Family Brunch.

I have had so much stress with my blog lately. Well, more with pictures. My husband sweetly reformatted my computer- and advised me to load and edit my pictures completely differently.  Either I`m not doing it right, or it`s not working- now I can`t view my photos and they are saying they can`t be found when I load them.  So that is the boring story of my hard, hard life. I blindly loaded a few today, and they happened to be ones of a fun event- family wedding/my birthday weekend with my favorite aunt and uncle. 🙂

So, i will share with you. And hopefully get all my eggs in a basket soon.

We socialized all long weekend long. I think when it was all said and done, we got together 8 times. PARTY LIKE A BOSS.  We did.

My mom and sister, Joy. <3

These photos were snapped one morning when we ate brunch here.

I love old bowls, silverware, and plates. Julana gave me these vintage bowls for my Christmas. To say I love them is an understatement. They leave me breathless, breathless.

My birthday flowers from my loving husband went perfectly on the table. Those kinds of things delight me greatly.

Yes, I am a loser. 🙂 And happy about it.

You know the kids of people that you pick up right where you left off with? That`s my aunt and uncle, they like all the same things we do. We love long talks after eating (about anything from things of God- to funny family stories), shopping for antiques, playing group games, laughing!, and any kind of fun little adventure to WCC or anywhere!

I LOVE the way to light is shining in window in a “morning” kind of way.

…And how a sedated table of dishes means people haven`t moved, and are still sitting where they were hours ago- talking. 🙂

Sydney, Aunt Ada, and Gracie- Julana`s girls.

Checking out the old BH Christmas Album.

The children did SO good with all the socializing. They played on their own really nicely. Here they are stringing beads.

Out for supper one night for my birthday. We were headed to Texas Roadhouse but the snowy roads lead us to Der Dutchamn. Amazing food as always.

Of course Elle and Laila had to sit with their favorite couple…

My baby is crying in the bath tub- got to git!

Love to all and a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


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  1. linda hershey says:

    getting together 8 TIMES would leave me blissful too. family is just….you know, it’s crazy what family is. even when i feel like our family has splintered irreparably into so many little sections and we don’t even know each other anymore…all it takes is to start talking to realize that uncanny connection. it’s as simple as my brother and i both saying we hate white chocolate and LOVE dark. and we all get angry to cover up hurts. all of us. genetics are awesome.
    anyway. i love the pictures. there is something that pulls me. makes me want to put some LOVE into my house when i look at your pictures and your parties. you got something special, Mrs. Kauffman. counting down the days…:)
    love that old hand mirror on the shelf. and those great bowls you got from your sister. LOVE.

    • Jenny says:

      thanks for “getting me” linda. 🙂

      “all it takes is to start talking to realize that uncanny connection”- yup, yup, you said it perfectly!
      love you.

  2. Shelley Smucker says:

    Such a strange feeling to check out your lovely little blog, and who should I happen to see? None other than MY AUNT AND UNCLE on your blog, posing as YOUR AUNT AND UNCLE! O.k. so they’re actually my great-aunt and great-uncle, (Terry is my Grandma’s brother) but none-the-less, WEIRD! I just knew we had a connection that went deeper than shared interests. 😉 Actually, I think I knew this fun fact once upon a time, but I promptly forgot about it until now, after seeing this post. Such a small, small world!

    Blessings. To you and all your uncles and aunts. 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      ok. hold the phone.
      what?! that is crazy.
      and please say more. terry talks about his siblings a lot, and we hear about brothers a lot. what was your grandmas name? oh man, i wish i would have known this before so i could have asked them…
      that is so cool! 🙂

      • Shelley says:

        Sorry it took me forever to reply to this, I’m really bad at that! My Grandma’s name is Ruth. Lynn & Ruth Graber (formerly Ruth Bontrager). She is such a dear soul. I must really be a Menno because I enjoy making these little connections.:)

  3. cindy says:

    i just love your knack. with table settings. posts. people and more. which is actually not just my hick way of recognizing talents and abilities when i see them. it is also…”a special ready capacity that is hard to analyze or teach” which sounds like *and is intended as* a compliment!

  4. clarita says:

    So pretty!! Your table scapes are just so beautiful. I love all the variations of dishes – the old and beautiful and one-of-a-kind. I’d have been thrilled with that Christmas gift too! Things like that make me so happy I feel silly. 🙂 And what fun family times! 8 times of getting together in a weekend?! Now that is a record. 🙂

    And what?! No pictures of the beautiful birthday girl??

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