Fellow bloggers, do you have files and files of pictures you never posted? I do, and I`m not sure why it bugs me. It`s like unseen pictures in files aren`t pictures at all to me- they are forgotten and sad. Which makes me think I am using this blog as a “crutch” for not really keeping up babybooks very well. Or at all. Throw stones at me, it`s the truth. I suffer from guilt for it.

anyway. Here are some pics from this summer/fall.


Black and White Sisters.

Daddy is Home.


My Faithful Little Art Companion.

Girl`s Night. Silla shines. I do not.


Cousin Fun.

She Picked Me Flowers All Summer.

Sounds like a hit single- go ahead and use it Taylor Swift, I won`t be needing it.

Fresh Flowers in Little Bathroom.

Band-aids in an old Eddie Bauer candle jar that a friend gave me in the early 2000s.

Lails, in an ‘All Thrift Store’ ensemble.

Really, cracked me up when I stopped to notice it.

I had a Vintage Book Storyhour at my house one night.

Gotta showcase my beloved books, you know.

(Missed mom and Jacinta- think they were in AZ.)

More Story-hour.

Oh, How He Loves Us.


Yup, not feeling very wordy today.

Have a super weekend! me

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  1. April says:

    “She picked me flowers all summer..” Ha!! You’re sense of humor kills me Jenny 🙂

    I like this “unused photo post”, I shall copy you (shameless, bold-faced, copying). Yup.

  2. cindy says:

    and you know what else i like? your note on the bathroom chalkboard!!! 😀

  3. amber says:

    ^like cindy said. the note in the bathroom YES!
    i would love to see more of that bathroom too…
    from what i see i love! and want to see the rest now. 🙂
    great idea to have a turn table thingy in there.

    and from the post below – your kitchen cupboards and paper!
    so awesome. i need a pinterest account, so i can pin all this inspiration. 🙂

    got your card and AHHHH!! how cute!
    it’s front and center in my card holder~ 🙂
    loved that first pic where the girls are outside the door.
    i hope you have that one blown up some where in your room.

    hope you have a wonderful christmas. love&hugs

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I never leave you comments over here. Thought I’d say I LOVED your Christmas card…however, I didn’t read it until just a few days ago!!! It was stashed away in a stack of bills…when I went to pay them at the end of the month I found your card.

    Also…I think you should update more because you write such a good blog! =)

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