(Literally!) Life in a Doll House.

^ When your floors as far as eye can see, look like this…

^ …sometimes the inner OCD innate desire to play with toys mother doing normal daily duties, sits down for awhile quickly to make things look like THIS. (Picture toys in their bins and uncovered floors all around this picture.)

Ahh, Sweet Order, how I have missed the beauty of you.

Lots of fun is happening in the dollhouse- now that the hair chair is reunited with the baby (for instance). Come on, let`s take a tour, and join in the fun!

^ Here is grandma back with her wardrobe.

“How can it be I`ve been shopping for 50 years and still have nothing nice to wear!”, she sighs.

Grandpa hollers from the downstairs,

“Just wear one of those elastic-waist pants you bought in a pack of 4 from the shopping network!”

^ Out back, Uncle Bobby makes awkward small talk with the plantation`s pretty new ranch-hand, Lucy.

As his nieces and nephews watched from the window, they once again comment that Uncle Bobby uses his basketball way too much like a “security blanket”.

Lucy muses, high water shorts = out of touch with reality…..

^ What ‘goes down’- when mother steps out to buy hairbrushes (and slips in a quick stop with her doctor, the plastic surgeon)………

^ All the little dogs respectfully called Old Whitey ‘The Boss’.

What they will never know, was that their affections would always go unreturned since he was actually just Polly Pocket`s plastic toy doggy.

^ In the bathroom, twins, Eva and Geneva, find closure when Geneva confesses she was often jealous because her hair was always “dull and flat” next to Eva`s.

^ When Mrs. Noah, Queen Majesty, and Mr. Farmer realizes they are lifetimes apart, they sing ‘Deep and Wide’ to create a sense of unity on the road trip.

^ Venturing out on a first date, Moose and Turtle had the keen sense that The Pairs were watching them.

^ Mrs. Noah could never quite put a finger on what is was, but she always felt an inborn desire for leading pairs of things.

^ She`s back!

All the Little People called the beautiful, little big, blonde in green- “Gulliver”. She was a beloved heroine among the people.

^ If you hear Mrs. Noah and the horse crying- you know there must be a diaper change in order.


enjoy your Wednesday! me

(My whole upstairs is screaming to be cleaned for a change today- (dread) this was a great mini diversion. Thanks for letting me procrastinate with you.)

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  1. shelly says:

    Oh, any time you want to procrastinate, I love it. 🙂

  2. Aug says:

    Freakin’ hilarious, Jenny! I love it. Wish you would have been my Mom! 😉

  3. Liz says:

    Love reading your commentary on pictures. Makes it so much more interesting.

  4. Twila says:

    Oh, my word!! I laughed and laughed! 🙂 Your commentary was hilarious! Loved the twins hair issues and Mrs. Noah’s inborn desire for leading “pairs” of things! 🙂 And the diaper change was f.u.n.n.y.!! 🙂

  5. Brooklyn says:

    Jenny, I love your humor!! Too funny.:)

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