Girls talk to each other like men talk to each other. But girls have an eye for detail.

~Amy Winehouse.


A man’s accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail.

~John Foster Dulles


All that is not perfect down to the smallest detail is doomed to perish.

~Gustav Mauller


A small leak will sink a great ship.

~ Benjamin Franklin
Anyone else like small details? I`m not sure why but detail is very important to me, in the creative aspect, even I think no one else might even see it. I also am enraptured by the smallest things.
Like if I were to sit behind a little girl with unique braids- I will be besotted to look anywhere else, but stare at her braids, and her neckline trim, and the bob of head when she sings, and the way her cheeks are silky and round, and the way her mother looks at her like she is a treasure…
and, and, and.
I think that`s why very detailed stores like Anthopologie look empty to some, (what is there to buy here?) but it makes my neck hurt from all the craning and dreaming. There are so many tiny details to look at, it could take all day to absorb them all into my simple little system. It truly gives me a rush.
I had a bunch of friends here the other week to my house and they commented on the small details (I think in a positive way) in my house. I was really surprised. I knew I liked detail, but I had NEVER thought of it- that it might be something a casual observer would pick up. Like a way to describe my home, you know. I have always struggled a bit with being too “trinkety” in my decor. I have tried to wean of too many small, cluttery items, yet hang onto my love for detail. I am doing better at minimizing- still not there.
Do you ever then try to see something from another person’s perspective? It`s hard to see your own home as romantic, and sometimes you almost have to open your eyes and pretend to SEE it from another person’s perspective- to really SEE it. Maybe?
My own home just seems humbley (humble and homely) to me and yes, I love it, but most times all I see is DIRT and clutter and it just seems SO UNROMANTIC and gritty to me. But yet so precious and homey as well.
Anyone still following a word I am saying? ha. I think you know what I mean. I sure am trusting that there are a few of you that are nodding along, feeling the same way. 🙂
So anywho- I tried to snap a bunch of pictures the other week, capturing details in my home.
It might be the (yawn!) boringest post you have ever read. Or, if you like detail, then maybe you will stay?
With or without you, here we go:
Create small areas of ambiance.
I found this hideous wooden tray in the attic, painted it with leftover paint from our room makeover, and filled it with a few cuties. I found that to be a good time.
Beaded coasters from Pier 1 imports, candle from my friend, Rosann, and Christmas cards clipped with a clothespin, from you all. (Hi, MJ!)
I mentioned earlier, I collect Currier and Ives prints in neutral tones. I love how they accent the old wood in my home.
A shot of some of the woodwork.
Another shot of wood.
Pretty hooks are SUCH a lifesaver in a house. They keep things organized, especially in rooms with no closet space. Pick out pretty hooks, and they shine as decor as well.
You do not have to have frames (printed or plain tape is hip) to make a collage of things you like and have collected.
Anyone else notice when floors and counter tops are clean, your whole house seems cleaner? It`s the #1 thing I do to stay (somewhat) caught up- focus of surface areas.
This is on my mantel. A skeleton key (belonging to a real door in our house), a silver tray, and a nest filled with vintage clip-on earrings (as eggs), makes for a good time. (according to some)
“Inspire” above my girls.
Messy details on my girl’s dresser. 🙂 I figure in their room- anything goes.
I adore the character (and animal decals on their chests) in both these old highchairs. The little baby one my aunt gave me for my birthday. 🙂
I added a ripped sticker label to this chest to give it more “real” character. Also a few numbers at the bottom, that somehow got cut out of the photo. Vintage books in old metal bins makes me haa-ppy.
Found the crate (free). stained it, and glued a little chalkboard onto it. Right now it says “books” on it. Pro-found.
I love my $5 aluminum chair I bought from a Craigslist guy.
The striped pillow made from a piece of .25 thrifted fabric.
Old fan, silver, thrifted tray, handmade, paper covered matchboxes, and a darling candle from Julana.
Pillow in our room, where I sewed a kerchief into a pillow cover. I think it`s my favorite pillow in the whole house.
Little collage taped onto the wall.
Another .75 pillow made with thrifted fabric…
Whatever the color is that this room is painted in (I forget) it`s makes the room feel so QUIET. I go in there to read or lay and think sometimes. The girls are drawn to it too- they sleep in the guest room often and sleep way better in there too. so I call it the “Quiet Room”.
Same room.
This little vase was .25 and the flowers were snipped out of an ugly, huge arrangement at the thrift store, I think the whole bouquet was .35. The French vocab cards are a treasure I found- they were a splurge 3.00 for a lg box. 🙂 The little vase they are in was .25.
My point in telling you that is that decor can be SUPER CHEAP.
I love this painting. It hangs in the guest room. If i ever have another baby, I will hang it over the crib.
Welcome guest bowl- I like to have good chocolate laying in there as well.
Part of the collage in our room.
I said I love hooks. These are in my corner of our room.
Random hooks everywhere.
Our dining room is tiny- but I love the tin ceiling and old light fixtures.
This is in the girl’s room. I call it my “Pride Shelf”.
There is old filthy wood in a room in the basement. I tore part of the shelf off, filled in the wood holes, glued on the 2 little wooden “leaves”, painted it with free paint the former owners of this house left behind. Free shelf alert.
This hangs above the girl`s bed. Torn pages from a book from a thrift store. One is hung with a vintage clip-on earring.
A quiet ladder (in the guest room) with magazines on it that I think that particular guest might like.
Shelf in same room.
Another homemade pillow (velvet fabric and an iron-on). This one is way prettier in real. Bad camera.
Two sets of hooks. Very helpful, because this room is sans closet.
Covered cheap-y dollar General candle with cooler label.
Shelf shot #2. Print was in a pack of 3 for .50 at Save n Serve, and I love all of them.
O-kay! Long post. Sorry. Shoulda just called it a Random Home Tour.
Do you love details? Why or why not?
I need to hit the ground running now. House to clean, groceries to buy, girls to bath (they missed them on Sunday), and many pounds of laundry to lug up from basement and put away. We were gone from Wed- Fri last week, and then Fri night and Sat. I went to a women`s conference. So I’m a little behind, yeah, in the house-worky department.
Ah, the exquisite life of a housewife.
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  1. April says:

    Where oh where do I start?! Details are what make life happy, they are what make me feel special, I love details! I also love the way you described the little girl with the braids and the way her mama looks at her, and I love that you used the word besotted. I think that will be my new favorite word,… besotted.

    Now I want to go through my house and do a spring spruce up! I love how you taped the prints to the wall in a grouping. I think the vintage earrings in the nest are TO DIE FOR. I stared at that nest for the longest time. Loved this post, I feel so inspired… to bad I have to clean house today 🙁 The one thing that is bumming me out right now is that I was just miles from you home and never stepped foot in it!!! What was it thinking?! I’ll just put that down as “reason number 37 to go back to Ohio”.

    • cindy says:

      i know april! i think that too…just should have driven straight to jenny’s. to have been soso close and have missed out…waaaaaaah.

  2. Shannon says:

    I love that nest! and I love your details. I always notice them.

  3. Aug says:

    I think that this describes me: I appreciate details but don’t have a knack for them myself. Particularly not when it comes to my house.

    I love all of the details that you took pictures of though. And I think to myself “Why don’t I do that?” and that is pretty much where it stops! 😉

  4. Aimee says:

    I’m a detail girl too, so I LOVED this post! Your house makes me smile. Would love if the pictures were BIGGER, so I could see all your details better! 🙂 You are an amazing writer and I love seeing your creativity!

  5. Bevy says:

    I think I have a crook in my neck for looking so intently at all your photos. Any my jaw hurts from holding my mouth open – in awe…

    I LOVE every single bit of your home, your close attention to detail.

    You say Guest room/Quiet room? Can I come? I have no idea where you live… but I want to come. I think I NEED to “visit” and take in “more” of your homey details. Seriously. haha.

    Wow, Jenny. It’s beautiful.

    You know what it is? You’re creative (from what I can tell) with what you’ve got – you make do. And that is sometimes the most beautiful way to go about it. (like the shelf for example.) that is cool.

  6. shelly n says:

    Beautiful! I love details too, but as someone above mentioned, I don’t feel that I’m good with details . . . esp. in my own home! So . . . as I warned Diane {a friend of yours I believe}, it’s dangerous to show off your talent if you live close to me {ohio’s close, isn’t it??} because in several months when I need decorating assistance, I’ll know exactly who to call upon! Yay for creative, beautiful souls like you and others of my friends who will hopefully pull my house “together”. 🙂 And someday maybe I’ll step foot in your house irl. Until then, the pics are beautiful!

  7. I’m glad I wasn’t the first to admit this…I love details but struggle with finding a way to implement them into my own home. You, on the other hand, have such a natural knack for it! This post was so inspiring to go create some beauty in my home…thanks for sharing!

  8. Meg Martin says:

    My question is, how long did it take you to develop your style, and then how long has it taken to evolve into such perfection as this? 🙂 Loved the post. Yes, we do love the details!

  9. Thelma Musser says:

    i really appreciate all the pretty things in your house, and i love the way you pull them all together, you seem to have a natural gift for it. MOSTLY i am still bummed we didn’t just come over for the pre-party @ Jenny’s that night! What were we thinking, being all on-time like that??? now who knows when I will have the oppurtunity to be there IRL!
    i think your and my brain functions opposite. I tend to think in ‘big picture’, when it comes to decorating, and then tend to struggle to fill in those little details that make the space. funny how we are all differant.

  10. Audrey R says:

    Jenny, I love your attention to detail. I am not a detail person, but I am learning. It’s like as I become more of a whole person, I notice little things much more than I used to. I have no idea what the psychology behind that is!! Anyhow, I need to comment on the woodwork in your house. How amazing is that! Our house is really old, but there’s nothing cool about the woodwork. I really wish I would’ve gotten a chance to stop in and see your house. I bet one can’t get bored there with all the detail to take in. Maybe someday. We don’t really live THAT far apart! 🙂

  11. cindy says:

    i think of myself as loving details…someone else’s…YOURS!!! for sure. not saying that i don’t DO them. but often with me, either with my house or jewelry or…whatever, i’ll place stuff, put on stuff and then think it’s or i’m too cluttered. 🙂

    you have such a knack for beauty that is comfortable, welcoming and not cluttered at all. i am so bummed that i didn’t get to see your space irl.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I caught my breath a few times, looking at these photos. Your house looks like you’ve poured time, thought, and love into it. I’m not so good at details like this (too afraid of clutter, I guess), so this is good inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Shannon says:

    I love looking at these because I can picture your house now. I wish I would have had more time just to LOOK when I was there. 🙂
    Myself, I’m not sure if I do all the little details like this, more often not. Right now I’m trying to de-clutter and transform just using what I have. We’ll see how it goes.

  14. Hope says:

    Oh, I love all your details. This makes me want to go home and redecorate my house. You are creative with anything- like adding a label to a dollar store candle.

  15. amber says:

    oh, yes!! i’m a detailed person.. right down to the hairs in my husband’s nose if i’m trying to kiss him. CANNOT stand for that, and have to pluck!! 😉 the whole noticing of details can kinda be a blessing and curse!! haha. like the scene you described in church – totally!! but then i can get so lost in fixating on the back of someone’s head i completely miss the sermon!! 🙂

    i do have favorite little corners and shelves around here too. where i tell shayne, that just makes me happy to see it. right now it’s this little trio on the mantle of a cross stitched flower picture, and old black and white of kate and ben, and a pewter bird. it’s right by the tv and i find myself staring at that in the corner instead of the tv!!!

    i love LOVE your style and sense of putting things together. it’s the “jenny touch.” and i too am so sad to have missed getting to be in your humbley home. i’m already planning something {somehow} in my head for this summer, when i come down to cincy one of these times. it’s just not right to be so close and not visit, right!!! 🙂

    hearing you say, “besotted” made me smile. reminded me of our conversation in the van .. ” just around this knoll ahead…” 🙂 ah. so many great words we never make use of! we should start a revolution to bring back classic english like that!!

    something else i was thinking while reading this – – i think God is a detailed person too, don’t you? i mean, just look at it all around us in nature!

    and now i must dash {my attempt at classic english words} and get the dog that sounds like it’s attacking Reese, when probably, it’s really the other way around. 🙂

  16. Di says:

    oh I totally notice details…..and I noted yours right off. I remember mentioning it when we were at your house (and yes, yes, yes, it was in a positive way!!). 🙂 The nest I remember for sure…. incredibly adorable. I also recall basically sticking my nose right into it. I didn’t have near enough time to soak it all in, I could have wondered around your house for hours. serious.

    For me, I enjoy detail added to my decor, but will just humbly/shyly admit it is becoming less important (maybe I am too lazy) and it makes me sad that I don’t spend as much time on it as I used to. The other reason I do less is because I go crazy with clutter and it makes cleaning toooo dragged out. So now and then I just walk around my house and grab detail/cuties and sadly box them up. I guess it has become more important to clean fast, then to work around lovelies. :/ And I wish I would enjoy working with detailed item’s more.

    Though as I get older I most likely spend time watching/admiring detail more then ever.

  17. Kendra says:

    I really LOVE details. LOVE all your ideas/inspiration. Like I said I love details, but….I HATE clutter so recently I cut out a lot of detail in my decor. for a more clean, simple look. And, easier to clean. That sounded old and boring, I know!

  18. clarita says:

    Oh my goodness, this POST!!!! (yes, all those exclamation points are definitely needed) I should have had a pad and paper as I was reading, because there were so many little things I wanted to comment on… I love the way you used the word, “besotted.” Oh, that’s just darling!

    Details, details. How I love them. And I love how you put them all together. Some homes with lots of details look cluttered, but yours looks so very cozy and inviting. The little nest with the earrings, the guest room with the ladder, all the cute pillows you created… All the old woodwork in your home is gorgeous!! I really like the stained wood you have. None of ours was stained, just ugly painted when we bought, so repainting was all we could do.

    I can’t believe I didn’t get to see your house when I was in Ohio… That was one thing I was greatly looking forward to, just reveling in all the details and yummy goodness that is your home. One day, hopefully, I will. 🙂

    I SO LOVED this post.

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