Pumpkin Bread (with applesauce instead of oil) and Weight Watchers Cream Cheese (good, but NOT the same either).


Mirror I tried to sell twice. Win for me.

Laundry vs. new magazine…

Laila eating cereal in the playroom at her school desk.

Thinking about stuff….

I love my blondie…

still eating.

Cleaned up the porch, still needs painted.

Lazy night.

Please pass me your teacup.

Let sisterly love continue.

The spring mantel.

Signs of warmer weather.

A church behind our house that I like to look at.

Ferns are coming up.

Elle faithfully waters my weeds.


Faithful kiddie pool.

Water girl.

Car in the house.


That’s all folks. Yesterday was a good day…


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  1. Aimee says:

    Loved the pics of the girls on the porch! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Ruth says:

    looks like a perfect day! once again,I love how you decorate.beautiful little girlies:)

  3. lisa says:

    you make ordinary, exquisite. such a gift, my dear!

  4. clarita says:

    Just lovely…. I adore your front porch. There is something so restful about a beautiful front porch. I was out on mine this morning for a bit, sitting, just taking in the beauty of a fresh new day. Your spring mantel… loveliness. Your girls in jammies… looks familiar. 🙂 So precious. Your view is so pretty from your porch. We have a tennis court and public pool across the street from ours, not quite the same. 🙂

    This was such a bit of beauty in my day…

  5. What a great front porch! Such good company too… Looks like you got both the laundry and the magazine done. You should submit your photos to Country Living. Your house could be next!

  6. linda hershey says:

    i love your “moral dilemma”. is that Country Living? which reminds me–WHERE did i put mine? hey, i have a novel idea. let’s read them together….
    and ALL you pictures just got me this morning. especially the ones of your gorgeous girls out on the porch. i just sighed and smiled at them. i have a HUGE amount of birthday party debris to clean up and we are leaving for KY on wed and just coming here and seeing all your pictures of LIFE has just softened my wearyiness. truly it has. love you.

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