Does anyone else LOVE waking up on a rainy morning?

You sit up in bed- vaguely remembering the sounds of thunder the night before, heard only faintly over the white-noise of the air-conditioner.  You stretch, it’s like a very happy nostalgia…

You get out of bed, make it, brush the teeth that feel like they have moldy sweaters on, come downstairs, hit the coffeemaker, put on the tennis shoes, plod around the block a few times in the drizzle. When you come in, you sit with husband by the window- glancing out of it every now and then thinking,

Today will be a good, good day.

Because it’s rainy…

The street looks clean and shiny.

Flowers got natural water.

Everything is greener. more lush.

Reading and snuggling are mandatory.

Yes, and that too. 🙂

Laila said, “Look, I have my nippy!”

Oops, she remembered it again.

She goes long periods without it and then… it shows up somewhere…. and then I have to show up everywhere with a 3-year old baby.

Yeah, nope, nothing deep or thought provoking here today– unless rain is a metaphor of something to you!


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  1. JessicaD says:

    I was writing you off as completely in left field until you mentioned thunder. Now there is a place I can predict a good day. I LOVE thunder storms. But rain, in and of itself? Not so much. See it rains nonstop for approximately 9.3mo out the year here and I am so blissed by the current sunshine that I can find no joy at. all. in your photog skyllz. Mad though they be. Give me some sun!

  2. Bevy says:

    You had me at the first hint of rain. I LOVE me a rainy days… thunder storms the same but even better.

    (I laughed at the moldy sweaters thing… we used to say “woolly teeth” or growing sweaters).

    I love all your photos…once again. That is one of the best times to take photos…in the rain. Love it.
    PS: Love your chippy porch paint. Ahhh!! So much charm…

  3. cindy says:

    YES! i love it too.
    i feel like it gives me permission to relax.
    to be all cozy. drinking tea. reading.
    baking. and making the house smell all good.

    but one of my other fav things is the way the sun shines through our front windows in the morning…lovelove.

    *is this making me sound all pollyanna?*

    *i hope not*

  4. Kendra says:

    Totally get this post. Give me a rainy, cozy day, and I’m a happy girl. Love your flowers, your porch makes me want to come and relax, and, what a cute coffee cup…where did you find that if I may ask?

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