby buggy! score one for “Donut Tuesdays”. I have “Starbucks Tuesday” but have not been quite so lucky as that!

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