Making Stuff.

{Hi, Elle-babes.}

She said, “My hair is so MESSY on this picture.” I looked at her as she said it, and her hair was just this messy. 🙂

Sometimes I throw together a post from all kinds of months with a theme to clear out pictures. Today’s: Making Stuff.

PLEASE do not think I work on projects 24/7- because that would be a great big huge misconception. Some of these pictures are from back in February.

Above: Is a pair of “arms” from an old shirt (pictured below) that I thought were too cute to throw. So I bought a little pair of knit shorts from Walmart- $3 and sewed them together….


(An old camera picture, showing the shirt- on Elle- the arms came from.) ^^

Laila models her leggings made from shirt sleeves. They fit perfectly. My girls have skinnylegs. 🙂

“Be still my beating heart”.

Galen had an expensive, no-iron shirt he plumb wore out. I LOVED the “wicking” look of the print. So I made Elle a skirt from it. I love it, but she doesn’t like wearing it. 🙁


This is funny. I made Laila a lace skirt. I had been wanting to make one for awhile…. anyone recognize the fabric?

Mennonite woman’s veiling material!

If you want to make a lace skirt and want to make it easy: Buy a black knit skirt from Walmart- and sew the lace skirt over top of it. That way you can’t see through the lace– which you would otherwise. 🙂

This skirt is not quite finished- I want to add a sash, like below.

(via Pinterest)

Making cutout cookies.

Very detail-oriented Elle!!

Pretty cookies.

Homemade playdough.

They loved it…

Elle ran towards me holding up this picture. She said,


I said, what is it?”

she said,

“An idol.”

Well, yeah, go ahead and give that to God, I guess…

Chicken noodle from scratch.

Scratch, scratch.

Laila has her straw for the broth, spoon for noodles.

Random shot of a FUN night at Broken Rocks Cafe in Wooster.

We missed Erika, but as we like to say: it was an epic night anyway. (Just making her jealous.)

Well, I need to go…

Today I’m talking the girls shopping for new shoes,  swimming suits, church dresses and a whole van load of groceries. I am host at church this Sunday.

Whatcha doing this week?


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  1. Jo says:

    Elle’s picture for God is so funny. I keep laughing about that. The soup looks really nice. Hope your shopping was fun.

  2. amber says:

    aw. i love your girls. they make me laugh.. like elle’s prayer you posted on facebook. oh my word. that girl! cracks me up. the shirt turned leggins is genius. and the skirt from veiling material! so cute. the other one you’re working on is going to be beautiful. i’m always inspired by your creativity~ but even more than that i was thinking while reading your fb post, and now this — what a cool mom jenny is! i love your heart for your kids. how you talk about them. and they way you REALLY enjoy them. i remember thinking that when we were out that day shopping~ you talk about them and just beam!

    and elle’s picture for God.. how speical that she was THINKING of him. wanting to do something for Him. make him a gift! kids don’t learn about personal relationship with God} w/out seeing it lived out.

    happy new day my friend~ would love to chat over a bowl of that soup. looks yummy. oh, and a cookie too! 🙂

  3. Aug says:

    So fun to see/hear about little details of your life. I thought that those leggings for Laila (made from shirt sleeves) turned out STELLAR. Super cute! You are just such a good Mom! I love how you love your girlies.

  4. Such sweet girls! Way to go on the “upcycling”. Our local thrift store is doing a contest for things like that skirt, you could win a prize if Elle doesn’t wanna wear it. =) I missed your Spruce Lake post till today… Incredible! So exciting to have those moments when you clearly see God working in the craziness! Prayers and blessings -A

  5. clarita says:

    Catching on your blog the last few posts… Not real wordy today, but I want you to know that I just love when you post. ♥

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