Paper Lovin`

It is SO amazing what ugliness can be transformed with paper! I am just astounded.

I confess- I am a paper junkie. Pretty paper “gets me”. Pretty packaging- yes, that too.

Pretty paper book- $20 at Joann Fabrics (used a 50% off coupon)- a multitude of opportunities.

The temporary (there is also permanent) double sided tape is my second best friend!

Anyone else ever feel the urge to snap a picture- when you have the camera out anyway- of an oddly CLEAN house? Hurray for the 5 minute joy! Btw, cruddy floors make me go funnyinthehead.

(Right now I am feeling VERY funnyinthehead. It`s Monday morning.)

When G and I were in Pa we went on a hot date the one night while his mom watched our girls. We wiled away a lot of time at Barnes and Noble (dream night) and all I actually purchased was this pad of paper. I love that it`s practical- I use it! It kind of gave me jollies, when I randomly saw it on the family bulletin board on Modern Family (a TV show).

Yes, a neat fridge is blog-worthy! (To me)

I may have splurged on $8 magnets but it was so worth it. I can`t even tell you how ugly/trashy/everything falling off/ my fridge was. I got the inspiration from my sister Joy, her fridge front was so NEAT, straight, and fun- yet totally covered with fun papers, cards, pictures. I wanted me some of that Fun Fridge joy. And now I got me some too! 🙂 Thanks, Joy (for the fun fridge joy).

This was so much fun, my kitchen shelves needed another coat of paint. We used paper (lazy lady) instead.

This picture makes it hard to see the paper- but I tried. I WISH I WAS A BETTER PHOTOGRAPHER! Gah.

I am VERY happy with how it turned out. I got to clean the kitchen while I freshened it too.

Bottom shelf. Holds all my collected bowls from thrift stores and all over. I mostly look for writing, plain white, and pale green plates.

A bowl in my kitchen where I collect ‘perty tangs’- to use kinda wherever. Gifts, mostly.

These are 2 of the books in the bowl. Not sure what I will do with them yet.

Another illustration of DARLING paper.

These pages could be used as wrapping paper, be framed as art, papered onto a wall or child`s dresser drawers, made into gift tags, or just read as a story to a child- the ideas are endless!

Has anyone else ever made a purchase for the pretty packaging? Marshalls or TJMaxx is a bad store like that for me.

I save all my BodenKids catalogs in a jar. My #1 source for sewing inspiration.

Is it just me, or is that first picture a little creepy? Like a girl in a jar.

And my favorite paper of all…. my girl`s art. They LOVE to do anything creative with paper. I get so proud of them sometimes!

So, I`d love to be inspired- how are you making Christmas creative with paper this year?

{all images found on Pinterest}

**For more cool paper ideas, You Are My Fave has some really cool ones right now I noticed.

All these photos were so moving (in an artsy, not spiritual way) to me…. I`d love to try it. We will see.

Your turn!

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  1. April says:

    Jenny! What a happy Monday morning post 🙂 Your shelves are darling, darling, DARLING. I’m obsessed with paper right now too. Did I tell you I made washi tape out of fabric and double-sided tape? Do you have a Paper Source near you? Very dangerous store, that one…

    Your creepy girl-in-the-jar cracked me up! Gotta love clean houses even if they only last seconds…

    I also adore everything you pin on Pinterest!

    • Jenny says:

      ok, this is really weird. for some reason when i did this post- i kept thinking of april- like i thought it`s very “you”. it was really IRONIC to me, when my first comment was from you.
      LOVE, no ADORE the fabric doublesidedtape idea!!! i so have it on my list of “excited to try” right now!

  2. carmen says:

    Jenny you always amaze me with your creative ability. Such natural gifting you have. like it just rolls out of your brain. I just might have to use my 50% coupon at Joann’s for some pretty paper. Yes, I love pretty paper, but don’t often buy it because I don’t have good uses for it….unless you call gazing at it and getting warm fuzzies from that a good enuf reason. 😉 But, your ideas are inspiring!

    Just this morning I was thinking about how I’m going to wrap a gift I’m taking to our ‘Transplant’ Christmas party gift exchange….. My idea was to take some old song sheets and tape them together and use that for wrapping….then tie it up w/ some red yarn or black string that I have on hand. I’ve been using song sheets alot this season. Just seems to fit the season!

    I smell a poopy diaper….gotta go do what I’m called to do right now. =) Happy week to you dear girlfriend.

    • Jenny says:

      YOU are the gifted one, oh carmen. 🙂 🙂 i always get inspired when i am with YOU! i`d love to see your wrapped gifts- bet they look awesome-o!

  3. rachel says:

    i’m trying not to focus on the ‘when we were in PA’ part of this post, b/c i know it’s far from the point…but..;O)
    used a variety of papers to create some of our Christmas cards, and i am anxious to start wrapping gifts with some of the ideas i’ve compiled. i love using plain brown packing paper for wrapping presents…the possibilities are endless for dressing it up!
    blessings to you today!

    • Jenny says:

      the in PA thing. i wanted to tell you (and i think i told cindy) i was SO planning to look up a few groups of friends this season (you ffe chicks were right on the top) but i had a miscarriage over thanksgiving and it was tough to travel etc. so when i got to my inlaws i kept it way lower key than i had planned. bummer in many ways!

      • rachel says:

        trust me. i honestly take no offense. i know how it is when you travel…and, i think you were wise to lay low. hope you are getting back to your old self more and more!

  4. shelly n says:

    i *love* paper too. thanks for this happy, inspiring little post. oh, and i’ve been meaning to post a little picture for you to see how i’ve used a few of the cute little things you sent me several months ago. i took it already, now to upload it. i’ll let you know. 🙂

  5. diane says:

    love paper- in an effort to use everything in my house or give it away i am using paper to wrap my christmas gifts this year. any kind of paper but mostly black and white or like the old printed off white papers too. i haven’t started yet but i’m so excited to try it. i want to put them “UP” on my mantle or somewhere where the dog cannot get to them so i wanted something to match with an otherwise unchristmasdecorated house. then i bought some little do dads to add on to the paper for name tags. maybe i will do a post about it. if i like how it turns out. he he

  6. Andrea says:

    I need to tell you, Brandt saw the K, and said, “Wow, a letter made out of cheese”. Cracked me up.
    Cant say that I do much with paper, but the refidgerator is an inspiration.

    Friday night lights had a basket in Coach’s kitchen that was just like mine in the office. Score!

  7. linda hershey says:

    yep, my favorite paper of all is my kid’s art too. and toilet paper.
    in fact, as i am typing here i am thinking….every Dec. 1 i should have the kids draw a christmas inspired paper and frame them for a christmas decor. somewhere. wouldn’t that look cute? a little frame collage of kid’s christmas?
    love how you just embrace something and LOVE it. you’re so sure of yourself and your loves.

    • Jenny says:

      yes, gotta love TP as well. really, that`s my fav kind, come to think of it.
      your idea about the kid`s art sounds very Cookie (a hip mag for mom`s that went out of print during the recession)- and i LOVe it! hmmm………

      • linda hershey says:

        Cookie magazine? i’m going to ebay right now and bidding on some. surely they will have it. “right now” is very vague for me. it means, sometime.

    • cindy says:

      toilet paper???

      linda…hahaha…me too. my fav kind. you CRACK me up!

  8. julana says:

    so much pretty going on in this post!
    i wrapped gifts the other day and thought “wow, jenny would have a fit at how UGLY these are wrapped!” i love your “gift” with making gift wrapping etc. so pretty but i just don’t have it… don’t think i have the patience.

    • Jenny says:

      julana, sadly gifts that will get ripped to shreds with wild abandon- (my girls) get wrapped really crummy. is that ‘mean mom’ of me? 🙂

  9. JOY says:

    ALL SO BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!! if you dont know what to do with those two books ill buy them!!!! 🙂 i am glad my name got mentioned on here! even if my fridge front didnt make it on:) yours looks better then mine. you inspire me!

  10. cindy says:

    you asked…”Has anyone else ever made a purchase for the pretty packaging?”

    hand raised and waving shamelessly. mememe! i’m e.a.s.y. thatta way. 🙂
    i’m a paper lover too. your kitchen/shelves are just so pretty and soothing and oh how i love what you do inspiring!

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