White Roses & Friends.

Right now I`m loving how unassuming colors of roses look when entertaining. I always thought I hated roses- it turns out I just don`t like red ones.

This was a mini breakfast I set up for 2 blogger friends that were coming all the way from Montana and Wisconsin. Not coming to see me, but coming in for a get-together. A blogger`s weekend.

My friend Linda snapped this picture when a few more stopped in. 🙂

(Credit for this photo goes to Thelma. Her pictures are way cooler than mine.)

All of us. This was snapped at a restaurant on Saturday night, it was called 91 and something with the words ‘wood’ and ‘fire’ in it.

Can`t remember the exact name.

More to say- maybe another time. 🙂 jenny

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  1. cindy says:

    your mini breakfast looks so lovely. so you. i’m so sure that your friends felt so loved on.

    *and someday i’m going to so stop saying so many so-s. but just so not today.*
    *i so don’t realize how so bad my problem is with ’em until i reread my words. so dorky.*

    i love that pic of thelms! probably more so *ohpleasecindy* than the posed just so ones. what a great group of girls…there is much more to say. looking forward to that jenny. 🙂

  2. Bevy says:

    Ooooh… I can’t wait to hear more. Please?

    I love the simplicity of your entertaining style… the sweet surprise of the little chalkboard name tags. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

    Did you make them? Buy them? all in all, I love it. Especially the white roses.

    I’ve been thinking about “hosting” a blogger get-together for awhile now and having been “farting” around -nervous- to do it and any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be great.

    This sounds like it might have been a “big deal” if you had blogging friends come from such a distance. That is really awesome.

    ((smile)) would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall. Looks like it was a blast. (pulling from Thelma’s post). 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      hmm, not sure what advice to give. i didn`t plan this one- only attended. i would say if girl`s are feeling a real connection online and know far enough ahead (to save the $) they will travel far.
      planned activities are a must to keep the group unified, i think. fun for all as well.

  3. lisa says:

    i am still devastated lisa didn’t make it to breakfast. i didn’t realize how much so until i got home and it really sank it THAT NEVER HAPPENED. the part i most anticipated for weeks…never happened.

    • Jenny says:

      its not like linda and i OUTRIGHT cried or anything that wed night after we found out you weren`’t coming but we were that bummed inside. i think we both really felt it a LOT (disapointment). i agree, i was really looking forward to that “road trip” to akron and the late night jog back, the next morning etc…. chatting the morning away.
      let`s try and do it another year, ok!

  4. linda hershey says:

    so much happened so fast (well, for me anyway. i’m a bit of a plodder. some say spacey.) that i didn’t feel i got to “drink in” the little details. i mean, i did, but i never showed that i did! but i totally loved the way you had your breakfast table set. showed you were an excited hostess ready to bless your guests. and man you did. well, i like to think it showed excitement, anyway. so glad you analyzed your thing about roses and discovered that, in fact, you do. me too. as in, i realized flowers. just not in an overwhelming, event way. i would much rather have 5 roses for a little party then a dozen roses at valentines.

    • Jenny says:

      “i would much rather have 5 roses for a little party then a dozen roses at valentines.”

      exactly!!! why is that. i always thought i hated typical V-day flowers, but i don`t hate fresh flowers otherwise at all! in fact, they are super special to me.
      why is that i wonder?

  5. kristy says:

    Pretty, pretty…. I was so hoping to stop by your house! But we had a fun detour all over OH instead :). Next time….. I really do want to stop in. Your pics always look soo inviting and soothing.
    You have the gift of blessing your guests…. it shows.

  6. clarita says:

    I was soooo disappointed to miss the grand tour as well! That was something I was looking forward to so very much. One day, one day, I will. 🙂

    Loved Linda’s comment about the roses. 🙂 That is so true for me too. A bouquet any other time of the year means waaay more than on Valentine’s Day, and preferably not red for me either. We must just be strange like that. 🙂

    So so fun to be with you for a couple of days! Truly, a real gift.

  7. amber says:

    i will forever be bitter at i-phones for making me miss this part of our weekend. 🙁

    so much loveliness. the roses. the tablescapes. your home. the faces of friends. and speaking of loveliness and friends – i got your card yesterday and it just totally made me smile! {and yes. that envelope was the coolest one ever} it and the card are proudly hanging on the side of my fridge. i think that might be favoritest memory of all from ffe this year~ getting to hang out w/ you a bit more. you’re just so warm and accepting – and one of the most fascinating people to talk to. i love how you listen when someone’s talking.. i mean really listen. 🙂 blessed by you sweet friend~

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