I get to live with them.

Laila is one of the most forgiving, longsuffering, lovey-dovey, happy-go-lucky little girls that I have.

She makes my day every day with her cheeriness.

Like… this is so her, on the way to church Easter Sunday she told me with downcast, admiring eyes, from her car seat,

“I just LOVE my outfit.”

Me: “Okay.”

Looking sideways at Galen (did you hear.)

She continued with,

“It`s going to make everyone SO HAPPY.”

(Still meaning her outfit.)

It kinda makes you think, What does her mother teach her? But that`s just her, she finds happy things to comment on wherever she is. The sunbeams shine down on her where she sits.


She will walk over to Elle and say,

“Can I PLAY with you?”

Elle: (pause. grudgingly.) “Yes.”

Laila: “Thank You!”

And she will plunk down and start talking a mile a minute.

But, boy, that Laila, when she is offended or made to feel vulnerable, or just in a funky mood– that girl HAS FIRE. And I love to see it in her. It`s what keeps her from becoming boring. Good people are just a little funner when you can see passion flare up in them every now and again.

Here she is being a fighter. She painted her own face and I guess those kitchen utensils are swords. She was RAWR-ING and dancing sideways all over the living room– so of course I ran for Mr. Camera. My documenting friend.

She’s probably dancing off Elle controlling her angst.

With her hair like that, I think she looks all Braveheart.


War paint.

Now they are sword fighting or fencing or whatever it is called.

SPATULA and measuring spoons vs. SCRAPER.

Elle gives herself an encouraging thumbs up.


THIS. This was one of the funniest moments of my mom-life yet.

I hope it doesn`t sound pious to say my girls rarely fight. But they really don’t. Probably because Laila LIKES to follow Elle’s leadership…

But anyway, whatever the reason, when they do (fight) Galen and I pull up a chair for our VIEWING PLEASURE.

So when they started “going at it” on this regular weekday, in front of the kitchen sink, my first thought was:

GALEN! He will love this. Where is my camera phone?

Boy, the verbal claws were out. I was laughing so hard to see Laila so mad. Picture Queen Elizabeth this mad, and how much you would look, and there, you have an idea.

I asked Elle just now what they were fighting over– no one seems to remember.

I will caption them anyhow.



Elle: “Your outfit is weird. Did your mommy dress you?”



Laila: “You are so (sob) annoying and you have a cavity.”

Elle: “Oh. My. Word.”

For the public eye:


Their pose here, is very: Senator appears in public with wife after brief scandal. Maintains united stance.

You thought it was a real link? Yeah, that`s what I mean, it could be.

What am I even talking about?

Oh, yes, how much I love my girls.

I love how they make my life rainbow colored, even if all we are doing is driving in the car talking on a boring Errand Monday. They have the power to do that.


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  1. Lucy Friesen says:

    Aww! What a fun post. Totally “feel”, “hear” your delight in your daughters. So cool!

  2. shelly n says:

    Once again, you have me LOL with your picture captions. I love when I see moms delight in their children, and it’s obvious that you do! I also like how your little “make my life rainbow colored” comment brought up your rainbow cake in the linkwithin. How fitting. 🙂 Happy Thursday to you!

  3. You never fail to amuse me with your ability with words and how you describe your life with the little girls. too funny!! thanks for still writing….occasionally. 😛

  4. Amber says:

    Love this. Little girls are so much fun! I just love watching mine and seeing their personalities. Dh stands amazed sometimes trying to figure them out and I’m standing in the corner nodding/thinking “I get this”. Can’t wait till my next one gets here. 🙂

  5. Linda says:

    I can’t hardly stand it this is such a fun post! 🙂 love your sense of humor and how you enjoy your little darling girlies!

  6. Aug says:

    I have not really gotten to know Laila much yet, but I think it is so cool that she is so sunshiny but without the storm cloud tendencies too. Cuz Nikki can be super sunny and cheerful and happy, but boy, when she’s not… And that happens almost on a daily basis. I LOVE the pictures of them having it out!! Good thing it is rare, but that is SO funny. And I love the “united front” comment too. And yes, I thought that was a real link. 😉 You are a great Mom, Jenny!

  7. Sherilyn Miller says:

    This just makes me warm all over… is that too wierd??? I want to eat your girls!!! And I love, love when moms love their kiddoes!!! 🙂 And for once I am going to use all the punctuation marks I want… 🙂

  8. Shannon says:

    They seriously don’t fight? Drop a boy in on them in a few years and instead of pulling up a chair, you’ll be pulling hair. 🙂 You have the cutest little girls, tho.

  9. Kendra says:

    Fun post….I so love posts like this ’cause I have 2 little gals too with totally different personalities. Only….my oldest is the sunshiny, girly girl and my youngest is more of a strong willed, my way is the only way type causing fights ’cause little sissy doesn’t follow and listen to big sissy. Usually big sister gives in to avoid any type of punishment to either one. Isn’t it so much fun having 2 little girls! Some days I could just sit and watch them play for hours.

    Oh and, I love that little gray and black striped skirt. Did you make it? I have fabric just like it. I was planning on making a skirt for myself, but I might have to make sure I have enough for a little skirt too:)

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  10. Jolynn says:

    Wow! You make parenting look fun! No kids yet, but hoping some day it will be as humorous as your lil housey! 🙂 Love it!

  11. amber says:

    THIS made me laugh!!
    love your humor.
    and your girlies.

  12. lisa says:

    “I love how they make my life rainbow colored, even if all we are doing is driving in the car talking on a boring Errand Monday. They have the power to do that.”

    ahhhhh. the glorious magic of children!

  13. clarita says:

    This is SUCH a sweet post. I lovelove posts about little children, and about little girls in particular, and about moms that just love on those little girls. It’s been so fun to have little girls about the same age as yours, and there are so many things that I can relate to and sit here nodding my head ‘yes’ as I read. But you say your girls rarely fight?? Now *that* I do not relate to. My second born is a firecracker, and although I’d say both of my girls are strong-willed, Olivia is the one that will definitely *not* be controlled. It’s not necessarily a good thing, because the leadership of her older sister is not greatly appreciated, especially if little sister has an opinion of her own, and she often does. Anyway, ramble ramble. 😉 But wow, pulling up a chair for viewing pleasure to watch a spat?? That sounds like fun. 🙂

    And on another post – darling DARLING skirts you made for your girls!! The fabrics are just precious, and I love your eye for pulling outfits together!

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