A few snaps from Christmas….

I just uploaded all 127 pictures off my camera from over the holidays, etc.

I can`t help but share a fewsies.

When I snapped this picture, I heard:

Laila: “Baby Sydney! I LOVE you.”

Elle is not sad. She is feeling intense. Whenever she feels strong emotion or love for someone- she clenches her jaw, and gets very solemn. I love when she hugs me and her jaw is clenched.

Isaac, you so cute!

Even some of the guys helped make gingerbread houses. Thanks, brotherinlaw, Jason!

You will always find a cluster of kids around Vincent and Joy! ♥

Jordan, Elle, and Brother-Jason waiting to open goodies.

Beautiful gifts were given….

Us adults did a $10 exchange. It was so much fun- between thrift stores, homemade and sales- some really pretty gifts were given.

This is from Joy to Julana: lip gloss in a tin, a ribbon necklace, and a stack of gorgeous old, white plates. (I was jealous.)

Out for breakfast to the Berlin Farmhouse.

An old crate I got from my mom~ LOVE it.

Back in the day, when every day at 10:45 am, more Christmas mail dropped thru your front door.

Man, I miss those days. So many snazzy cards.

Ok, well, maybe one day I`ll post the rest of my pictures. Happy Thursday to ya!


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  1. Kendra says:

    i enjoyed your posts. ummm, i keep seeing all these comments about your adorable c-mas cards, and i’d love to see a pic:)

  2. I am a newer follwer and am having too much fun “taggin’ along”! Is there a way I can offically “follow” you?
    Happy Weekend!

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