The Gospel of Consumption.

Today I saw an old photo in my Pinterest file, and remembered an article that my husband recommended to me.

The 2 of them together make a post. I don`t even need to write anything further.

So… GO READ this online article called: The Gospel of Consumption. Para 4 and 5 is where it gets really interesting.

And then the photo.

Is anyone else left wondering- why then….?

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  1. cari says:

    wow. good stuff.
    the manufacturers are guilty, the advertisers are guilty.
    I am guilty. change me Jesus!

  2. This sort of thing leaves me sputtering in frustration. One thing affects another -work to buy things we don’t need, which makes more work, which then breaks down families because they don’t have time to spend together just “being”, which brings empty entertainment, poorer diets and more processed foods because no one has time to make “real” food, bringing on heart disease and cancer and diabetes which results in medications and …
    Then i have to calm down and remember, it’s the disease of self we fight as long as we’re in the world, and come back to where it’s all about Jesus. He’s the only change that will be effective. so calm down…ha. I can’t change the world but i CAN serve Jesus in my day to day. He’s the one who transforms the hearts of those who are open and can show us the way we were intended to live while we’re on the earth, regardless of the ways of the world.

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